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Fate/Zero Season 2 BD Batches

DOWNLOAD 1080p: [UTW] Fate Zero – 14-25 + Specials [BD][h264-1080p FLAC] [DDL]
DOWNLOAD 720p: [UTW] Fate Zero – 14-25 + Specials [BD][h264-720p AC3] [DDL]
DOWNLOAD 720p Einzbern 04 ScriptFix Patch: [UTW]_Fate_Zero_-_Einzbern_Consultation_Room_Special_-_04v2_[BD][h264-720p_AC3][7D54D0BE].mkv
DOWNLOAD 1080p Ep24 FontFix Patch: [UTW]_Fate_Zero_-_24v2_[BD][h264-1080p_FLAC][FE395B52].mkv
DOWNLOAD 720p Ep24 FontFix Patch: [UTW]_Fate_Zero_-_24v2_[BD][h264-720p_AC3][544CD7E0].mkv
Here are the BD releases for Fate/Zero Season 2! They contain:

  • Episodes 14-25 (UTW subs)
  • Please! Einzbern Consultation Room Specials 4-6
  • Drama CD 2

A few of the episodes contain extra scenes scattered throughout. There were no commentary tracks.
I’ve decided not to translate the Drama CD this time; my very limited time would be much better spent on my other projects, and I’m sure you’d rather get this batch now than several months later.
I’ve also decided to change the translation for 正義の味方 from “hero” (with a lowercase “h”) in the TV releases to “champion of justice” for these Blurays. The latter is clunkier, but this is to avoid confusion with 英雄, which is translated to “Hero” (with an uppercase “H”).
I’ve delayed your enjoying these releases long enough; have at them! Thanks for sticking with us all this while!
P.S.: The DDL folders contain only the last three Einzbern specials for now. We’ll get around to uploading the rest sometime.
arEdit: Doh. Fonts for the OP got missed on Ep24, so added patches for that.

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    Thanks for all the work you put into this <3

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    Why did it take you 5 months when the first season only took 1 month?

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    I know you were busy, thanks for taking time out to do this. I’ve been waiting for these since the S1 BRs were out, now I can finally watch them! 😀

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    Thanks for the release!! 🙂 Finally, I can watch Season 2! Hope to see more awesome subs from UTW! YEAH!! XD

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    You might want to take a second look at [UTW]_Fate_Zero_-_Einzbern_Consultation_Room_Special_-_04_[BD][h264-720p_AC3][BC6DAF20].mkv

  25. Ep 4 of the Einzbern special is fucked up. The subs are the same as Ep 5.

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    This will get a permanent slot in my seedbox 🙂

  27. YESSS! This was the perfect surprise for my weekend! Thanks a lot!
    Just FYI, I think Special 04 has the wrong sub track… DmonHiro, you noticed something amiss too?

  28. Please fix special 04!!
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    YAY! Thank you UTW for the great work (again)!
    By the way, how did the studio do the commentary track? Is it some seiyuu-s and guests talks or characters talking together (e.g. Angel Beats’ commentaries)?
    p.s.:@Raze: thanks a lot; all the best for your classes!

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    I want to say thank you for UTW for putting so much for work for one of my all time favorite anime show. You guys have been fantastic, and even Raze for putting his precious spare time to work on this batch.
    Now to get the 1080p batch and rewatch the show in full beauty! Thanks again, UTW!

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    Oh no! I was looking forward to the Drama CD the whole time. Pleas tell me you will translate it eventually. Please.
    Great work with the rest! 😉

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  34. “I’ve also decided to change the translation for 正義の味方 from “hero” (with a lowercase “h”) in the TV releases to “champion of justice” for these Blurays. The latter is clunkier, but this is to avoid confusion with 英雄, which is translated to “Hero” (with an uppercase “H”).”
    So does this mean you translated Kerry’s “When I was younger I wanted to be a hero” as “I wanted to be a champion of justice”?
    Because if you did, you royally fucked up and need to fix that in a v2. The fact that he says “hero” is a critical tie in with the F/SN visual novel and Shirou always saying he wants to be a hero. You’ve killed the beauty of the final scene.

  35. sukanime on February 15, 2013 at 5:03 pm said:

    Wow, nice suprise….
    Arigatou Gozaimasu…. ^_^

  36. Thx so much, time to re watch one of the best anime

  37. MT-Switch on February 15, 2013 at 5:52 pm said:

    I assume there won’t be an all encompassing batch that covers episode 1 to episode 25, all the Einzbern extras, etc, etc, since I held off from downloading the first season batch.
    Thank you very much for the subs, UTW is best.

  38. Jay-kun on February 15, 2013 at 5:52 pm said:

    Thanks! 😀

  39. @MT-Switch
    No. There is just the one batch for each season so feel free to grab each.

  40. Rahmeesh on February 15, 2013 at 6:09 pm said:

    And I just moved Fate onto my external since I wasn’t sure when this would be done.
    Looks like this will be my March marathon. Thanks!

  41. Stalker Fairy on February 15, 2013 at 6:12 pm said:

    …why did I get the funny feeling UTW was gonna troll me with the BD releases just when I only recently got all of the S2 batch YESTERDAY. OTL
    >Because if you did, you royally fucked up and need to fix that in a v2. The fact that he says “hero” is a critical tie in with the F/SN visual novel and Shirou always saying he wants to be a hero. You’ve killed the beauty of the final scene.
    Shirou can say “I want to be a champion of justice”, will still tie in with Stay/Night and nothing of value will be lost.
    IIRC, from the FS/N anime, Shiro kept stating he wanted to be 正義の味方 / Seiigi no Mikata
    Just because one translater translated 正義の味方 as hero, doesnt imply that it automatically means hero. Basically, “eiyuu”(hero)/ 英雄 != “seiigi no mikata” (ally of justice)/ 正義の味方

  42. u guys are awesome. This works with the new cccp’s lav codacs and lav splitter right?

  43. Branden on February 15, 2013 at 6:32 pm said:

    UTW, you guys are amazing. Keep doing what you do, and good luck in school!
    Time to marathon!!

  44. Comentario aleatorio en español.

  45. someone on February 15, 2013 at 6:47 pm said:

    FINALLY!!!! Stupid question, but what do you mean by scriptfix?

  46. It means the wrong script was muxed, and it fixes that. Silly me didnt bother checking the 720s when I muxed them.

  47. And when are you going to release Shinsekai Yori BD 2 and 3?

  48. Stop asking. They’ll get released at some point when somebody finds time to qc watch them, at this rate probably along with BD4~

  49. Superasering on February 15, 2013 at 7:07 pm said:


  50. @Stalker Fairy
    I understand that the Japanese is the same. However, the mirrormoon translation of the VN, the most well known english translation of the most well known visual novel of all time, uses hero. The fact that Kerry says that as the final line of the F/Z, ties it in well with the nostalgia of it. Not to mention that “hero” just sounds better in context.
    “I wanted to be a champion of justice” doesn’t sound as concisely conclusive as “I wanted to be a hero”
    The word ‘hero’ instills the feeling of a naive childish dream. And considering Kerry’s flashback episode, that’s essentially what it started as. “Champion of justice” does not have that in its connotation, at least not in English. I’ve heard the same thing used in Zetman in the same way, so I think that connotation is probably still held by 正義の味方 in Japanese.
    Moreover, if you’ve been paying attention to any of the communities (read: /a/) that talk about Fate/Zero, that line “I wanted to be a hero” has become fairly memorable in the way it was originally translated.

  51. Curious why you would translate 味方 in either case as “hero” or “champion” instead of as “ally”. We don’t say “an ally of justice” as a frequent saying in English as the Japanese do, true, but neither do we say “a champion of justice” either. ^_^; If you were aiming for a cultural equivalent, then I’d understand the decision; but in the absence of such a cultural equivalent, wouldn’t translating the actually-spoken word for its direct English equivalent be the more appropriate choice? Not a big deal in the slightest, and not complaining either: sincerely and simply curious as to what your thought process there was, since clearly it bothered you enough to switch from “hero” to “champion”.

  52. We wanted to use superhero but superhero in english implies some kind of superpowers so that was out of the question.

  53. @ar
    But Shirou did have superpowers
    You do remember UBW, right UTW?

  54. Uh not really no. You are taking it too far out of context. He has magic.

  55. Type-Phobos on February 15, 2013 at 8:19 pm said:

    Hopefully after Raze graduates his operations won’t last for weeks.

  56. Thanks, guys. Time to rewatch Fate Zero season 2. 🙂
    Now if someone would find the time to list the new scenes of s2 blu-ray, that would be great. 🙂

  57. Thanks heaps!
    (No nitpicking from here… :P)

  58. Justinnnnnn on February 15, 2013 at 8:30 pm said:

    What Yappa said: does anybody know which episodes contain the new scenes? Or any website that has already listed them?
    Anyway, thanks for translatin this!

  59. Yes!!! Thank you so much!

  60. Newmn84 on February 15, 2013 at 8:35 pm said:

    Thank you sooooo very much!!!! XD Thanks for the belated Valentine’s Day present! I’d much rather have this than chocolate any day!!! On a side note, my computer says your Einzbern Special patch is malicious, probably just because of the way it looks to it though.

  61. Yeah the patch is fine. I made it myself.

  62. Trigger Off on February 15, 2013 at 9:04 pm said:

    >champion of justice
    Hahahaha oh wow. Why not just ally of justice? That’s why I love ataraxia project translation, they actually use that word, you know, that word UTW isn’t using right now… “ally of justice”.

  63. gilgamesh on February 15, 2013 at 9:12 pm said:

    In ep 20, it is missing a [ before the CRC.
    Obviously, no one cares about that.
    I’m just pointing that out.

  64. Wow. Left it seeding overnight and in 8 hours It’s uploaded 484GB. Still uploading strongly at 18MB/s. I’ll continue to upload till about 1TB or speed drops below 2mb/s

  65. My life is now complete. Thank you.

  66. http://nimga.com/f/3Ze2s.jpg
    whoa, what the hell happened here? ep24

  67. Anonymous on February 15, 2013 at 11:01 pm said:

    Thank you so much!

  68. >Hahahaha oh wow. Why not just ally of justice? That’s why I love ataraxia project translation, they actually use that word, you know, that word UTW isn’t using right now… “ally of justice”.
    How can you be an ally of justice? Is justice a person? Did you have a chat with justice and determine you shared a common goal, thus proposing an alliance that benefit you both?

  69. Episode 14 TV: 23m39s
    Episode 14 BD: 23m40s
    Episode 15 TV: 23m39s
    Episode 15 BD: 23m39s
    Episode 16 TV: 23m39s
    Episode 16 BD: 23m40s
    So disappointed that ufotable didn’t add ANY new footage to the episodes until we reach Episode 17, judging from these episode lengths. ¬_¬ Was seriously, SERIOUSLY looking forward to:
    (“spoiler” from the novels, at the conclusion of the Mion River battle)
    [spoiler]Gilgamesh’s flashback scene in which he remembers the life and death of Enkidu. So, so wanted to see ufotable animate this flashback. When it didn’t show up in 15’s broadcast, I was *certain* it was simply cut for time and would be showing up in the BD release. UGHHHHHHH that it seems not to have made it in PERIOD. >_<[/spoiler]

  70. @Xythar: You can muse all you like about whether one can be an ally of a concept like justice, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Japanese not only believe that you can be but that that is precisely what their saying is. 味方 means “ally”. If we had a cultural equivalent for 正義の味方 like (say) “justice warrior” or “justiceman”, then I could see why a translator would select that cultural equivalent at the expense of a literal translation. The goal in good translation is accurately communicating the intended message or idea, not being hyper-literal. Which is why UTW’s translation is, tbh, perfectly fine. But since we don’t have such a saying in English, it’s understandable that some fans may have preferred them to stick to the script rather than transforming “ally” into “champion.” The latter implies that Kiritsugu won at some hypothetical Game of Justice or else that Justice is some queen and he is her favorite knight; the former implies that he is the Robin to Justice’s Batman, a loyal supporter who stands in its great shadow and fights for everything it represents. It makes sense that a mere mortal man would thus be an “ally” to justice, as no human can outmatch the ideal, than that he would be its “champion”.
    Anyway, semantic arguments, blegh. I just wanted to know what Raze’s reasoning was. I might’ve missed it, but ar seems to have weighed in for him and I’ll roll with that explanation. It’s satisfactory enough to me. “Hero of Justice,” “Champion of Justice,” “Ally of Justice,” they all work for me. Could’ve been worse. Could’ve been “Bologna of Justice”.

  71. In Einzbern consultation room 5, in 6:13 or so, may Lancer say “Deculture!” insted of “Vegalta!”? If not, would someone please explain me the reference?

  72. More on my decision to use “champion of justice” instead:
    First, some of you seem to be confused as to what “champion” means there; it’s used in the sense of championing something (i.e. pushing for a cause), and in that sense the translation fulfills all the basic semantics of 正義の味方 without sounding too weird (as “ally of justice” would have done).
    This decision was also something I’ve mulled on for a long time. In my years of translating and fansubbing “hero” has always been my default rendition for 正義の味方 (unless the “justice” part of the term needed emphasizing, or in circumstances such as this). In Japanese, 正義の味方 is nowhere as clunky as it sounds in English, and is associated with your Superheroes that fight for all that is right in the world. As __ar said, I did consider “Superheroes”, but I quickly rejected the idea as this would also imply SUPERPOWERS™. Also, 正義の味方 stands for those morally-driven individuals who fight for justice and what is right, and if semantics are considered, “hero” would carry other connotations (see next paragraph). It’s unfortunate that we don’t really have an equivalent term in English for 正義の味方 other than the very broad “hero”, and for want of distinction I decided to go with “champion of justice”; I didn’t like how it made the lines look, I’ll admit, but in my opinion it was the lesser price to pay.
    Another consideration is that 正義の味方 and 英雄 come off somewhat differently in Japanese. The former is your “always fighting on the good side” guy and the latter is quite literally a hero as per the images and connotations the word evokes, i.e. your brave and inspiring guy capable of great feats. Furthermore, if I decided to change 英雄 instead, I’d have to change 英霊 (Heroic Spirit) as well as the other conceptual terms/phrasing related to this term. Both points considered, I decided to change the former; and though the impact of “I want to be a champion of justice” is lessened at first glance (because it’s not what a kid would say in English blah blah etc.), I’m sure you’ll eventually grow to appreciate the more accurate semantics of the translation (i.e. it’s like saying “I want to be one of the good guys!”, which isn’t so bad at all).

  73. Asdfjuma on February 16, 2013 at 1:58 am said:

    Wtf is Saber meant to be?

  74. so the 1080p Einzbern 04 doesnt have to patch right?

  75. Yeah 1080p Einzbern is fine.

  76. returnity on February 16, 2013 at 2:23 am said:

    Thanks for the quick fixes, _ar.

  77. Rokudaime on February 16, 2013 at 4:39 am said:

    @RB, Xythar, Tal, ar, Raze
    In my oppinion the best choice of translation for the term would be “Hero of Justice”. That’s what Mirror Moon went with for their English translation of the VN, and it is a perfect middleground between “Hero” and “Champion of Justice”, has the right associated meaning, and does not sound clunky. I honestly don’t know why you would want to go with any other choice, but whatever. ┐( ̄_ ̄)┌ Like Tal said, it’s not a big deal, I’m just surprised nobody thought of just going with “Hero of Justice” and making everyone happy.
    Anyway, thank you so for this UTW! ^^ I’ve been waiting since 2011 to watch both seasons of Fate/Zero in one go, in the best quality, from the best group! Now I can! FINALLY! ^^ It’s been a long wait, but it’s worth it. Man this is going to be great, I can’t wait to watch it! ^^ Thank you so much for taking the time to do this Raze! 🙂 Any chance we can get scripts for the Drama CD at some later point? I was looking forward to that.

  78. Hero of Justice always sounded kind of redundant to me. I mean, what other kind of heroes are there? Heroes of injustice?
    I actually thought Mirror Moon used “superhero” or something similar, but it’s been a while since I’ve read it.

  79. ass fucking shit, i waited for-ever to watch this in blu-ray. let me say it in other words – ABOUT GOD DAMN FUCKING TIME 😛 Thanks for the hard work man. <3 you! -throws a saber doll at Raze-

  80. MT-Switch on February 16, 2013 at 8:28 am said:

    @Justice debate: Should of just used “Judge Dredd”, problem solved :D. Judge Shirou in this case.

  81. I’m still sorta new to the whole torrenting anime business. Could someone explain how to apply the 1080p Episode 24v2 font patch? Much obliged!
    Also, of course, thanks UTW for the translation! I actually agree with UTW on the whole “champion of justice” vs “hero” thing, especially seeing as how Kiritsugu *hates* heroes, heroic spirits, and their chivalry. This isn’t UTW’s fault, but Gen probably should’ve gone with the word “Saviour” instead.

  82. @Axiom
    The cleanest way would be to make a new folder, copy the original ep24 to it, extract the zip to that directory. Run the .bat file to patch the original video, this should produce a v2 file when done. If it plays correctly, then you can move it to your original folder, and delete the folder you created to run the patch in and the original ep24 too.

  83. Rewston on February 16, 2013 at 9:23 am said:

    Thanks for the release, and the fast patches ( ̄ー ̄)

  84. Kissaki on February 16, 2013 at 9:23 am said:

    Will there be a fixed batch?
    You can’t even seed them after fixing after all, right?
    (Also, applying fixes is annoying and having to do so avoidable.)

  85. Probably won’t be a fixed batch because creating them is annoying and having to do avoidable.
    lol. Also then people need to reseed whole things, etc.
    You can still seed the old versions if you want, nobody is forcing you to delete them, but just keep the new ones too.

  86. Much appreciated. I love you guys.
    Like others I prefer hero over champion of justice but it is honestly not that big a deal. I see your points that you wrote and it sounds like that is what he is saying at the end so all is well.
    Now off to bate n sleep

  87. *_* i love you UTW

  88. Amberdrake on February 16, 2013 at 11:43 am said:

    Great work guys! Thank you very much! Btw are you going to translate the drama CD in the future?

  89. Thanks, even with some errors there, anyway thanks

  90. hey, how do i use the patch?
    do i click xdelta-64?
    or the bat file?

  91. Thank you for your hard work. This is much appreciated. =)

  92. tinpopo on February 16, 2013 at 4:35 pm said:

    Sorry to bother, but I can’t manage to apply the patch. I’m on a Mac and am using MultiPatch but it doesn’t work with either the xdelta or bat.
    What exactly is the fix, is it just fonts that you forgot to mux in? As I can just do that myself if I know which fonts. Thanks in advance.

  93. @mtm
    Extract the files in the patch to the same folder that the episode to be patched resides, then just double click the bat (batch) file to apply the patch

  94. Bradley on February 16, 2013 at 6:37 pm said:

    One funny error in this BD ufotable made….On episode 19 around 7:06, Natalia’s hand became invisible on the coffee holder, while on the TV version it was there.
    This BD is a tad bit disappointing since we hoped that there would be extra scenes from the LN that will get animated.. Though I read somewhere that in the Season 2 BD infodump booklet stated that Urobochi didn’t really include Gil’s and Lancelot’s flashback in the script,.
    Anyways, it’s BEEEENN a long wait for this…and finally it’s out….many thanks UTW and Raze for allocating some extra time within your busy med school life for this. Cheers! ^_^

  95. ^ Really, really disappointing. I know a lot of people were stoked for Berserker’s and disappointed with the treatment it got in the TV finale, so that’s a bummer hearing that it didn’t get a redone treatment either. As for Gil’s, that was probably the #1 flashback I was looking forward to. Ever since we saw Lancer’s in the first half of the series, the bar was set. It’s too bad that including Lancer’s flashback (and doing such a great job with it) set that bar much too high. None of the other heroes ever got anything even approaching the level of that flashback. A fleeting image of the woman he loved for Caster, a 20-second scene of reaching the edge of the world for Rider’s dream, same old same old for Saber, and (via Saber) a 5-second face for Berserker. And at least they all got something? Gil? Gil didn’t get SHIT for flashbacks. Not even a 2-second glimpse of Enkidu. Sucks, man. Sucks big time. :\ But I guess I should’ve expected it given we wasted two entire episodes on Kiritsugu’s flashback that’s … HOW short in the novel? =\ 30 pages? 15? 10? I don’t even remember, other than that it was astonishingly short.


  97. @tinpopo
    You probably need to install the xdelta3 package, then you should be able to run the .sh script.

  98. Justinnnnnn on February 17, 2013 at 12:01 am said:

    100th comment, callin’ it.
    I’m having troubles reproducing those large-scale scenes where there’s a lot of stuff going on, like at 02:40 in episode 1. I’m using Media Player Classic with CCCP. What should I do?

  99. i’m reproducin’ just fine here, tyvm.

  100. Hey, where do you get that picture ? I want download it in high quality

  101. The subtitles in Please! Einzbern Consultation Room Special #4 are incorrect, they seem to be the same subtitles as Please! Einzbern Consultation Room Special #5.

  102. I approve of “champion of justice.” I didn’t mind “hero,” and I wouldn’t mind “ally of justice,” but I think you made the best choice given the circumstances. And the word ‘champion’ is used in precisely this way outside of translatorese–google “Champion of Civil Rights” if you doubt me.
    Will y’all be putting out a v2 so I don’t have to mess with patches? That would be awesome if you did.

  103. Also that Fate/Zoo picture is adorbs. Waver/Rider <3!

  104. @Trev
    There is a patch for it in the post.
    We probably wont be putting out a v2 anytime soon, too much hassles mostly, but uh BakaBT will probably have a patched version up in the near future.

  105. boingman on February 17, 2013 at 11:19 am said:

    @Tal: Sounds very disappointing. Are there even any new scenes at all?
    Shouldn’t the UTW team be able to answer that question since they worked on it?

  106. Yes there are a few but not as many as season 1, and most are short.

  107. rosomak34 on February 17, 2013 at 12:09 pm said:

    Thank You UTW! Time to rewatch this. 😀

  108. @ar: Sorry, I missed the patch due to a lack of sleep 🙂 thanks & gw

  109. I also want to put my gratitude to you, UTW. I just can appreciate your superb work, which I cannot couch in terms. Regardless of whether that I’m a Type-Moon-dumbass – I’ve looked forward to this release. To put it short – thank you really much! I’m deeply indebted to you, and I doubt I can ever settle it. … So long, stay the way you are.

  110. Ero_Yatsu on February 17, 2013 at 3:11 pm said:

    Thanks for the BD batch! Been waiting on this for a few weeks since I finished F/Z S1 BD. Once again, thank you good sirs.

  111. Rokudaime on February 17, 2013 at 7:56 pm said:

    You’re right, Mirror Moon DID use “superhero”. My bad. ^^’ It’s been a long time since I played through the VN as well. 😛

  112. Bradley on February 17, 2013 at 9:14 pm said:

    Question: Are you gonna do the F/Z remixes??

  113. Suslik S on February 17, 2013 at 9:29 pm said:

    Да ладно вам, герой не герой, champion не чемпион. Кирицугу знал каким путем идет. Быть героем с руками по локоть в крови? Так остальные тоже не ангелы. Богиня правосудия слепа. А Кирицугу был зрячим, но он сделал правильный выбор. Если он объект подражания, то значит – герой. Но он не попал в Зал Славы, чего не скажешь о Широ, значит Кирицугу не герой.
    А можно ли его называть термином борца за справедливость? Да как хотите. Но превращать его в наивного мальчишку не стоит, он знал цену и платил за нее постоянно.
    Thank you!
    waiting for Drama CD 2… We need it! Don’t drop it, please. “Time is of no importance, only life is important.”

  114. @Bradley
    No. Theres no point subbing the remixes, they are just cut together from the whole season.

  115. The KnK remix are awesome though, but then again it was mandatory due to the confusing nature the films. Oh well, it’s something minor though. Thanks for the response ar

  116. Hujimiya on February 19, 2013 at 8:28 am said:

    Thank you~

  117. Trev on February 17, 2013 at 8:51 am said:
    The subtitles in Please! Einzbern Consultation Room Special #4 are incorrect, they seem to be the same subtitles as Please! Einzbern Consultation Room Special #5.
    ar on February 17, 2013 at 9:03 am said:
    There is a patch for it in the post.
    The patch is for episode 24.
    The Einzbern Consultation Room episode 4 is not in the patch, I believe…
    The files inside the zip are only:
    the BAT file, and xdelta…
    no sign of the Please Einzbern Consultation Room patch O_O

  118. @Trieste
    Try the patch below the main batch downloads.

  119. ‘sup
    Is the Einzbern ep 4 patch only needed for the 720p version (since I didn’t see a 1080p one)?
    it’s probably needless to mention at this point but you guys are fucking amazing. Awesome work, as always.

  120. @Enz
    Yeah only the 720p version.

  121. Trieste on February 20, 2013 at 4:01 pm said:

    Patch has been ninja’ed into the post!

  122. Rokudaime on February 20, 2013 at 6:21 pm said:

    Sooooo, I never really got an answer about this, so I’m still waiting for it: Is there any chance we can get translated scripts for the second Drama CD like we got for the first one, at some later point? Because I would really like that, since I enjoyed listening to the first one while looking at the scripts. It also feels weird to have scripts for the first one and not the second one.

  123. Cirnopoly on February 20, 2013 at 7:01 pm said:

    The subs are kinda messed up at around 22:01 of episode 23. The ED’s romaji lyrics overlapped with the kanji and the english translation is positioned higher than normal.

  124. someone on February 20, 2013 at 8:57 pm said:

    Episode 17 (The Eighth Contract) has no chapter selections. What’s up with that?

  125. @Rokudaime
    You never got an answer cause we don’t have an answer. Most likely not.
    Looks like they got overlapped with the previous line somehow. I dont have muxes to patch against anymore though, so I can’t fix it.
    Chapters seem fine in ep17.

  126. Rokudaime on February 21, 2013 at 5:27 pm said:

    Awww, that sucks…Sigh…Oh well….

  127. Something’s wrong with Einzbern consultation room…. I tried using the patch and it didn’t work…

  128. Why are the episodes so huge in filesize? When I compare them to the separate releases I can’t see any appreciable difference either, especially compared to how the filesize is doubled.

  129. Because I’m the encoder and I said so, and I can see a difference in the edges, motion, etc (sometimes miniscule as it may be, it still matters to me.) I also believe in preserving grain and what not. If you don’t care about the small things, just grab the 720p it’s a ton smaller because most of the grain is destroyed upon resizing. You should note that I play stuff back at 2560×1600 in fullscreen so I can see the smaller differences a lot more easily.

  130. I just wanted to ask about S1, how does UTW release differ from Coalgirls? theirs are almost double the size of your episodes… And I beleive it’s gonna be same with S2.

  131. Griiffith on February 22, 2013 at 3:44 pm said:

    this and season1 are both from R1 blurays or from R2??

  132. @Kaka
    I handled the filtering differently, or rather I don’t think Coalgirls stabilized the noise, not too sure. I know I fixed up the issues with the bds though.
    They are from Japanese BDs.

  133. Rokudaime on February 22, 2013 at 9:42 pm said:

    Coalgirls releases are always massively bloated in filesize. Their 1080p release of the fifth Kara no Kyoukai movie was 25GB! 25GB for ONE movie (I wish UTW would do the movies so I could have them in more reasonable filesizes…Currently Coalgirls is the best choice for the movies if you want Takajun’s subs, like I do…)! For some reason their encoder never seems to get better and learn how to encode in smaller sizes. If I were you I would avoid their releases in general unless there are no better options for BD releases available (which does happen sometimes, I still have like 6 different series from them myself). They have decent video and sound quality usually, and they tend to pick good subs (I don’t think they sub anything themselves), but filesize-wise their releases are among the most bloated on the internet. I know, because I’ve downloaded a lot of stuff from them over the years. Anyway, in this particular case, there is no question, you should go with UTW’s release. It’s the best one.

  134. Yes, UTW please release Kara no Kyoukai with new encodes, I’m alright with takajun scripts. I’ll be very grateful too. And thx for Fate zero BDs, can you also make a patch to fix the chapters in ep1 of Fate Zero BD? You’ll know what’s wrong with the chapters if you check it

  135. @Wamuu
    Grab ANE’s Kara no Kyoukai.
    And no we’re not going to make a patch to fix misnamed chapters, the chapter jumps work correctly that’s what matters. You can just fix the chapters yourself with mkvmergegui if they bother you.

  136. Rokudaime on February 24, 2013 at 4:18 pm said:

    Trying to troll us now are you? 😛 We said we wanted a version of KnK that is smaller in filesize than Coalgirls’ version, and uses Takajun’s subs, and you recommend us a version that is EVEN MORE bloated (70GB, jesus lol!), AND uses the official subs (Pretentious used the official subs) rather than Takajun’s subs. 😛 ANE’s release of KnK is exactly the opposite of what Wamuu and I want encoding wise, and also at least the opposite of what I want translation wise.

  137. @Rokudaime
    I wouldnt use Takajun’s subs either because they had problems and even he didn’t want them used by gg. I would also make sure the encodes were big too. Solution. Download ANE’s 720p.

  138. Hi UTW, the Fate_Zero_-_Einzbern_Consultation_Room_Special_-_04 patch is unsuccessful. I patch it but the size after v2 is only 33MB…@.@

  139. Rokudaime on February 25, 2013 at 10:22 pm said:

    Well…I like his translations better, since I prefer the terminology, and the use of honorifics and eastern naming and such, but whatever. And hell no, I don’t want an even huger release of the series. Guess I’ll stick with my Coalgirls release.

  140. @Rokudaime
    Well I recommended ANE’s because the encoding is the best of the lot and I honestly don’t think I could do as good of a job as the encoder for ANE did. The fixing he did is in an area he’s really good with. The official subs were far more accurate than the original gg subs and that’s the truth, and also why nobody in their right mind would use the gg ones.

  141. FateNero on February 26, 2013 at 5:32 am said:

    Can someone explain me how to use the patches?

  142. So big time lover of Kara no Kyoukai here seeing the topic of Kara no Kyoukai pop up. I don’t know where to start in asking this, but why is ANE’s subbing of KnK your recommended choice @ar ? Speaking simply on the basis of the 1080p encodes over to 720p, their 1080p encode is roughly 25GB’s larger than the CoalGirls encode, an encode already 54GB’s in size. The 720p releases are also roughly the same in size.

  143. I wouldnt download the 1080p release unless I wanted to waste bandwidth and hdd space tbh. There’s almost no difference between the 720p and the 1080p in terms of differences you’d spot while watching it other than minor things like slightly crushed grain, a little more edge artefacting, and so on.
    In terms of detail, the production house had QTEC (a jap vfx/post-editing mob) do a SD->HD Upconversion from what was most likely SD source material, and the end result was it looked pretty bad most of the time. Like some dissolved the edges and and smudged them and such.
    Anyway ANE’s encoder did a pretty good job fixing up the shitty HD up-conversion problems it had, and actually knew what he was doing. The end result at 720p was pretty acceptable. I wouldnt download any res beyond that. It’s not worth it. The 720p is only ~29gb for 8 movies. It’s smallish.

  144. someone on February 28, 2013 at 5:39 am said:

    Any chance of having the scripts for the Fate/Zero blu-ray episodes available to download?

  145. asddf jkl; on February 28, 2013 at 12:50 pm said:

    Thanks a lot for Fate/Zero BD.
    This will be one of my precious collection.
    I hope you guys will sub “Fate/Kaleid Liner” later, too.

  146. Rokudaime on February 28, 2013 at 8:22 pm said:

    ^This. I hope that too.

  147. someone on March 9, 2013 at 11:00 pm said:

    I’ve been hoping to find the scripts for the BD releases for Amagami & Fate/Zero. What I wish to do with them is to edit out the OP/ED song translations, cause personally I don’t like those kinds of things translated. I don’t care what the somg lyrics are as long as it’s gotta good beat to listen to (Most of my music downloads is Japanese-related anyway).

  148. someone on March 15, 2013 at 11:09 pm said:

    Also, I’ve read some posts pretty much requesting Kara no Kyoukai? That would an interest project for you guys to wkr on.

  149. PracK on April 1, 2013 at 8:16 pm said:

    In episode 25 there is an “opening” section but there is no OP for that episode

  150. some guy on April 28, 2013 at 6:17 am said:

    Anyone know where I can find scripts for the drama cd?

  151. fgfgfgf on May 17, 2013 at 7:18 pm said:

    thank you very clutch !!

  152. SadTorrent on May 24, 2013 at 11:50 am said:

    Seed pls 🙁

  153. In episode 23, at the start of ED there is are lyrics over lyrics also translation is weirdly blury. If it was mentioned earlier sorry.

  154. Sad Anime Fan on December 29, 2013 at 3:47 am said:

    In the 4th episode of Einzbern’s specials, the encrypted subs were episode 5’s subs and not episode 4’s subs. Sorry if this was already noted before.

  155. Sad Anime Fan on December 29, 2013 at 5:09 am said:

    Oh sorry, I have seen the patch. Thank you very much

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  166. Poopydo on July 10, 2014 at 3:43 am said:

    Not sure if you already know, but the Einzbern 4 patch is dead.

  167. Johnny on July 15, 2014 at 7:52 am said:

    Einzbern 04 ScriptFix Patch download link seems dead. Please fix this. Thanks.

  168. late downloader on August 4, 2014 at 11:05 am said:

    720p Einsbern 04 patch missing. Re-up please?

  169. can you reupload the patch for einzbern 4?

  170. kiryu-kun on September 21, 2014 at 4:05 pm said:

    someone who downloaded the path or einzbern 4, please share it

  171. Ludovico on October 14, 2014 at 1:00 pm said:

    I’m a flesh eating, blood sucking, human scavenging ghoul and I’m back from the dead…
    to ask for a re-upload of the einzbern 4 patch, kudasai.

  172. idiocyinsimplicity on October 14, 2014 at 10:01 pm said:

    I just wanted to point out that you’re a moron and MirrorMoon went with superhero, not Hero of Justice. Because a seigi no mikata brings to mind e.g. Riders and Sentai which are basically Japanese superheroes.

  173. DeathBurst on October 19, 2014 at 1:29 pm said:

    I wanted to signal that the link for Einzbern 04 ScriptFix Patch is dead.
    Can I find it somewhere else?

  174. Kalter on November 7, 2014 at 1:19 pm said:

    Uhm i dont know if anyone is answering these anymore but… where can i get
    the script patch? The link seems to be dead…

  175. Kalter on November 7, 2014 at 1:29 pm said:

    blah, here i found this…. 7 min download? havent scanned it manually yet…
    hope this isn’t treading on any kinda rules anywhere….

  176. can someone reupload the patch fix for episode 4 of Iri consulation episode?

  177. can someone reupload the patch fix for episode 4 of Iri consulation episode??

  178. zeress on August 30, 2015 at 3:07 pm said:

    I have re-created the “720p Einzbern 04 ScriptFix Patch” for everyone’s use. Just drop the contents of this zip into the folder where you have the episode and run the .bat file. If all goes well, it should make a v2 file. Enjoy!

  179. I know someone will need this. These are the standalone .ass subs extracted from the BD UTW release, as the ones in the script section of this site only work for the TV version. Hope this will be useful and it won’t bother anyone at UTW.

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