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Gosick BD Vol. 1-12 – Batch

DOWNLOAD 720p Batch: [Victorique]_Gosick_[BD][h264-720p][FLAC]
DOWNLOAD Patch1: gosick-bd-ep10v2-fontfix-patch.zip
DOWNLOAD Patch2: gosick-bd-ep17v2-linefix-patch.zip

And that is a wraaaaaaaaaaaaap! After working on this series for 15 months, I can finally say this wraps it all up. It’s been a long run, and I enjoyed the series, and I hope you guys did too.

This batch contains the whole series, episodes 1-24, which came on 12 Blu-ray volumes. There is a v2 for episode 17 to fix a missing line, and episodes 1-4 got renamed for consistency. I’ve supplied a patch for episode 17, but I’m not going to make one to rename episodes 1-4, rename them yourselves~

Also I won’t be doing DDLs because DF = slow, and DDLAnime is a joke to upload to (especially without ftp upload and its severely broken web ui), so use XDCC or torrents.

NB: I’ve added a patch for ep10 to add the missing locations font. This is not part of the batch torrent because nobody bothered telling me there was a problem, until NOW.

Gosick BD Vol. 9-10

DOWNLOAD H.264 720p: [Victorique]_Gosick_-_17-20_[BD][h264-720p][FLAC]

This package contains:

  • Episodes 17-20

This is the second last Blu-ray batch, and the final batch of 21-24 should be coming around early April. Le enjoy.

Gosick BD Vol. 7-8

DOWNLOAD H.264 720p: [Victorique]_Gosick_-_13-16_[BD][h264-720p][FLAC] [DDL1] [DDL2]

This package contains:

  • Episodes 13-16

Only 8 more episodes to go! (4 months, then I don’t have to choose anymore kawaii post pics!)

Gosick BD Vol. 5-6

DOWNLOAD H.264 720p: [Victorique]_Gosick_-_09-12_[BD][h264-720p][FLAC] [DDL]

This package contains:

  • Episodes 09-12

Here’s the next 4 episodes, only 12 more to go (6 more months!). Enjoy.

Gosick BD Vol. 3-4

DOWNLOAD H.264 720p: [Victorique]_Gosick_-_05-08_[BD][h264-720p][FLAC] [DDL]

This package contains:

  • Episodes 05-08

Ok since I don’t feel like blogging today, here’s the previously promised next 2 volumes of Gosick Blu-rays. Enjoy~

Gosick – End Batch (13-24)

See this post for the Mid-series Batch (Episodes 1-12).

DOWNLOAD HD: [Victorique]_Gosick_-_13-24_(Batch)_[h264-720p] [DDL1] [DDL2]
DOWNLOAD HD Patches: [Victorique]_Gosick_End-Series_Batch_-_13-24_[h264-720p][Patches].rar

There aren’t many changes in this half of the batch. Just some minor stuff, yada yada. I’ve blogged enough about Gosick already so I’ll keep this short and sweet~ Victorique looks so cute in this art I grabbed from Danbooru.

Patches Note:

Extract the contents of the rar to the same directory as episode 13-24, run the batch file, it will create files with the tag (Batch) in their filename, you can delete the originals after this. I didn’t add a delete function just to be safe because it’s 12 episodes. Also there’s nothing stopping the people who dont like (Batch) in their filenames from simply just renaming the files or changing it to v2/v3/etc. I did this for ease of the patchers.

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