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From the New World – 21

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We have more reveals in this week’s episode of Queerat Wars!
And you guys were complaining about all the gay a few months ago. See what happens when you encourage irresponsible and premature consensual sex in the missionary position for the purpose of procreation?

51 Thoughts on “From the New World – 21

  1. awesome… time to download!
    thanks guys!

  2. donjuan on February 23, 2013 at 4:08 am said:

    I am glad i dropped this show at episode 1.

  3. Ludovico on February 23, 2013 at 4:26 am said:

    Waiting drunk for this episode seems effortess! Thanks

  4. Now I will marathon it

  5. Amatsumagatsuchi on February 23, 2013 at 4:38 am said:

    Card games on motorcycles?

  6. Amatsumagatsuchi on February 23, 2013 at 4:47 am said:

    “I am glad i dropped this show at episode 1.”
    Cause there’s a limit to what a low-level otaku can appreciate. It’s okay. Go watch more Vividred. lol

  7. The fiend army thing was kind of expected
    I’m kind of dying to see what Saki and Satoru are going to do about it

  8. Thx for the episode.
    “I am glad i dropped this show at episode 1.”
    If he dropped the show at episode 1, why he made ​​a comment for the episode 21?

  9. I am Glad I continued watching this show past episode one.

  10. Thanks, as always, for the quick release. 🙂

  11. Well,if my hopes for a happy ending were really low,now,after this(awesome)episode i think they´re just dead.I need to sleep but i think i´m geeting depressed…Better watch JOJO to forget and again wait for the next friday.
    Thanks UTW

  12. @Buk Muda muda muda!!! You will never forget 😛

  13. Oh god I hope it someone gets better… :c

  14. somehow*
    as in it gets less depressing…

  15. macxxx007 on February 23, 2013 at 7:18 am said:

    Something interesting and worth watching, maybe?
    Thanks for the episode! Have a great night!

  16. Everything keeps getting worse – the anime.
    Mr. Cooleyes is dead – all hope is lost, he was the hypest.

  17. man00ver on February 23, 2013 at 8:06 am said:

    I kind of wonder why a little supernatural anesthesia couldn’t be used. I mean, if you can selectively delete memories, how hard would it be to render someone unconscious without harming them and incurring the death feedback? Heck, even a little knockout gas seems like a prudent emergency measure. Then it’s cat-food time.
    But what the heck, I guess they never quite got that far in their planning. Disbelief suspended, I await the remaining story. And major thanks for the excellent presentation, UTW!

  18. It’d be interesting if they showed a battle between two fiends. Actually on second thought, maybe not, the whole battle would probably last 0.5 seconds at best. Fiend A pops fiend B. GG
    And Shisei bro, what a disappointment. I was expecting him to get a third iris and turn it into a sharingan or something. The fiend also has some real issues. Why the fuck would you bow to a queerat? I bet Kiroumaru will end up being the hero of the series. Humans can’t kill the fiend and the tainted cats are most likely a lost cause. The only one left would be Kiroumaru. Unless the fiend commits suicide.

  19. Big_Boss_90 on February 23, 2013 at 9:09 am said:

    Thank you!

  20. Anonymous on February 23, 2013 at 9:53 am said:

    ‘kurushimazu ni ikasete yaru’: ‘I’ll make your death painless’ -> ‘we’ll let you live and won’t hurt you’
    ‘ha tomokaku’: ‘were not of great importance’ -> ‘aside’, maybe. The bakenezumi were also of great importance (and in practice caused massive loss of life by themselves), but the akki was of greatest (/far greater) importance.

    Oh, so Satoru actually noticed at some point! Good. (Though it’s a little annoying that there was no clear line between ‘I’m so slow on the uptake I can’t guess it’ and ‘Oh, I’ve known for a while now’.)
    (I very much like the aim taken that I hadn’t thought as far as. This means though that the bakenezumi take upon themselves the akki risk… though wait, if there’s no hypnotism, then everyone works together and can more easily snuff out a true akki… rather, what’s risked is a return to the imperial times where they’re ruled by force… hmmm. Yes, risky. I wonder if Squealer/Yakomaru has taken this into account?)

    It still hasn’t been mentioned (I think?) how humanity outside of Japan has organised itself… hmmm.

    Now then, unless the monks have some way of undoing the death feedback mechanism (that no one else knows about), what will they be trying to do in the next episode I wonder..? *curiosity*

  21. Thanks! 😀

  22. demi-chan on February 23, 2013 at 2:34 pm said:

    I kept expecting Saki to just run up to the Fiend at some point and try and hug it. and crying about Maria, confusing it. Somehow I don’t know if it is truely insane or is just brainwashed.

  23. boingman on February 23, 2013 at 4:44 pm said:

    @Anonymous: What does “akki” mean? Is that japanese for fiend?
    Yeah, it should be possible to counter attack.
    I was actually thinking that if the Queerats are able to train fiends and control them, then the humans should also be able to do it too. Obviously, they would have to choose some unlucky couples and use some harsh methods to raise the kids accordingly. But it’s all for the greater good! 😉

  24. The explanation at the end is so sad… but I think that the saddest thing is that they doesn’t even explose everything aroud them in rage and sadness, I wouldn’t have stay so calm in their situation. Earing that would have rather create an other fiend.
    English not being my natal language I’ve some difficulties to express what I felt watching this episode but the entire serie is more or less putting watchers in a depressive state.

  25. cinia pacifica on February 23, 2013 at 7:12 pm said:

    …World domination happens? Lol.

  26. Satoru’s comment at the end …
    [spoiler]… about the fiend’s identity caught me by surprise. I thought the fiend this week was Maria and that the queerats had broken her both mentally and emotionally. I didn’t for one second think it was Maria’s and Mamoru’s child. If it is their child, why does Yakomaru even need to wait ten years before launching more invasions? Yes, it’ll be ten years before the newly-abducted babies can use their Canti, but who said anything about Mamoru and Maria only having one child? Couldn’t they currently have, say, one ten-year old, one nine-year old, two eight-year olds, a seven year old, and so on? Have Maria pump out babies like a queerat colony queen, making babies as fast as her body will allow. So even if Fiend #1 dies in this year’s attack, you’ve already got Fiend #2 good to go in a little under a year.[/spoiler]
    When Saki and Satoru …
    [spoiler]… reached the temple, I was expecting the elder to tell Saki what her password was for her original Cantus. The one that was sealed when she showed up as a 10-year old girl. I get the impression that its release and utilization will be the key to overcoming the Fiends.[/spoiler]

  27. MagicPower on February 23, 2013 at 9:50 pm said:

    You came to the wrong neighborhood, lol.

  28. hmm, they’ll remove the death feedback thing, then send adam and eve to space, with the white lion queerat thing.
    at least that’s what i got from the preview.

  29. Thanks for the translation. I always find that I’m sitting much closer to the screen when the episode ends than when it begins. I’m looking forward to seeing how things proceed next Friday.

  30. Progeusz on February 23, 2013 at 11:10 pm said:

    >And you guys were complaining about all the gay a few months ago. See what happens when you encourage irresponsible and premature consensual sex in the missionary position for the purpose of procreation?
    Let’s trib, Raze.

  31. man00ver on February 24, 2013 at 12:28 am said:

    [spoiler]Squealer had to turn in the bones before too long, in order to return the District to a complacent posture. Ergo, only one child. This rather well explains Tomiko’s assertion of a dental & DNA match.[/spoiler]

  32. Angry Man You! on February 24, 2013 at 1:05 am said:

    kiromaru kill that squeeler!
    lol @ those who dropped this show…more lol to those who dropped it at ep1 but are stll commenting in the latest eps…

  33. anonymous on February 24, 2013 at 1:35 am said:

    thanks for the new release 🙂
    ouch ouch ouch.. i probably cant think straight anymore because of this anime. well thats what the village get for being arrogant and killed “nameless boy”. if he was still at least alive, there probably at least a countermeasure but noo, their own afraidness become downfall by ingrating troublesome feedback. well, not much choice than kill squelaer now.
    why they never made a supernatural counter fiend weapon or something? the only method they did think is tainted cat method of yearly feeding useless child, nothing else…
    its really sad if humans seems stop to “evolving” beyond certain point.
    also i didnt have much hope at kiroumaru, it wouldnt be surprising if he`s dead next week.

  34. UTW, Thanks for the hard work as usual
    They didn’t kill nameless boy if you’re referring to Shun. They isolated him and he accepted it because he didn’t want harm anyone else being as he killed his parents. He ended up killing himself because Saki was at risk as he was going out of control.
    I lol’d at how true that probably was

  35. @Tal: She got her Cantus back already, unless I interpreted the whole thing completely incorrectly. That’s why they figured they were safe back then – they recovered their mantras, so they could actually use their Cantus again.

    In other news, does that Fiend happen to also be a Karma Demon, or does that whole subconscious usage thing also apply to Fiends? Either way, it appears as though subconscious usage slips past defenses somehow, which just makes it ridiculous.
    Randomly wondering if Shun was responsible for Shisei’s double irises.
    Should have built in a clause into the hypnotism that let them retaliate only if they were being attacked by Cantus.
    Last thought in random rambling – Saki’s group was noted to have been shorted on their hypnotism. I’m pretty sure they still have death feedback still installed, but it should have some use.

  36. Wow, that was terrifying. Good job, and ty.

  37. Man, this is confusing…
    As far as i remember, they told something like:
    “The death feedback is genetically programmed” and not installed by hypnotism.
    That would mean, that Marias child would die as well after killing a human.
    If its genetically programmed, the rats would not be able to “raise a fiend”.
    It would be like having one shot every ten years.
    And how did the rats create all that kinds of monsters they used in the battle?
    Even if they had caught that “library” it would take more than 10 years for them to be able to create a whole new species.

  38. @Cyou: As a ten-year old girl, her natural Cantus was sealed (remember the fire ritual in Episode 01?). Then later, the warrior-monk dude sealed her Cantus v.2.0. She eventually got that one back (as did all of the other children) when she remembered its password; but they haven’t indicated anything about her getting the v.1.0 full power one back yet. The impression I’ve gotten is that the scientist-humans believe the Cantus humans are born with is simply too powerful, so they lock it away and gift the kids back a lesser version of it. They’re prompt to do so (right as soon as the child shows signs of having a Cantus), suggesting probable belief that they’re trying to head something off at the pass. I would think then that restoring a scientist-human with the full potential of their Cantus would possibly (and imo very probably) allow them to outmatch a mindless Fiend.
    Of course, *I* could be the one who missed something or misinterpreted something. But that was the impression I got. To summarize:
    Pre-Ep01 fire ritual: Cantus @ 100% potential power level
    Post-Ep01 fire ritual, pre-Ep05 or Ep06 monk: Cantus @ (say) 70% potential power level
    Post-monk, pre-restoration: 0% power level (completely locked down)
    Post-restoration: back to 70% power level
    It’s doubtful the elders would’ve allowed the children to have back the very power level that was initially sealed away during the fire ritual, so I reject the argument that the kids got back their max power level Canti after the incident with the false minoshiro.

  39. Oh, you meant that one. Interesting thought. I never really thought about the relevance of that.

  40. @man00ver: If Squealer really did offer the legitimate bones to Kamisu’s 66th, then your explanation certainly would make sense. But that to me is still a rather large and unresolved “if”. Tomiko isn’t infallible, so I’m not willing to accept her line of reasoning that the kids must be dead because we have their bones and the bones checked out as theirs upon analysis. It’s quite possible that Squealer had Maria and/or Mamoru, with knowledge gleaned from one of the false minoshiros, do their very own sort of genetic Cantus trickery. For example …
    – using the power of Cantus, remove all of the queerat DNA from the queerat bones Squealer provided
    – using the power of Cantus, take DNA from a sample of your own body (e.g. blood)
    – using the power of Cantus, infuse that DNA into the bones
    – using the power of Cantus, modify the artifacts from ligaments, nerves, blood vessels and other structures that affect bone shape and texture. Modify them to make them resemble a bonafide human sample rather than a queerat sample.
    Voilà: a queerat bone that passes for a human bone even upon DNA analysis and visual inspection by our oh-so-smart scientist-colonists.
    Now, do I like this theory myself? No, not very much, I’ll admit. But … I’m not ready to rule in Tomiko’s verdict as the word of God just yet. If Shisei harbored his own doubts, then that’s good enough of an invitation for me to maintain my own doubts until we have conclusive evidence that says otherwise. The very act of having Shisei doubt Tomiko suggests to me that the author was planting a deliberate hint for readers (or, in our case, viewers) as to the possibility that wise old Tomiko herself had been fooled by that deplorable Squealer.
    Changing gears somewhat, … suppose Squealer did do as you’ve suggested. He got Maria and Mamoru to have a child, he had Maria care for the child for the first year or so of its life, and then when it was ready to be weened from its mother’s milk, he offed Maria and Mamoru and subjected the child to a life of unspeakable cruelty that both made it a Fiend as well as made it fearfully obedient to queerats. While there’s no lack of possibilities for how Squealer might’ve killed them — slipped poison in their tea, pumped poison gas into their bedchamber while they were asleep, skewered them with spears when they weren’t expecting it, whatever — it would feel like an awfully “meh =\” plot contrivance to me. We already saw 10-year old Satoru outdo a queerat invasion while he and Saki were trapped within a queerat colony underground. Their infantry, their poison gas strategy, all of it. We’ve also seen the children be able to respond to split-second incoming projectiles with Cantus forcefields. Finally, Maria seems to have always been one of the sharpest of the group. When you put all these things together, wouldn’t it be kind of silly of the author to have had Maria and Mamoru *so* outwitted by Squealer that they couldn’t even defend themselves? I could certainly see them being outwitted more generally — he’s a crafty bugger, they were just kids, and it’s not like he’s *that* much less intelligent than they are as a life form. But to me, there’s a difference between Squealer suckering the kids in with promises of shelter when really he plans to use them for his own aims … and Squealer *so* fooling these kids that he’s able to slip poison in their tea or whatever and they don’t see it coming.
    Anyway, I want you to know that I do think your theory has real weight to it. And for all I know, it’s not even a theory. Maybe you’re talking with foresight about what’s to come. I’m just saying that if it is what really happened, it’ll strike me as a little contrived by the author. Mamoru I could’ve seen being so fooled he was led to his own death and didn’t see it coming, but Maria … I dunno, it just seems to fly in the face of what we knew about her previously.

  41. In this episode, It is pretty much thrown in your face that Squealer/the queerrats killed Maria and Mamarou and took their child. I mean, we got flashbacks and voice overs and the whole nine yards about baby stealing. It has been obvious since Squealer’s first millisecond of screen time that he lusts after Cantus’ power. We also know that Squealer effectively takes advantage of situations, because been doing that all the time in this series. So, when he saw he could get a human baby to take as his slave (as is the queerat custom), he did.
    Also, I don’t see why you’re so put-off by Squealer using trickery to achieve his goals and overcome his problems (i.e., kill some kids). He’s been doing it the whole series, he’s doing it now to entire known (to the viewer, anyways) human population, and Future, Throws-Out-Really-Heavy-Foreshadowing-Asides Saki mentioned that kids are in no way capable of seeing through or dealing with high-level queerat trickeration. (At the time, I obviously thought that that statement referred to what Squealer had directly told Saki, but like all good foreshadowing, it works on layers.)
    Although I think I kind of sympathize with your “let-down” feelings. This show does not want to be taken lightly, or even worse (in the show’s view), easily. In the beginning, it trolled people who wanted to see the show as typical high school drama by (typically) setting up (typical) relationships and then refusing to do anything with them. Now, it is trolling shonnen by refusing to set-up fights, or see the chosen children save the village, or having any sort of redemption for all this suffering that’s going on. The show would rather leave you hanging and tell its story than conform (too, too much).

  42. Uhh … you’re completely off base, Mike, about my attitudes towards this series or what I was complaining about with the plot contrivance bit. “Let down” feelings? High school drama? Sounds like you’re speaking about yourself and your own misguided first impressions when you set foot in this world.

  43. demi-chan on February 25, 2013 at 6:20 am said:

    Just realized, Saki said that ‘Maria was born early and was weak as a baby” or something similar right? What if she died in childbirth , then Squealer told Mamoru that the baby and Maria didn’t make it, and Mamoru killed himself/Squealer killed him with poison or weapons? Mamoru was never that strong of a person in cantus or character, I could easily see him doing it.
    Bonus for Squealer, if mommy is dead, then there is one less ‘God’ not in their control, while giving them a major weapon in the child.

  44. drikkevdv on February 25, 2013 at 8:15 pm said:

    You’re also forgetting the fact that women are weak right after childbirth. It’s not really hard for a queerat to kill a human right after childbirth since they’d be too weak to oppose. And for Mamoru, well he was always on the weak side to begin with so he wouldn’t be able to be much of a threat.

  45. Darkonic on February 25, 2013 at 10:27 pm said:

    The Death-Feedback has me puzzled, since it is genetically programmed you shouldnt be able to avoid it. Maybe he is unaffected by Death-feedback because he doesnt consider himself a human and thus that thinks he isnt killing his own species. He probably doesnt consider himself a Queerat either though, since he killed off most of Kiroumaru’s army. Actually taking out Kiroumaru’s army first was a pretty good move, if I recall correctly his army had experience killing “dangerous” children before the Tainted Cats. Also since they do not get paralyzed at first sight of a fiend, they could outwit and easily take out a small child using guerrilla tactics .
    Anyways a great series and I wonder how the plot will develop.

  46. man00ver on February 26, 2013 at 3:19 am said:

    @Tal – I was also thinking at first that the bones were engineered in exactly the way you described, but seeing the Fiend-child kowtowing to a Queerat has changed my mind. If Maria and/or Mammoru were still alive, they wouldn’t permit their child to be subjugated like that, I don’t think. Nor do I think they would want it to be weaponized. So, the simplest explanation seems best to me. Queerats, especially crafty and treacherous ones, know how to kill young gods, since they’ve done so under orders in the past.
    P.S. I’m speculating, and have no advance knowledge of the plot.

  47. What if Squealer’s colony did the same thing to Mamoru and Maria as they did to their own queen?
    Maybe they attacked them when they were asleep and then lobotomized them, effectively turning the couple into the perfect baby-making machine.

  48. The fiend most likely gets around death feedback mechanism by either being mentally conditioned to see Squealer’s colony as his “species”, or via some sort of technical means of avoiding the feedback (drug or cantus preventing it).
    If Squealer really did capture a Minoshiro, it wouldn’t be too difficult for him to figure out some way to get around death feedback.

  49. …or we could just say part of the illness known as Raman-Klaugius syndrome is loss of the death feedback. It is after all considered an illness in the series, and illnesses by definition is something not functioning the way it should be…so this syndrome could include a triad of mental instability, homicidal tendencies and inactivation of death feedback [which may or may not be secondary to the mental instability, since death feedback seems to require recognition of what they are doing is ‘wrong’ [a la the monk who killed the library and it was insinuated that the image that it broadcasted was some sort of defense mechanism] at least at some subconscious level. If they’re illness eliminates that trace, there’s no reason for it to activate [ e.g. true psychopathy involves lacking any sincerity or empathy thought to be due to disconnect between certain circuits]
    blah too much typing

  50. The way I understood it, the fiend syndrome doesn’t necessarily mean that the death feedback gene is faulty but rather, the mechanism to trigger it is.
    Maria’s child was never taught that killing a human or a queerat not on Yakomaru’s side is evil and so, her subconscious mind, the ‘trigger’ as stated in the early episode, doesn’t do start the death feedback system. She can’t understand what she’s doing. The boy who became a fiend in Tomiko’s time was a fiend because of his insanity or the inability to tell right from wrong.
    We have strong aversions to close inbreeding (siblings) and it is imprinted in our DNA. But, without social reinforcement, the genetic-based aversion fails.

  51. Glad i dont even think of dropping this show even after all the gay, i perseverance, endure and it worth every bit of it.

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