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Tari Tari – Chapter 04

DOWNLOAD: [Evergreen_(Kagisora_Tomiyaki)]_Tari_Tari_Chapter_4_(English)_[UTW] | [DDL]
So I was sitting around thinking, “oh hey what can I do I’m bored and not super busy for once” and then I remembered I never finished Tari Tari.
PS: Sorry for bumping your PV down Kusion~

Tari Tari – Chapter 01

DOWNLOAD: [Evergreen_(Kagisora_Tomiyaki)]_Tari_Tari_Chapter_1_(English)_[UTW].zip [DDL]
On behalf of UTW, I am happy to present to you our first scanlation release: Chapter 1 of the Tari Tari manga! This manga is being serialized in the monthly manga magazine Gangan Joker, so you can expect approximately one release per month.
Most of the UTW founding members (including myself) actually got into the whole fantranslation business starting with manga projects, so this release represents a significant point in UTW’s history. It’s pretty exciting for us to revisit our roots together after such a long foray in the anime scene, and we hope you enjoy the result!
Once things work themselves out and the cogs begin to turn on their own, you might start seeing more manga releases, both here and… well, you know where. *wink*

Sakuranbo Syndrome

Nope, this isn’t a release, but I’d like to take this opportunity to recommend to you all a masterpiece of a manga I have been hopelessly hooked on for the last few days: Sakuranbo Syndrome, by the mangaka Taku Kitazaki. It is a Seinen manga of the Romance/Drama/Comedy genres with some explicit content.
I picked up Kono S wo Miyo (also an awesome series in its own right) from the same mangaka one night and simply could not put it down, reading all five available volumes at the expense of my sleep (the sixth is apparently due sometime this March). A couple days later, hungry for more Taku Kitazaki stuff, I made the “mistake” of deciding to read a chapter or two of Sakuranbo Syndrome right before I was about to go to bed.
A description taken from mangaupdates.com:
“Progressive Rejuvenation Syndrome.” This is an extremely rare disease causing the inflicted person to gradually become younger. The main character of this story, Munenori Agawa, is the only person that could save Rena Amami from this odd disease. Agawa’s saliva is the only thing that can halt the disease from making Rena younger, so they must kiss everyday in order for her to survive. This causes an immense amount of conflict and drama between Agawa and his new girlfriend, Sayako Asou. This triangle relationship story tests the capabilities and limitations of human love.[/spoiler]
Kitazaki is a master of taking ridiculous sexual/romantic premises and milking out of them surprisingly realistic stories in which his characters face social issues and grow from their experiences. In Sakuranbo Syndrome, Kitazaki explores mature issues such as what it is to be an adult, the power of destiny, the nature of love, and more, as Agawa, Rena, and Asou interact with each other, the people around them, and the society they live in. The variety of characters, the gripping drama, and the comedy interspersed throughout contribute to this beautiful and very human tale that will keep you wanting more until the very last page.
TLDR: it’s a great manga you definitely don’t want to miss. For Japanese readers, scans of the entire series are available online; for English readers, GantzWaitingRoom has scanlated up to vol.4 as of the date of this post (you can read it online HERE).
EDIT: It’s apparently a huge pain to download Sakuranbo Syndrome from the scanlator’s site, so here are some DDL links.
Sakuranbo Syndrome 01 [GWR].zip [MIRROR]
Sakuranbo Syndrome 02 [GWR].zip [MIRROR]
Sakuranbo Syndrome 03 [GWR].zip [MIRROR]
Sakuranbo Syndrome 04 [GWR].zip [MIRROR]
Alternatively, you can download it via torrent.
Kono S wo Miyo, on the other hand, can be downloaded via torrent.

The Secret Devil-Chan – 01-03

DOWNLOAD: [Emu] The Secret Devil-chan – 01-03 [English] [Soba-Scans].zip [MIRROR]
Since little has been happening recently here at UTW, I thought I’d feature one of the non-UTW projects I’ve been working on: The Secret Devil-Chan, a comedy manga being serialized in a quarterly magazine (i.e. one chapter every three months). Three chapters have been released so far, which you can download above.
This is a Soba-Scans project, and you can visit their site HERE (due to mature content, please refrain from entering if you are under 18 or whatever the limit is in your country). Future chapters will be posted there. Be sure to also check out their other stuff!
Here’s a description of the manga taken from Soba-Scans:
Kurosaki Sou is a 16 year old who summons a devil to take his virginity. He hopes for a devil with flaming red hair, large horns, and black wings. He gets exactly what he wishes for, although he forgets something else rather important. Now he’s forced to live with this devil and has to think of a way to get rid of it, and most importantly – survive its lust.
I’m not exactly someone who enjoys trap material, but I’ll have to admit this series is pretty hilarious. Give it a try and see what you think!