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Raze and I were mentioned in a manga

commander`A was, too.

The manga is “Prunus Girl” if you must know, and it’s one of my favorites.

We covered Koi wa Mizuiro, too

Here we go again with another Razion release. This time? It’s Koi wa Mizuiro!

We did a lot better this time. Maybe it’s because we’re not singing about how gay for each other we are?

Here’s how we split the song (if you’re curious): http://privatepaste.com/1310a6ae06
Download the song here!
Razion out.
EDIT: Raze won’t accept the fact that I love him ;_;

[spoiler][21:04] [@Kusion] Ershin
[21:04] [@Kusion] did you hear our song
[21:04] [@Raze] ;_;
[21:04] [@Kusion] raze
[21:04] [@Kusion] ??????????
[21:04] [@Kusion] ????????????
[21:04] [@Raze] FCUK
[21:04] [@Raze] DON’T
[21:04] [@Kusion] ??????????
[21:04] [@Raze] REMINd
[21:04] [@Raze] ME
[21:04] [@Kusion] ???????????
[21:05] [@Kusion] Raze
[21:05] [@Kusion] do you want to know the truth
[21:05] [@Kusion] i sang softly because i was singing that from my heart
[21:05] [@Kusion] i love you
[21:05] [@Kusion] ????
[21:05] [@Kusion] ??????
[21:05] [@Kusion] ????????
[21:05] [@Kusion] ??
[21:06] [@Kusion] ??????????
[21:06] [@Kusion] ?????
[21:06] [@Raze] ???????
[21:06] [@Kusion] ????????
[21:06] [@Raze] ????????????????????????????????????????????
[21:06] [@Kusion] i was shy to have you hear a song about how i feel for you
[21:06] [@Kusion] that’s why i sung softly
[21:06] [@Raze] dying
[21:07] [@Kusion] ;_;[/spoiler]
Here’s a video depicting our love…
(Raze is the black guy I guess)

Ever wondered what the Amagami SS OP would sound like covered by Raze and Kusion?

Wonder no longer! For today, we present a beautiful duet. Our band name is called “Kuze“. Or “Razion“, whichever you want; we don’t really care. We cover (read: ruin) any songs you enjoy! Actually, not really. Fuck you guys.
Our next big hit is going to be: Anata Shika Mienai (Sae’s ED song). Be sure to download it!
We’re actually very self-conscious about the way we sound, so it took a lot of effort and time to grow the balls to record this.
I, personally, think we did an excellent job.
Edit: Oh, I should’ve also stated: Raze is the first one singing, I (Kusion), am the second.
http://privatepaste.com/14858382ad (if you want to see how it was organized)
Download the song here!
Razion out.

Zero no Shakudora

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Nishishi: Have you nishishi'd yet?

adsf says:
Is Kusion gonna knock this down with more of his shit?


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