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From the New World – 18

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Oh boy, shit’s starting to hit the fan.
After watching this episode, the more perceptive among you can probably deduce what Maria and Mamoru did after they left the town and what became of them. The next episode can’t come fast enough!

32 Thoughts on “From the New World – 18

  1. bnnnnq on February 2, 2013 at 5:27 am said:

    Wrong torrent file. Thanks a lot though!

  2. Thanks for the subs again! SSY always can’t come fast enough 🙂

  3. You know who kicks ass? UTW kicks ass, that’s who!
    Thanks for the quick translations!

  4. macxxx007 on February 2, 2013 at 7:12 am said:

    In my mind… the shit hit the fan when they talked to that Fake Minoshiro… It’s just that’s it chunky now
    Thanks for the episode and please have a good weekend!

  5. The handsome stranger with the hairy balls on February 2, 2013 at 7:20 am said:

    In my mind, shit hit the fan when the 6th kid in their group disappeared…
    I hontoni cannot wait to see the rest of the series. I’m still hoping we get to see some good dicking, it would do wonders to calm Saki’s bitchyness.

  6. gnnnnnn on February 2, 2013 at 7:43 am said:

    I am not the most perceptive person out there, so can the more perceptive people please explain what happened to Maria and Mamoru ?
    Part of me thinks their dead, but then who help the Robber Fly colony ?
    Thanks UTW for the subs

  7. @gnnnnnnn me too.

  8. They fucked. It probably wasn’t very good.
    More importantly, this resulted in a kid who can use cantus but has none of the extensive conditioning that every other human child goes through in this society to prevent them from turning into monsters and who was raised to be the Robber Fly’s ultimate trump card.

  9. I was fairly sure Maria & Mamoru were sheltered by the Robber Fly colony this whole time, back when Yakomaru first said that the rats can come up with a fake human child “corpse” to fool the authorities, so this episode was just more evidence of that. I wonder if any other children had been “salvaged” by the rats before, for Yakomaru to be so sure that his ruse would work. My real question is, are those two still there, and if so, are they there of their own will, or are they “coerced” to help the Robber Fly colony, like the former colony queens were co-opted…

  10. Whatever it is I hope they are self conscious doing it. If they degenerated into mindless Fiends and were being used by the Robber Flys it would be a rather lame twist. I’d much rather they found some way to break their hypnotic “Ape shall not harm Ape” conditioning and are fully aware and fully on board with this (perhaps out of a desire for vengeance or something)
    Also “The Adults”, or rather “Adults who are not main characters” now that Saki and Satoru are in their mid 20s, get creepier by the episode. Yes Tomiko, how DARE the Queerrats attack the village and harm your people! Especially after you casually signed off on their genocide, the NERVE amirite?

  11. man00ver on February 2, 2013 at 10:53 am said:

    Thanks for the awesomeness!
    [spoiler]I was a little bugged by the DNA/dental records issue, but I can see how those could be faked with cantus.
    Extra irises! Really? Been spending too much time outside the Holy Barrier, Shisei?
    The poisoned saki from the mini-monster seemed a little too small-ball to be in the queerat attack plan.
    Man, Tomiko-sama RAGE, I want to see it. Rip out those rat telomeres one by one. Something tells me she’ll be dealing with the new Fiend, probably at the cost of her life.
    I can’t quite get my head around Maria’s speech at the end…what, did she make a videogram at the false minoshiro?[/spoiler]

  12. When will you release the other BD for Shinsekai Yori?

  13. @Zed I’m pretty sure you’d be pretty pissed off if you went to put a dog down and it killed the vet and your son. Queerats aren’t humans, they’re considered about as valuable as cockroaches / rats, we wipe those out often enough without a second thought.

  14. Thanks for release guys.
    Btw the Accel world EX 02 is released, have you guys doing it?

  15. My brain was totally mindfucked by this episode T^T

  16. Accel World Ex02 raw has been released
    when u guys sub it ?

  17. Jay-kun on February 2, 2013 at 1:51 pm said:

    Thanks! 😀

  18. Tekira on February 2, 2013 at 2:10 pm said:

    Can anyone explain who/what that white women was, who flew into the air when mustache-guy died (I honestly don’t know his name)?

  19. Tekira on February 2, 2013 at 2:12 pm said:

    In SSY I never know if I missed something or they’re just showing something that hasn’t been explained yet…

  20. The implications are not looking good. I don’t think that Maria or Mamoru survived long after they dissappeared. In fact I suspect that Squaler sheltered them exactly as long as it took for Maria to get pregnant and then lobotomised her and killed Mamoru, and then Maria after she gave birth, and then left bones to be found. Most Quuerats have little moral dimension to them in good or bad, but that little rat deserves everything that Tomiko has in for him…
    @Zed: The Queerats were dabbling with chemical weapons of mass destruction, specifically designed to kill off humans. The humans had little choice but to strike before they were employed. A mass genocide is a messy and cruel method, but after going to the brink of total destruction so many times, it’s understandable that people wouldn’t want to take a tiniest risk that such a weapon could be employed or that a single Queerat could possess its secret.

  21. Anonymous on February 2, 2013 at 4:19 pm said:

    The DNA matter was the main sticking point; even knowing how to manipulate telomeres, there’s only known person who has ever been able to do it. Even creating life from scratch inside an egg was portrayed as extremely hard, and that would be for one cell which then grew, rather than creating every piece of a bone. Maybe with a marrow transplant of some sort… hrmm. In any case, it doesn’t seem that that would be fakable by the runaways’ skill or the bakenezumi’s present level of technology.
    Reading other comments here has been enlightening; the child matter is very interesting. It would require a bringing-to-term period, though, which illuminates the issue that it hasn’t been spelled out how long it was before the bones were presented. My impression was of ‘We’re back, we know they’re dead because the bakenezumi found them, here’s the proof’, but something that bothered me at the time was the matter of how they would explain all the flesh disappearing so fast. So it’s conceivable that they waited, then killed them. There should still be a discrepency then, though, regarding the age of the bones compared with the time necessary for them to be reduced to bones.
    Assuming that the two are in fact dead, and given that ghosts (and Shun’s would have had a face in any case…) have never existed, Saki starting to have long vivid hallucinations is disturbing foreshadowing.
    Now then, what was going on with the long-haired person who came exploding out of the crazy man’s mouth into the sky…
    Torturing Yakomaru would understandably be pleasant, but ethically speaking is gratuitous/unnecessary, and also unnecessarily dangerous to keep him alive any longer than the minimum time possible. That part is just familiar eye-rolling, though.
    A fairly good showing from both the humans and the bakenezumi in this episode, aside from the crazy man. The one Idiot Ball matter was that of the bakenezumi, which Saki didn’t catch onto later even when reminising about how bakenezumi adults can resemble human children. As soon as it’s revealed that there are no children disguised as monsters, the conclusion is immediately reached that it must be a bakenezumi, but neither of the main characters show any signs of catching on until someone is murdered /right in front of them/.
    …Back to the child matter, no real problem if a non-monogamous bonobo-like society were actually in place…
    I was surprised when after the fate of ‘Hiromi’ (the timid/nervous person in this episode) was revealed, a picture of the arrogant foul-mouthed person from an earlier episode was shown. Unless I’ve made a mistake, could they be the same person? Odd that the impression would be so different, unless she behaves completely differently when in front of children she has power over, or unless the creators wanted to portray her as more likeable in this episode so that there would be a greater emotional response to her death.
    (Do the double-irises indicate anything at all of significance, I wonder… hmm.)
    Looking forward to the next episode!

  22. Anonymous on February 2, 2013 at 5:07 pm said:

    Facepalmed just now when I belatedly realised the likely primary reason for the huge (peaceful) time-skip (especially given the time necessary for one’s Cantus to awaken).

  23. hnnnnnn on February 2, 2013 at 6:08 pm said:

    I would just like to point out a few things. I am trying to present all theories with some evidence. These are all speculations and I maybe wrong.
    1. The ghosts Saki sees is most likely a illusion made by her own mind, as if they were real ghosts Shun should have a face, not the blank face she sees, but it maybe some kind of mental block placed on her.
    2. This is rather far fetched but, unless they present the skull or skeleton of Maria or Mamoru is presented, it is still possible they are alive, but they do mention something about dental records (I have no idea how forensic science works). They also mention how the DNA matched but I still a bit doubtful whether she meant that it matched to a sample of Maria/Mamoru’s DNA, or whether it matched to a sample of a humans (I might have missed something).
    3. Yakomaru ( that %#^$%* ) mention something about chaffing the bones with stone (or something like that), though he said it was to hide the fact that it was a bakenezumi’s bones, it may also be used to hide the time of death, making it seem as though she died sometime ago. This would only work if Yakomaru ( that !@%^&* ) presented the bones quite sometime after telling Saki about faking the bones.
    3. When reading the theory about the child, I am chillingly reminded of how Yakomaru ( that !@#$% ) ( I am not a fan of Yakomaru if you hadn’t caught on by now ) mention that the queen was lobotomised and her only function now was to reproduce. To me this seems as the most likely scenario ( which I hate by the way, I kinda liked Maria, Mamoru………not so much, but still I would hate it if this was the outcome )
    4. I thought that the mind conditioning that prevented them from killing one another was present from birth, I maybe wrong. I have not re-watched every episode. But, that dose not mean that it was not the child that helped annihilate the Giant Hornet Colony.
    5. The time skip was about ~12 years, so considering the time it would take to conceive a child and assuming that Maria got pregnant almost immediately after, that would make the child at least 11-10 years old, considering that Satoru was ~12 years old when he helped the Robber Fly colony, it would be entirely possible for a child to have annihilated the Giant Hornet colony.
    6. Just a special note, Shun was ‘spirited away’ and wasn’t ‘killed’ as far as I can remember, so maybe he is still alive (maybe)
    Anyway, thanks UTW for subbing this awesome show, can’t wait for the next episode. Hope Maria isn’t dead or lobotomised T_T.

  24. Big_Boss_90 on February 2, 2013 at 7:02 pm said:

    Thank you!

  25. I just pray that it’s not a cross bread between human and bakenezumi. I really don’t like Mamoru but I’d rather have a crazy human kid running around than a half human half rat looking thing.
    It makes me wonder because in the preview they say “what is that thing?” If it was a human then I’d imagine they’d be able to tell, unless the situation was where it was just sounds or shadows they saw beforehand. Even the scream, which I imagine in that of the child, doesn’t sound all the human, but I suppose being raised by bakenezumi would mess anyone up.

  26. Kazr10 on February 2, 2013 at 8:51 pm said:

    Thanks for the episode.
    They should have squeezed the entire of last episode and portion of this episode till when the festival got interrupted into one episode. And the rest of this episode and the climax that is going to happen really soon into another episode, for two good cliffhangers.
    Btw, one of the above theories is correct, though it is still not the answer to everything yet.

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  28. @hnnnnnn: Shun is not alive. He committed suicide on screen after becoming a Gouma to protect his friends and loved ones.

  29. Just remember guys ALL THE WAY BACK IN EPISODE 3 that the narrative that Saki made. “Many lives would have been spared if Maria hadn’t been born.” And then they never made mention of it again.

  30. Daniel on February 3, 2013 at 9:41 pm said:

    The original novel could get english translation!
    If Vertical* gets enough interest from people, they’d consider translating the Shinsekai Yori novels:
    Pass it on!

  31. I has rewatching episode 18 and I figured it out.
    At about 14:50 some odd looking Queerats are able to go through the anti-Queerat barrier.
    How? Because Maria is being forced to breed half-human half-Queerat hybrids. Some of which can use Cantus. So Saki will be forced to kill the lobotomized Maria thus fulfilling the dream.

  32. Chanzwg on February 9, 2013 at 1:31 am said:

    That would be incredibly disturbing and revolting.
    And would make the show super awesome :3
    Urobuchi Gen would be proud.

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