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iDOLM@STER Special Web Preview

Heeeeeeeello fans!

It’s been much too long! Has everyone else been patiently waiting for the iM@S special? We’re all excited to work on iDOLM@STER again.

Today we’re bringing you a 33 second web preview for the special itself! We hope you all enjoy it. We will not be releasing a download link (unless YouTube decides to take the video down).

Please stay tuned for the special, when we will release our complete batch for iDOLM@STER (sadly!)



iM@S 08 and 09 Delayed

See title.
EP8 – Everything is done except typesetting which is currently resting at Daiz (the typesetter) who is currently moving to a new dwelling, and will be doing so for the next few days. Once he has settled into his new place we’ll get this out. Our apologies for the delays.
EP9 – We’re going very slow with this, considering 8 isn’t even done yet. Considering I (Kusion) have had a long day at work, I don’t feel like staying up all night to wait for my turn. We’ll get this out tomorrow afternoon (if 8 has been released of course). Until then, keep bugging Daiz for updates on ep8, and don’t bug us for ep9! …Not yet, at least.

Please understand and try to be patient and it’ll be done when it’s done. Stop asking when it’ll be released or if we have dropped it. If it was dropped we would have said something.
I asked Kusion to put a post up earlier but he didn’t and since I don’t care about iM@S (I still <3 you though kuz) enjoy this awesome sketch of Mafuyu from Seizon (courtesy of Pixiv) instead.


Aoi tori, bitches.

(I’ll kill you if I bought the wrong headphones. Yes, you.)

Here's some more


iDOLM@STER Character Profiles

With our upcoming joint project, THE iDOLM@STER, only a few weeks away, we figured it would be nice if we gave our followers some background information on the characters. We found these magazine scans lying around, and got them translated for you.

Keep in mind that this is only a small number compared to what there may be out there. We’re trying to update with as many as we find, and if you have some scans that we don’t, we’d appreciate it if you’d link us!

We hope to see you all in a few weeks!

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I am seriously going to start ejecting the disc whenever it needs to load a level… just so I can watch this (NO. YOUTUBE IS NOT THE SAME).

My shit came in yesterday

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“Kyun! Vampire Girl”
…and a better video:


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