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Amagami SS – minamo

DOWNLOAD: Amagami_SS_-_minamo_[KFX].avi

This has been a project that I wanted to do for the longest time now, but never really had the chance to do it because of my skills in kfx. So, with some hired guns (lygerzero0zero from EveTaku; great guy, check out his stuff) and Raze, it finally became a reality. It’s nothing big, just a small karaoke for the insert song, minamo. Unfortunately, this isn’t the Razion cover. Sorry, folks!

Totally did not see this coming.

From the Amagami Ouen twitter feed:

????SS????????????????azusa????????? #amagamiss #amagami (????@?????)

(Amagami SS 2nd season production confirmed! Miss Azusa will also be doing the main theme(s) for the 2nd season!)


Amagami SS Short Animations – 02

DOWNLOAD: [UTW]_Amagami_SS_Short_Animations_-_02_[DVD][h264-480p_AC3][3F501E54].mkv [DDL1] [DDL2]

And we now have the short animations for the remaining three heroines (Ai, Rihoko, and Tsukasa). There will be no torrent batch (as I see little reason to batch together two perfectly fine and working torrents) and no XviDs (due to the DVD resolution). You can find the first OVA episode HERE.

The release of this OVA episode marks the conclusion of the Amagami SS project that began over a year ago, and the time has come to bid this series a final farewell. The UTW staff would like to extend a big thank you to all of you who have followed and supported us for this series from beginning to end. Amagami SS will surely be missed!

Enjoy the release, and let’s hope to see more series like this one in the future!

Amagami SS Short Animations – 01

DOWNLOAD: [UTW]_Amagami_SS_Short_Animations_-_01_[DVD][h264-480p_AC3][DF1AD70D].mkv [DDL1] [DDL2]

Also known as the Amagami SS OVA, this is basically a group of short ~5 minute animation sequences for each of the six main heroines. The first set features the first three heroines (Haruka, Kaoru, and Sae) for a total runtime of about 15 minutes.

It felt good to work on Amagami SS again, though we kinda slowpoked this release, being an OVA (okay I lied; this would’ve been out over 24 hours ago if it wasn’t for me/Father’s Day/sleep/work). This is available only on DVD, so 480p is the highest (and only) video resolution you’ll get.

I’m too tired to try and remember if I missed anything, so I’ll hit the sack and spare you guys from additional reading. Enjoy the release!

arEdit: No, we will not being doing XviD’s for this because it’s 480p. So stop asking about them.

Amagami SS & Kampfer fur die Liebe – BD Batches

Amagami SS
DOWNLOAD 1080p: [UTW] Amagami SS [BD][h264-1080p FLAC] [DDL]
DOWNLOAD 720p: [UTW] Amagami SS [BD][h264-720p AC3] [DDL]

Kampfer fur die Liebe
DOWNLOAD 1080p: [UTW] Kampfer fur die Liebe [BD][h264-1080p FLAC] [DDL]
DOWNLOAD 720p: [UTW] Kampfer fur die Liebe [BD][h264-720p AC3] [DDL]

Nothing much to say about the Kampfer batch: they’re our own encodes, and we’ve included the creditless OP/ED as standalone files for you collectors out there. Oh, and commentary audio tracks are included in the 1080p releases but not the 720p releases to keep file sizes down.

We’ve v2’d a lot of the Amagami SS BD releases though:

  • Episodes 1-12, 24, OP1a-c, and ED1 have all been v2’d to “fix” a problem that messes up the styling for the Japanese in the karaoke for those of you using JP locale in Windows (which would be like 5% of you anyway). There’s nothing else wrong with original versions otherwise, so feel free to save your bandwidth.
  • Episodes 21-22 have been v2’d to fix up a strange timing error at the OP that resulted from faulty shifting.

The Kampfer torrents should be well-seeded, but I’m only using one seedbox for the Amagami SS batches due to their huge size. Feel free to use the DDL links instead, and please do help seed.

Enjoy for now! More goodies to come tomorrow.

Amagami SS BD Vol.12-13

DOWNLOAD H.264 1080p: [UTW] Amagami SS – 23-26 [BD][h264-1080p FLAC] [DDL]
DOWNLOAD H.264 720p: [UTW] Amagami SS – 23-26 [BD][h264-720p AC3] [DDL]

This package contains:

  • Episodes 23-26 (Second half of Tsukasa arc, Risa’s arc, and Miya’s arc)
  • Creditless Tsukasa arc/Risa arc/Miya arc OP2 themes, Tsukasa/Risa/Miya ending themes

Whew, that’s all the Amagami SS BD episodes done! I was reminded of how awesome the closing scene of Tsukasa’s arc was, oh gawd. I was expecting Tsukasa’s extra scene to expand on how Tsukasa’s Santa belief was shattered but was disappointed to discover otherwise. Oh well, we got two (yes, two) other scenes instead.

Risa, on the other hand, had three extra scenes; the one the episode closes with made me d’awww so hard. Her episode also has the preview for Miya’s arc.

Nothing whatsoever was changed for Miya’s episode, so the 720p release for it is the same as the standalone one we released earlier.

720p Release
* Video – CRF 16, 2-pass mixed
* Audio Track 1 – Main: AC3 2.0 320Kbps
* Audio Track 2 – Commentary: AC3 2.0 192Kbps

1080p Release
* Video – CRF 17, 2-pass mixed
* Audio Track 1 – Main: FLAC 2.0 16bit
* Audio Track 2 – Commentary: AC3 2.0 192Kbps

BD batches… maybe in a couple days or so. And yes, of course we’ll be subbing the Amagami SS OVAs. It’d be pretty silly if we didn’t. =)

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