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Amagami SS ED1 – Kimi no Hitomi ni Koishiteru

After we released Kaoru’s ED, we had a few requests to do this one as well. I actually did the TL for it on Monday, but ar fell ill for a while and couldn’t really do the k-timing until more recently. It’s been out long enough that I didn’t think it was a huge priority anyway.
Thanks go to ar for the k-timing, and Kusion for the cool effects. Well, and to me for translating it and pestering them to do it, I suppose. >_>
Anyway, I hope all the Haruka fans enjoy a little taste of nostalgia. I was pretty surprised with her vocal range in this full version; not a bad singer at all.
I’ll bug them to put up a FLAC or something as well, soon.

Let's Speak English!

Angel Beats Batch Release

Download HD:  [UTW]_Angel_Beats!_(BATCH)_[h264_720p].torrent
At friggin last!
While all the members of UTW put an extraordinary amount of effort into each weekly release of Angel Beats!, putting the batch together was largely relegated to ar and myself. The scripts have all been refined, many of the episodes were re-encoded, and even the insert songs were redone just for the batch.
I’ve pretty much just been waiting for the final OK to release, and so I’m very excited to present, in its entirety, Angel Beats!
It was the very first anime project I’ve ever done, and I’m absolutely thrilled to have had a chance to work on such an enjoyable show. I hope all of you who take a look will enjoy it as much as I did.
Edit – ar: Ok I muxed wrong audio for Ep08 and left a typo in the OP karaoke for Ep07 so here’s the patch! My apologies, this is what happens when everybody is too lazy to do a pass over check of stuff!
Here it is: Ep07 – Ep08 Patch (MU)
Lyric Update Patch: Ep13 ED Official Lyrics Patch (MU)

Angel Beats BD 1

DOWNLOAD H.264 1080p: [UTW] Angel Beats! – 01-02 [BD][h264-1080p FLAC]
DOWNLOAD H.264 720p: [UTW] Angel Beats! – 01-02 [BD][h264-720p AC3]
Hi everybody.  I’m very excited to announce that we’ve finished the first Blu-Ray disc for Angel Beats!  We’re still hard at work on putting together a batch torrent as well, including re-encodes of key episodes, and re-edited scripts, so look forward to that.  In fact, you’ll probably notice some changes in these episodes compared to the originals as well.
The 1080p versions also contain a commentary audio track.  The 720p versions do not.
So without further ado, please enjoy your glorious HD Angel Beats!
P.S. Nikon insisted on that picture. >_>
31/07/2010 – I’ve started my preparation work for BD Volume 2. Which basically consists of splicing audio/video, mapping out chapters, creating 8593843 avs files and all that fun awesome business. I’ve done a quick pre-prep job for ep03 & ep04 scripts, so if all goes well I might have it ready mid-late week.
BD Volume 2 contents is the following:
– Episode 03
– Episode 03 Creditless Ending
– Episode 03 Next Ep Web Preview
– Episode 04
– Episode 04 Creditless Ending
– Episode 04 Next Ep Web Preview
I’ll be splicing the CDED and Web PV’s into both episodes, similar to what I did with Ep01+02 bonus features. There are no Creditless OP’s this time around, so they’ll be staying as Credit versions.
– ar.

Angel Beats 08 and B Gata H Kei 08

Although the episodes were awesome, I’m glad this week is finally over.
Hey again, everyone.  As we mentioned previously, Raze had the week off, starting last Friday.  Nikon and I basically two-manned Angel Beats last week, and I took over for Raze on B-Gata this week.  If the subs for B-Gata aren’t up to snuff, I dunno, send ninjas after me or something.  They’ll be back to normal next Thursday.
Fansubbing is enjoyable work, but it’s also very tiring.  Not something that I recommend doing solo.  Not only did Raze have the week off, but Nikon was forced to time off of a puny netbook, and we had other issues as well.  Still, we pulled it together.
So without further ado, a two-for-one newspost!

I dunno what I was expecting when I volunteered to take over on this, but it was certainly a change.  To say nothing of the difference in dialogue, B Gata has a LOT more signs than Angel Beats.  So we can all thank Bob64 for doing a great job on this episode. Plus thanks to Kusion for coming in and getting the timing done late at night.  Poor Kosuda.  If he only knew what Yamada was really thinking.
DOWNLOAD HD: [UTW]_B_Gata_H_Kei_-_08_[h264_720p][E608F30A].mkv [MU]
DOWNLOAD SD: [UTW] ?_B?_Gata?_H?_Kei?_-?_08?_[XviD][5F011CBD].?avi [MU]

This episode was fantastic.  Plenty of action, plenty of Yui and TK’s antics, and plenty of Tenshi.  Oh yes, plenty of Tenshi indeed.  Huge thanks to both Nikon and Klipper for the timing on this, and to ar for all-around helpfulness.  I really think you guys are gonna enjoy this episode.  I only wish we could have had it up sooner.  Hopefully everything will be back to normal by next week.  In the meantime, thanks for stopping by, and enjoy!
DOWNLOAD HD: [UTW]_Angel_Beats_-_08_[h264_720p][8BB0D9B8].mkv [MU]
DOWNLOAD SD: [UTW] ?_Angel?_Beats?_-?_08?_[XviD][9FE234C0].?avi [MU]

Angel Beats – 06

DOWNLOAD HD: [UTW]_Angel_Beats_-_06_[h264_720p][3C7CD752].mkv [MU]
DOWNLOAD SD: [UTW]_Angel_Beats_-_06_[XviD][6F0B7DFE].avi [MU]
Hey all.  It’s your favorite Angel Beats translator, Ershin.  Not much to say about this episode except that it was completely AWESOME.
TK fans get some action, Tenshi fans get plenty of development, even Mahjong fans can join in, and well…watch and see.
[01:45] <@Nikon> http://sadpanda.us/images/129976-X9Y3H4M.jpg
[01:45] <@Raze> “Does this make me look cute?”