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Kuttsukiboshi – Part 1

DOWNLOAD DVD 480p: Waiting for a DVDISO to show up.
DOWNLOAD LQ: [UTW]_Kuttsukiboshi_-_Part_1_[LQ][021AC18A].mkv [FS]
Surprise project!  … kinda.
Kuttsukiboshi is a yuri/drama anime by Primastea (who brought you Issho ni Training) released during Comic Market 78.  This is the first part; the second part is scheduled for release in the summer of 2011, presumably during Comic Market 80.
The LQ tag simply means that we did not encode the video for the release (ie. a Share/PD raw, or a raw from a raws group).  The subtitles should be perfectly fine, and of the typical UTW style.  We may release this with a better video once we get a copy of the original DVD.
As for my thoughts on this, it’s not bad, but it’s not mind-blowing amazing either.  Give it a watch and see for yourself.