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Angel Beats Batch Release

Download HD:  [UTW]_Angel_Beats!_(BATCH)_[h264_720p].torrent
At friggin last!
While all the members of UTW put an extraordinary amount of effort into each weekly release of Angel Beats!, putting the batch together was largely relegated to ar and myself. The scripts have all been refined, many of the episodes were re-encoded, and even the insert songs were redone just for the batch.
I’ve pretty much just been waiting for the final OK to release, and so I’m very excited to present, in its entirety, Angel Beats!
It was the very first anime project I’ve ever done, and I’m absolutely thrilled to have had a chance to work on such an enjoyable show. I hope all of you who take a look will enjoy it as much as I did.
Edit – ar: Ok I muxed wrong audio for Ep08 and left a typo in the OP karaoke for Ep07 so here’s the patch! My apologies, this is what happens when everybody is too lazy to do a pass over check of stuff!
Here it is: Ep07 – Ep08 Patch (MU)
Lyric Update Patch: Ep13 ED Official Lyrics Patch (MU)

Amagami SS – 03

DOWNLOAD HD: [UTW]_Amagami_SS_-_03_[h264-720p][FF97E96A].mkv [MU]
DOWNLOAD SD: [UTW]_Amagami_SS_-_03_[XviD][5AB1FDF5].avi [MU]
DOWNLOAD SCRIPT: [UTW] Amagami SS – 03.ass
Due to our policy of not picking spoiler images for our preview picture, the above image is simply an optical illusion experiment.  Please tell us what you see.
I had a nosebleed while I was subbing this episode.  No, seriously.  My nose started bleeding while I was translating all of a sudden, and I had to go and get some ice and cotton wool.  Coincidence?
Regardless, this episode was AWESOME. Borderline erotic, even.

Amagami SS – 02

DOWNLOAD HD: [UTW]_Amagami_SS_-_02_[h264-720p][619D9FDF].mkv [MU]
DOWNLOAD SD: [UTW]_Amagami_SS_-_02_[XviD][F8BA4B8B].avi [MU]
DOWNLOAD SCRIPT: [UTW] Amagami SS – 02.ass
The end of this episode was pretty HHNNNGGGHHH.
This week was rough. Usual encoder suddenly disappeared on me, and commander`A saved us all by encoding. Also, I am a retarded loser for forgetting to credit Kusion, who timed the episode (not commander`A, he was busy encoding), and pretty much single-handedly saved our script from certain doom by pointing out random typos. Even though everyone slaved away to make up for lost time, we released… approximately two hours later than we did last week. Oh well.

About Our Second Show

So, the mysterious replacement show we had decided on was Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin, but Crunchyroll pulled the troll on us and announced their simulcasting it like 4 hours before airtime.  Similar to what happened with Highschool of the Dead, we’ve decided there’s also little to no point in subbing Occult Gakuin, even though it breaks my heart because it is god-tier anime and everyone should watch it.  I suggest watching Commie’s version, which, from a brief skim of the script and what little I remember of the dialogue, seems like a solid release.
Unfortunately, this means we’re wracking our brains as to what to do for our second show.  At this point, pretty much all other viable alternatives have been covered:
Mitsudomoe – Subbed by FFFpeeps.  It’s not really my kind of show either, and responses from the other staff are lukewarm at best.
Asobi ni Iku Yo! – Shows like this are a massive turn-off for me and extremely boring to sub.  Ershin is going to give this a watchthrough and decide after that, but you can pretty much bet that we won’t be picking it up.
Strike Witches 2 – … Why I’m even bothering to mention this show I have no idea.
Shiki, Legend of Legendary Heroes, Sengoku Basara 2, Sekirei 2, Nurarihyon no Mago – All licensed by Funimation.
Seitokai Yakuindomo – Already subbed by Ryuumaru, which our timer commander`A runs.  We of course endorse his version.
… which leaves us with pretty much nothing else.  In other words, it’s very likely that the only show we’ll be doing for Summer 2010 is Amagami SS (which, to ease the minds of some of you, we have zero intention of dropping).
Of course, this means that we free up time to work on BD releases, OVAs, movies, and the like.  Please understand that we’d much rather not pick up a second show than waste our time and effort subbing a show some other group/licensing company is already doing.

sadly, with Funimation deciding to suddenly license like 15 shows this season, this is probably what will happen.  Of course, this means we free up time to work on OVAs, movies, and the like.

Angel Beats BD 1

DOWNLOAD H.264 1080p: [UTW] Angel Beats! – 01-02 [BD][h264-1080p FLAC]
DOWNLOAD H.264 720p: [UTW] Angel Beats! – 01-02 [BD][h264-720p AC3]
Hi everybody.  I’m very excited to announce that we’ve finished the first Blu-Ray disc for Angel Beats!  We’re still hard at work on putting together a batch torrent as well, including re-encodes of key episodes, and re-edited scripts, so look forward to that.  In fact, you’ll probably notice some changes in these episodes compared to the originals as well.
The 1080p versions also contain a commentary audio track.  The 720p versions do not.
So without further ado, please enjoy your glorious HD Angel Beats!
P.S. Nikon insisted on that picture. >_>
31/07/2010 – I’ve started my preparation work for BD Volume 2. Which basically consists of splicing audio/video, mapping out chapters, creating 8593843 avs files and all that fun awesome business. I’ve done a quick pre-prep job for ep03 & ep04 scripts, so if all goes well I might have it ready mid-late week.
BD Volume 2 contents is the following:
– Episode 03
– Episode 03 Creditless Ending
– Episode 03 Next Ep Web Preview
– Episode 04
– Episode 04 Creditless Ending
– Episode 04 Next Ep Web Preview
I’ll be splicing the CDED and Web PV’s into both episodes, similar to what I did with Ep01+02 bonus features. There are no Creditless OP’s this time around, so they’ll be staying as Credit versions.
– ar.

High School of the Dead Dropped

Dear Everyone,
It is my greatest regret to announce that we have decided not to do our 2nd planned show, High School of the Dead.
… well, you can’t really drop something you didn’t pick up yet, right?
There are many, many reasons why, but among them are:
1)  This series has been licensed.  We wish to respect the license holders, and there’s little to no point trying to race against them since they get their raw materials hours and possibly days before the series even airs on Japanese TV.
2)  Abysmal air time.  11:30am JST means it won’t finish airing until 11pm EST; then I’ll have to wait another half hour for the cap to be uploaded, then another hour or so until the work raw is encoded… meaning I can’t start translating until almost 1am.  Which means I’d have to stay up all night, every week.
3)  Even as it is, this series will probably still be fansubbed (I’m pretty sure Coalguys is still doing it), and… put bluntly, it’ll be a waste of time and effort for us to do it too.
There are other reasons, but I’ll spare you the reading.  Put simply, none of us at UTW feel the project to be worth doing anymore.
On another note, we’ve pretty much decided on a series to do in its place.  You’ll find out what that series is, however, when we release it.  *wink*

Amagami SS – 01

DOWNLOAD HD: [UTW]_Amagami_SS_-_01v2_[h264-720p][B561EBCC].mkv [MU]
DOWNLOAD SD: [UTW]_Amagami-SS_-_01_[XviD][099C093B].avi [MU]
DOWNLOAD SCRIPT: [UTW] Amagami SS – 01.ass

So uh, here it is. First episode of Amagami SS. The first girl to be featured is Haruka Morishima.

This is probably the most, uh, non-standard-English script I’ve ever produced.  About halfway through I decided “Brother” wouldn’t do and reverted back to your favorite Japanese terms.  Anyway, a quick crash course on them:

[spoiler]-san (name suffix): indicates a little respect for who’s being referred to.  You can pretty much just ignore it.
-kun (name suffix): suffix used (in this case) for male classmates.
-chan (name suffix): diminutive name suffix, often used on kids/little girls/cute stuff/whatever.
-sempai (name suffix): indicates the other person to be one’s senior.
-sensei (name suffix): indicates the other person to be one’s teacher.
Onii-chan: a cute way of saying “Brother”.
Nii-nii: an even more ‘cute’ way of saying “Brother”.  In before “bro-bro”; honestly, who in the world says that?  >_>[/spoiler]

I also seem to have a knack of picking shows with way too many lines.  This one didn’t have as much as BGata, but ~430 lines is no fun.

And lastly, I forgot to add fades for the English translated lines in the ED, which is horribly retarded of me because I somehow remembered to do it for the romaji lines.  It won’t happen again.

EDIT:: V2 released. New encode and new dialogue font. We’ve also fixed a few dumb mistakes such as edits on the second half not making it to the final release, and a couple careless mistranslations from our having rushed it the last time.

B Gata H Kei – HD BATCH

DOWNLOAD: [UTW] B Gata H Kei [h264-720p].torrent
DOWNLOAD SCRIPTS: [UTW] B Gata H Kei [Scripts].zip
And with this, the B Gata H Kei project has come to an end!  Well, until the Blurays come out, that is.
A list of what has been changed for this batch:
–  The OP and the ED have been restyled and tweaked.
–  The Default dialogue style has been tweaked for greater readability, and an Alternative style has been added.
–  The entire 12 scripts have been re-edited by yours truly, and the translations tweaked.  Hopefully I’ve caught all the little typos that were here and there previously.
We will not re-encode all the XviD SD versions, but we may release a batch for the old SD releases if there is enough demand. There will be a patch pack that will update the old releases to the batch versions, but I’m too tired to make it right now. Sometime soon I guess. You’ll still need to redownload episodes 1 and 2 though, since they’re re-encodes.
See you in a few days for Amagami SS, and thank you for choosing us!
EDIT:: Oops, I forgot the staff curtain call!
Raze (Main Translator, Editor) – Bittersweet feelings. 500 lines per ep full of jokes != fun, but I’ll miss the show.
Ershin (Backup Translator) – I hope Raze enjoyed his family dinners or sex or whatever it is he was doing when I took over.
Nikon (Timer, Editor, Assistant Typesetter) – Fun show. Can’t wait for boobies on BD.
Klipper (Timer) – …
Shal_Dengeki (Timer for 1 episode) – When the hell did i contribute anything wtf
Bob64 (Main Typesetter) – Stay tuned for Unlimited Demon Seal v2 Works!!
Kemeko (Backup Typesetter) – ?(´??)?
BiGGuY (Main Encoder) – Nice quality sources, easy to work with I guess
__ar (Backup Encoder) – Stuff got done, I woke up too early a few times, we had fun~
Looks like practically the whole team contributed, even if it was only for an episode or two.

Angel Beats – 13 (END)

DOWNLOAD HD: [UTW]_Angel_Beats_-_13_[h264_720p][9CDF9E37].mkv [MU]
DOWNLOAD SD: [UTW]_Angel_Beats_-_13_[XviD][136729B5].avi [MU]
DOWNLOAD SCRIPT: [UTW] Angel Beats – 13.ass
Beautiful episode.  I’m still BAWWWing.
Don’t be shocked at the filesize: the episode was very static, and thus our encoder decided it was pointless to encode at the usual bitrate.  Rest assured that there is no decrease in quality.
Batch will come soon, along with perhaps the first Bluray episodes.  On another note, expect the BGata batch sometime this weekend, assuming things go according to plan.

Angel Beats – 12

DOWNLOAD HD: [UTW]_Angel_Beats_-_12_[h264_720p][157267F5].mkv [MU]
DOWNLOAD SD: [UTW]_Angel_Beats_-_12_[XviD][28532BAF].avi [MU]
DOWNLOAD SCRIPT: [UTW] Angel Beats – 12.ass
DOWNLOAD PATCH: [UTW]_Angel_Beats_-_12_[h264_720p][Font_Fix_Patch].rar
Hey guys, this episode was pretty cool. Just one more episode left! I’ma be in Costa Rica and Nicaragua so have fun with the finale next week plz.
Ershin: I can’t believe Nikon almost forgot to use that picture.
Edit:  So uh, something went awry in the muxing process, and most of the fonts are missing.  It’s probably mostly unnoticeable, since the majority of the fonts used in this episode are Windows defaults, but one or two are not.  If you download the patch and launch the .bat, it should apply the missing fonts automatically.  My apologies for any inconvenience.  This is why I usually stay away from the actual file-creation end of things.  >_<