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The End of an Era

Well guys, now that UBW is over, this is the moment that I’m stepping down and putting my fansubbing adventures on the shelf. I’ve been fansubbing since mid-late 2009, and it’s now about 6 years later. I guess all good things must come to an end. My first show was Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood with Tomodachi.
I haven’t really found fansubbing fun for a while now, but together with the guys who worked on UBW we managed to get through it. We’ll still be doing the Blu-rays in october’ish but this will be the last release I officially work on. I’ve been running UTW for over a year now, and besides some other guy, I’m the last original staffer left. Well that’s not true actually, UTW has pretty much always run itself, even when Raze was around, though he managed to get stuff done more often than not.
My reason for retiring is as mentioned above, as well as my spare time being put towards studying these days. I’m doing a Bachelor of Animation, for whatever that’s worth. It’s kinda fun, but the amount of homework is kinda killing me because I like my free time, and well I don’t have a huge amount of it these days. But that’s where my focus will be these days, and people can still find me on Rizon if they need me. I’ve been on IRC way too long to leave it now, it’s a part of me I guess you could say.
I’ve pretty much done most jobs in my fansubbing career, besides translating of course, but I mostly focused on encoding and typesetting, with a bit of timing/karaoke stuff when I had to. I’ve done other things too, but they’ll only be known to the people that know them. I’ve seen things change dramatically and well for the most part streaming companies do an OK job, not great, but OK. I’m glad to see this is the case at least, because when I first started, I had hoped that one day we’d see legal subs that are extremely accessible. We have that today, and so I feel I can sit back now and know that there is at least some alternative out there.
I can’t tell you what is happening with Cinderella Girls, but I do know that hopefully it’ll be done. That’s all I can say really.
And well to everyone who has supported me over the years, I guess a thanks is in order, so thanks guys. And to all my friends I’ve made fansubbing who’re no longer around, I had a great time guys, pop in and say hi someday.
What’s over is over though, and I’ll never forget the good times that I had, so thanks to all the guys I’ve worked with over the years, you’ve really made it fun.
Peace out.

Happy Birthday, Raze!

Today is the birthday of our great friend, Raze. I believe I speak for the entire staff when I say, it’s been nothin’ but a blast working with him, so let’s all raise our glasses (hopefully filled with alcohol) to Raze!
Happy Birthday, buddy!

So, Raze. Are you going to give her what she wants?

Calling All Artists! And Fate/Zero BD Update

EDIT (19/3/2012): A couple of you have asked me for more direction regarding the slides. Here are some notes I’ve jotted down on what I’m imagining this to look like at the moment, though you’re of course free to go with your own interpretation.


The Fate/Zero season 1 Bluray box set came with a drama CD about Kiritsugu’s and Irisviel’s first days together, and I mentioned in a previous post that I wasn’t sure if I’d translate them. I’m currently leaning towards yes, but here at UTW we always strive to go the extra mile when possible, and I figured it’d be nice if we could get some of you artists out there involved in this fan effort.
I’m looking for one or more people to draw up a slideshow of images to go with the events that transpire in the drama CD. The images don’t have to be full-blown colored and rendered (since I understand how long that would take); they can even just be tastefully-done sketches, as long as they are appropriate and match what’s happening. Since these tracks in the drama CD are pretty much just dialogues between Kiritsugu and Irisviel, I estimate that each track won’t need more than 3-4 images (some of them can be reused across tracks, too), though the actual number would be entirely up to you, of course.
You can find the translation for the first track below:
The audio you can grab here or from the usual sources.
If you’re interested, go ahead and try drawing images to go with the first track. Send me an email by next week so I know you’re interested, along with any images you have completed so far. Feel free to also link to them here by writing a comment to this post.
If you can’t draw (like me), do help us out by contacting skilled artists you might know, or by spreading the word.
If this works out, we’ll have these nice little video slideshows with the original drama CD audio and timed subtitles for you guys. If it doesn’t and I decide to go ahead and translate the rest of the drama CD anyway, we’ll probably just release the translations through the site and in the batch torrent.
As for the episodes and other specials, we’ve decided to throw them out as they get done via XDCC and DDL; there will be no torrents until the final batch torrent at the end. We should have the first episode or two and the first Einzbern Consultation Room special ready by the end of this weekend.

Reading Scanlations Teaches You Japanese!

This group is so good, I dare not utter their name. Thought I’d pick up Nozoki Ana today because Raze said it was fucking awesome, and I have to agree. Good series always get good groups, and I’ll be showing you an example of good scanlating.
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Majikoi S Preliminary Impressions

<@Raze> OH GAWD

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MIKUNOPOLIS – Happy to meet you! I'm HATSUNE MIKU

Thanks for joining, everyone! Hope you all had a blast!

Be sure to vote for team Light over at TeamLiquid: http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=309034 for helping us fix the channel limitation problem!
See you next week! Or something!
Thanks for Socratics101 for the better channel, come visit at: http://livestream.com/bukkit

For the first time ever, UTW will be streaming the MIKUNOPOLIS concert (subtitles provided by Doremi Fansubs!), and we’re inviting all fans to come and join us for the fun!
The fun begins at 7:00PM EST (-5 UTC) Saturday, February 4th on livestream (the channel will go public at 6:00PM EST) with a special pre-airing, followed by the actual concert. If we’re feeling up to it, we may leave the steam on for the previous concerts (or whatever else we feel like streaming).
Please note that this is stream quality, and you’re welcome to join us even if you decide to watch this on your own computer. We will be using IRC and livestream as our source for communication.
True fans of Hatsune Miku should remember to purchase the blu-ray!


I’m a bit late, but happy new year! Enjoy it and enjoy having to write 2012 out now because that just fucking sucks balls.
Be sure to get drunktoo, because it’s good for you.

New layout

Here’s the new layout! UTW 2.0, activate! Minimalist design, go!
It’s near completion, but there are still some bugs. If anyone spots any bugs or errors they find, I’d love to hear them. Also, if you have any suggestions to the layout itself (design, banner, etc), let me know and we’ll get started on it right away.
Hopefully everyone enjoys the new design.
(As everyone should already know the obvious message).
Changed the layout design. Special thanks to Balance` for the banner. Check out his stuff here!
I’m still working out some of the other issues (like the footer).

A riddle, of sorts

This, ladies, is my new coffee mug. After the break you will be given a better photograph.

My questions are:

  • Which work of fiction was used to produce the cloud printed on my mug? (10 points)
  • Which part of it was used to produce this tell-tale distribution? Note that I removed a name from the list which would have given it away, and increased the weight of 狂気 and 愛 for stylistic reasons. (990 points)

Passing grade is 50%.
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If You're Not Watching GSL…

…then you missed out!




Thanks to everyone who stuck around and discussed it. Had a lot of fun this weekend watching Diablo III and SC2 panels, as well as these amazing games.
I’ll get back to subbing after I calm down from that win.