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Summer Wars DVD 480p

Our very first release is Summer Wars with our friends over at Tomodachi. This was a pretty new experience, as none of us had worked on anything longer than your standard anime episode. Things didn’t really go as planned, so we put more work into this than we should have in the first place.
There’s a Low Quality version of the subs that doesn’t cover up the Japanese text in there for those of you that don’t have much CPU power. But if you watch those, you should feel bad for watching them and not the glorious normal typesetting because you’re all bad people.
We initially started working off of 719x’s translation, but we soon noticed there were a good amount of parts that needed re-working; we suspect their translation was K > E, or C > E.  So, we gave it a (major) overhaul.
Download: Torrent
We’ll throw up a link to the Blu-Ray when it becomes available.
Also, Project pages aren’t ready yet, but everything else should be fine and dandy.

6 Thoughts on “Summer Wars DVD 480p

  1. Sheol on March 9, 2010 at 6:23 pm said:

    Great movie. A lot of thanks for the release.

  2. Ershin on March 12, 2010 at 10:27 pm said:

    Holy crap. I can’t believe I just noticed this. On the door, above where it says “PC Club”, the crossed out sign says “Otaku Club”. That’s awesome.

  3. Sparky_Pant on October 11, 2010 at 5:46 pm said:


  4. Hi, what an awesome anime it is. reminds me of the childhood. A great share.

  5. I was wondering what UTW’s first release…and it turned out to be Summer War!
    It is amazing to see the number of people who commented on your first release compared with the most recent release of Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] – 03 I’m glad to see the group is still running at the time of this comment. Thank you for all the hard work and effort put into every release thus far!
    I add another “thank you” if you happened to read this even though it is on a over four-years-old post.

  6. *Summer Wars

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