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This is what you get for attempting the harem route.

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I bet none of you saw THAT coming.  Before you browsed teh intarwebs and spoiled everything for yourselves, I mean.

Also: cue the reason(s) I hate Haruka.

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86 Thoughts on “THE iDOLM@STER – 23

  1. Following up on Progeusz’ follow-up to my comment:
    “you might say so but who forbids her from looking at the board at 765’s office to see what and when everyone is doing and thinking about meeting considering that? I can’t feel sorry for her when she’s sad because idol xyz is doing her scheduled business.”

    [spoiler]From my recollection of the episode, I’m pretty sure it’s implicit that she already is bending over backwards trying to accommodate everyone so that they can all be together… The problem is that work-related opportunities arise on short notice and the other idols, instead of remaining firm to their commitment to Haruka/765 as a group, take these up and postpone group time for later on after their “more important” business is taken care of… Which hurts Haruka because she’s doing exactly the opposite, as seen when she tells the directors that it’s “not a good time” and she’ll talk to them later, because she wants to meet everyone else and not renege on her commitment.

    Making an effort for others + Not seeing others reciprocate = Formula for frustration and depression

    I personally think her feelings are justified, and not emo, hence my comment. :)[/spoiler]

  2. I get it. I get the tag. FALL 2011. You guys are real cutups.

  3. Haruka vs Miki deathmatch next week! betting starts now!

  4. ya no that was a horribly sad episode.

    And Aidolon has it right. Haruka is upset more so because she works to get her shit done and make time to be with the whole group while everyone else just goes from job to job without really thinking about anyone else but themselves, excluding a few girls like Chihaya and Makoto. Just my opinion as well. I as well don’t agree with the emo commentary. She is depressed sure but for the reasons stated previously. Depression with justified reasoning is not emo especially when normally her personality is happy-go-lucky.

    Her only real fault is her yet to be voiced desire that everything 765 pro related would go back to how it was over a year ago for their company. I think it’s a case of “to have your cake and eat it to”. Unfortunately you can’t want to achieve top idol in this case and expect to have the free time that made their bonds what they are…or were maybe.

    I just hope Miki doesn’t blame this on Haruka but I’m thinking for the sake of drama that is going to be the case which is gonna suck to see unfold. As if she doesn’t feel like it’s all her fault already. Producer-san is the man I will say. Self-sacrifice with a valid and just cause is always moving to see. And, I might add, a completely unexpected event this episode.

  5. Next time … Don’t spoil it …

    Bad end in giant letters …. How much more of a douchebag can you be eh ….

    The sixth sense —–> Bruce Willis is a ghost !!!

    The crying game —-> The chick is actually a guy !!!


  6. Agree 100% with bob on this..

    You bunch of retards had to go and spoil the surprise ..

    A deep and heart felt “fuck you” to the idiot who thought he was being clever by adding “BAD END”

  7. Invisiblemoose on December 10, 2011 at 7:03 am said:

    @TruePsyche: I don’t need a “draw” to see the next episode of a show I’ve watched for 22 episodes.

    I couldn’t help watching this entire episode just waiting for something bad to happen. That’s not cool, man. Really kills the effect. I do my best to avoid spoilers across the Internet — but how can I avoid a gigantic sobbing Haruka with “BAD END” plastered all over it if it’s smack in middle of the fucking release post!?

    For someone who obviously loves iM@s a lot, that’s a pretty thoughtless move…

  8. Leon-Gun on December 10, 2011 at 7:14 am said:

    @invisible: I’m amused Daiz handled it more skillfully over at underwater considering his infamy. Well, we made our point and it seems a lot of people agree, even if partially.

  9. Just a +1 Fuck you UTW. Nothing to see here, move along.

  10. also voicing my dislike of the screencap. I want to watch the show, I don’t want to download it and watch it going, “ugh, when is the terrible thing going to happen”

  11. @ all the haters – I personally thought the image was a joke, especially considering the caption. If you want to be sure you don’t have spoilers, don’t read blogs. Use RSS to download episodes.

  12. Rawrrawr45 on December 10, 2011 at 11:23 am said:

    Broducer… ;_;

  13. lol@if it turns out to be a fracture like the Miki route.

  14. @Black Rainbow I can’t really say their hate is unjustified, there are people like me who obviously are new to im@s and wouldn’t want to be spoiled by a major event as Haruka crying -which, just as a trivia, wasn’t on any part of the previews on episode 22. Just food for thought.

    Oh well, what’s done is done. I too look forward to 24 and the quite possible event of Miki blaming Haruka about hurting her Honey.

  15. Yukiho is soo cute :’>

  16. To be honest, it’s rather surprising how judgmental people can get when a character shows just a little bit of weakness. Granted, Haruka is looking at this situation all wrong. Her friends are moving forward in their individual careers, sure, but does that mean they no longer care for each other? Of course not. She’s just the type of person who draws her energy from others, and so without that to back her, she’s in a vulnerable state. If she hadn’t been stubborn at the end, and tried to act like she didn’t want to talk about it, BROducer could have totally saved her from this problem, because he’s a fucking boss like that. Can he swoop down and give everyone free time? No probably not. But the guy has a gift for this sort of thing so I could easily see him coming in, organizing a surprise party or some other fun events, and bringing Haruka back up to where she was.

    The only thing I could be annoyed with her about is that she didn’t give PROsef the time of day to solve the problem. I’m not even annoyed about [spoiler]the fact that he was injured saving her. Shit happens, and BROducer isn’t even going to be angry about it, we know his type. So when and if Miki throws a fit and gets in Haruka’s face, PROsef is probably going to be the guy who breaks it up somehow. Calling it now.[/spoiler] Anyway, other than Haruka not doing the smart thing and listening to the one guy who can make things better, I can’t see why anyone would have a beef with her.

  17. Link to TruePsyche’s animelist (watching/on-hold/plan to watch anime):


    Spoil all the anime that he’s watching/on-hold/plan to watch, make him suffer >:)

  18. Haruka was asking for something like this. Her “let’s all be happy” attitude has always irritated me. I thought I might start to like her a bit after the recent episodes, but her half-baked and childish behavior in this episode was annoying. Didn’t she realize she bothered others by that blind approach to work of hers? Everyone has their work they have to focus on. It’s virtually impossible for such a large number of idols to gather for a rehearsal when they have other work on their schedules as well. Haruka had better realize already what it means to be an idol.

    Miki, though being a bit of an air-head, does what an idol ought to do. That is, shine and do her best regardless of the situation she is in. Stop blaming Miki for doing her job in a proper manner!

    Lastly, what spoiler are you talking about here? Are you some espers or what? Spoiler means that somebody tells you or in any other way lets you know some of the things that will happen, thus ruins the whole point of watching it, because being spoiled reduces your surprise or enjoyment. Spoiler is for example if someone tells you that at the end of episode 3 of Madoka Magica, Tomoe Mami SPOILERSPOILER. But finding out that someone will cry doesn’t spoil the thing for you, because you have no way of telling what will precede it and what will make them cry. For example, her mother might have died, she might have lost her good luck pantsu, she might have been rEAped, she might have been arrested for killing an old man by pushing him under a passing car while tripping on flat ground, etc.

  19. ARandomCommentAppears on December 11, 2011 at 1:06 am said:

    “Miki, though being a bit of an air-head, does what an idol ought to do. That is, shine and do her best regardless of the situation she is in.”
    Yes, shine like the true self-centered jerk you are regardless of the situation! shine on!

  20. Leon-Gun on December 11, 2011 at 1:08 am said:

    @Matteas: Because a huge “BAD END” picture of Haruka crying followed by a Haruka-hate spiel isn’t enough to spoil the mood of the episode correct? And more than spoil something in particular, it spoiled any sense of surprise at the end. You’ll just spend the whole episode in expectation of when will shit go down instead of slowly taking in the shifting tension in a well-directed episode.

    There’s more to spoiling than just telling you when a certain big breasted character will lose her head.

  21. Relax people, Haruka is a fictional character. If the characters didn’t have character flaws, there would be no story, and you wouldn’t be watching this show.

    I don’t see what the big fuss about the Haruka hate is about. it’s perfectly normal to hate some characters, and like others.

  22. @1Logic
    I don’t know about you, but there are people actually watching IM@S not for the story, but cute idols doing cute things (e.g.”moefans”). Any bit of drama is sure to rile them up.

    And the discussions for this ep left me disgusted as a Haruka and Miki fan. I suppose I should’ve seen this coming a mile away.

  23. delacroix01 on December 11, 2011 at 5:26 am said:

    Well, not getting into this rage, I just have a question to ask. How did you set up the option to skip the OP/ED when muxing the mkv file? That’s some cool shit I’d love to try with an anime I’m subbing.

  24. i think this is fine, drama and char dev. now it will be haruka’s turn 2 rise bac from the pits of despair and b an idol because she wants to. previously it was chihaya’s turn now its haruka’s turn and guess now might b chihaya’s turn 2 pull haruka up.
    miki’s juz doin how the industry is i think, well in a sense she’s being a professional. in it u gotta put everything aside and take stuff like a pro and complete the task. its not that she doesn’t care bout her fellow 765 frens as we can see by the past episodes, most recent the chihaya ones, she stood beside her hugged her support 2 a certain extent and etc.
    so now the last few episodes i think will b rather uplifting and maybe touching, and also a comeback. quite true to life and something that i think many can relate with. so all in all every episode till now 4 me has been great, i’m not a big im@s fan but the anime might hv turned me into 1 XD

  25. and besides u gotta remember their age. think many overlooked dat aspect.

  26. aaah thank you rss for saving me from this mega spoiler!

  27. FuenteFOX on December 12, 2011 at 2:57 am said:

    I don’t get all the hate, I thought the “spoiler” was hilarious. The Bad End caption with the harem route caption was a laugh. My friends and I were joking about the possible outcomes for at least a day before any of us watched the episode. As for the crying Haruka, with her fragile personality everyone should have expected her to cry sweet sweet tears of despair at some point in the anime (yeah, I don’t like Haruka, but that had been decided long before this episode).

  28. Wait wait, you mean this show actually have a plot? And it involves my Haruka? Might give this show another chance.

  29. @ilovelolis

    Miki has always been dense and selfish; hate it or love it, that’s just part of her personality. I thought everyone knew that, including her real life fans (they just like her despite or because of it).

  30. Renkosuke on December 12, 2011 at 6:45 am said:

    @Matteas and everyone else trying to justify Miki’s actions:

    Yes, she’s doing what’s proper as a professional Idol and being competitive in a competitive field. No, she’s not doing it for the right reasons. She shows unusual and unnecessary amounts of affection for Broducer-san, and takes it further by calling him Honey, which has caused problems in numerous occasions. In fact, a proper Idol should have no crush, boyfriend, or love life whatsoever, because the existence of such would essentially make them lose value in the eyes of their fans. No, this is not my personal opinion (the opposite, really), this is actual Idol Industry practice. In Japan, anyway.

    Don’t get me wrong though. I’m a both a Miki and a Haruka fan, so I think they’re both justified in their own way. [spoiler]It’s Broducer’s fault for not saving Haruka in a less sacrifice-y manner! :P[/spoiler]

  31. Wow were these comments full of anger and drama.

    Anyway, while you are certainly welcome to you’re opinion TruePsyche, I would also have to say that I believe you are misunderstanding Haruka’s character. Yes, she seems to be overreacting to the fact that no one has time to all be together at once, but the reason why she is reacting that way is because of the fact that everyone at 765 pro is her friend before anything else. If you remember, before they became popular, the girls spent nearly all of their time just hanging out in the agency office. Which means that they all became very good friends and would spend lots of time together. So Haruka’s sorrow stems from the fact that she feels like none of the girls care about their friendships anymore, since friends should make time for each other, which no one has done.

    [spoiler]Also, producer’s fall qualifies as one of the WTF lack of common sense moments in anime that I dread to witness. If he was going to be at risk of falling down the lift, it would have been when he first caught her, where the force from her fall would have pulled him forward enough to make him lose his balance. However, after he has a hold of her, and he pulls her toward him to bring her to safety, the force of his motion would have sent him backwards as well, not forward into the lift…[/spoiler]

  32. Haruka’s in the wrong business, obviously.

  33. neobowman on December 13, 2011 at 7:22 am said:


  34. [spoiler]It’s nobody’s fault, that Producer got hurt.
    The lift wasn’t even supposed to be open, so even if Producer saved Haruka in a clumsy manner, nothing major would’ve happened.[/spoiler]

    I understand if many people don’t like Haruka.
    Being an Idol is her and her “friend’s” job, not their hobby. So when Haruka goes all “let’s all be friends, no matter what”, I get pretty annoyed too.

    However, her emotional state is understandable and nothing like emo.
    Saying: “serves her right”, just because you don’t like her, is pretty heartless of you.

    I personally like all the Idols, with their good points and their flaws.
    I like Haruka’s positive, cheerful, caring personality, but I don’t like her stubbornness.
    Miki, on the other hand, has a very active personality, which I like, but I hate her egocentric “I do what I want, screw the others. I don’t care if the concert’s gonna be a disaster if I don’t show up”-attitude.

  35. Renkosuke on December 14, 2011 at 8:49 pm said:

    [spoiler]The way I looked at the Broducer-fall was like this: He rushed over to her (Forward momentum) grabbed her (slight forward momentum) and threw her behind and away from him, not into him. I think the assumption is that he didn’t have the time to stop moving before grabbing Haruka, thus stabilizing the both of them and preventing any accident whatsoever. Instead, he essentially threw her away from the danger, and in the process, added even more forward momentum to himself, resulting in an epic fall down the lift-hole of doom. It’s the whole “Every Action has an Opposite, Equal Reaction” law thingy… by pushing (pulling) Haruka away from the lift, he pushed himself toward it.

    MY question is that, if he had the split-second ninja reflexes to both notice Haruka was in danger, get up, run over to her and pull her away in the single second she was falling, how did he fail to grab hold of anything (like the edge of the lift) before he fell down? The answer, of course, is that he did this on purpose, as it’s all an elaborate scheme to make Haruka (eventually) feel better. Sasuga Broducer-san!

  36. Renkosuke on December 15, 2011 at 4:24 am said:

    I lied, the above was @DarkDays :/

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