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Toaru Majutsu no Index – Endymion no Kiseki PV

I kept holding this off until the last minute, but every time I watch the trailer it looks amazing.

Enjoy, until the blu-ray comes out 10 years from now!

Happy Birthday, Raze!

Today is the birthday of our great friend, Raze. I believe I speak for the entire staff when I say, it’s been nothin’ but a blast working with him, so let’s all raise our glasses (hopefully filled with alcohol) to Raze!
Happy Birthday, buddy!

So, Raze. Are you going to give her what she wants?


Aoi tori, bitches.

(I’ll kill you if I bought the wrong headphones. Yes, you.)

These guys one-upped us… dammit!

And, I’m okay with it.

Magical Index Status

To anyone wondering, because I get a few PMs about it every so often:
Blu-Ray Vol.2+3
All of these are @ Final QC. Should be done soon enough (GET TO WORK, XMtS!)
Index Batch
@ Kusion. I’ve been a bit lazy, but I’m fixing up the scripts. If Raze is on tonight, we should be able to release then. We have 6 episodes that will be v2’d.

Fractale Delayed…

…again. We’ve pretty much (temporarily) lost our .ts source for this show since the Sendai quake, so we are now completely at the whims of the Share/PD uploaders. A .ts still has not appeared on either at the time of this post, so it’s extremely unlikely that we’ll release by tonight (US time). With any luck, we’ll have it out by tomorrow.
And damn that cliffhanger…
KUSION EDIT: And to those asking, we’re almost done with Vol.2 of the Index blu-rays! Just in time for Vol.3, right? We should have them good to go by Monday or sometime next week.
(Yes, Raze, I just stole your Fractale spot! AND I made it my category! ‘Sup, bro!)
AR EDIT: I jacked Kusion’s jack. I am god! On a side note, we aren’t going to sub the GOSICK special because it’s stupid and terrible. It is 50% recap, 50% talk show. Nobody wants to do this. CR didn’t do it either and hell I don’t blame them. tl;dr Episode 11 airs next week. No GOSICK until then.
(I might cut a couple of parts out of it that are interesting (Interview with the author + Ep11 Extended Preview) and make an abridged special out of them.)

Happy Birthday, Raze!

Apparently, yesterday was our good leader’s birthday. Yes, this is Raze.
Alas, we all forgot it was his birthday (I blame it on him not telling us).
Oh, yeah. That’s my waifu—I asked her to make something nice for Raze. Sorry I can’t help, Mikoto! I’m just bad at baking ;_; (she’s going to shock me for not helping her out, maybe I should go see if she needs some help… hmm, but she does have Kuroko helping her… wait, that may be bad! Okay, gonna go make sure Kuroko doesn’t do anything stupid!)
What the UTW staff did for his birthday:
– __ar wrote some AviSynth script to detect scene changes, obviously a waste of time that could have been used to say “Happy Birthday, Raze!”
– Kusion fapped to some Mikoto pictures hidden on his HDD. This was obviously the best use of time.
– Nikon stayed useless, as he usually is. He’s not a good friend.
– Ershin was out with his IRL waifu. Good man!
– Moshiburner was probably studying or some shit.
– fnord was dicking around, probably trolling some poor sap.
– commander`A (who’s this?) wished Raze a happy birthday. Too bad no one cares about him.
– Shuugo was playing his OreImo PSP game (I’m assuming).
– Bob64 posted one (1) link to 4chan.
– Zir0h was probably fapping, too.
So, to make amends, we’re wishing him a great, big, happy birthday via the UTW website!

Fractale – 09 Delayed / Index 23 Delayed

Ok, so this is just a tl;dr status post.
Due to current events in Tokyo and the neighbouring areas, getting hold of the transport stream is slower than usual today. Hopefully we’ll get this episode done today sometime. No promises on timeframe yet though, it’ll be done when it’s done.
Index 23 will not be airing this week, but instead, ep22 will air on Tokyo MX.

Ningen tte Sonna Mono ne

fnord and I really enjoyed this song, so we worked together to make it into a karaoke. I really should say fnord did, as he did most of the work!
Special thanks goes to RHExcelion, who assisted with the encode.
Here’s the download link if you want it.
…and here’s the single audio file (MP3).

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun ARCHIVES – 02

DOWNLOAD: [arinashi]_Toaru_Kagaku_no_Railgun_ARCHIVES_-_02_[A22A6452].mkv (DDL)

And, once again, here we are with the Railgun ARCHIVES. The translator has been busy (and still is), so getting him to do anything takes a lot of time! (We love you!)

Thankfully, we have around… 600ish lines? So it wasn’t as bad as the first drama CD.


Anyway, hope you enjoy ARCHIVES 2! We have one more left! Woo!

TL – Moshiburner
Edit – Kusion
QC – Cruxis (special thanks!)