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After some deliberation with the involved staff last night, we’ve decided to hold out working on Nisemonogatari until the Blurays, regardless of the quality of Crunchyroll subs.
While we did work on simulcasted shows in the past, the reasons for doing them have always outweighed the reasons not to. With Gosick, Crunchyroll provided no 720p version; with Fate/Zero, the streams were 360p and hardsubbed. In both cases, the total work involved wasn’t too bad, either.
Neither is the case with Nisemonogatari. Crunchyroll will be providing 720p video and subs about an hour after airing, and the work involved in subbing such a series is astronomical. We’d probably end up releasing up to 24 hours after airing, which makes the venture all the more pointless when speedy rips at 720p resolution will be available so quickly. Not to mention that this would be by far the smartest decision in terms of preserving our sanities; we’d probably burn out a few weeks into the show working under such demanding and pointless conditions.
So rather than doing all the work twice, we’ve decided to hold out until the BDs and do a good job on those. Sorry to disappoint those of you who were looking forward to following Nisemonogatari with us, but unfortunately our lives do come first.
EDIT (8/1/2012):: Turns out CR’s translation is pretty good, and they also translated all the important signs. Furthermore, CR’s video actually has more details than the transport stream (but more banding). There’s really no reason left for us to work on the Nise TV broadcasts anymore, so we’re more than happy to settle for working on the Blurays.

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