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Fractale Delayed…

…again. We’ve pretty much (temporarily) lost our .ts source for this show since the Sendai quake, so we are now completely at the whims of the Share/PD uploaders. A .ts still has not appeared on either at the time of this post, so it’s extremely unlikely that we’ll release by tonight (US time). With any luck, we’ll have it out by tomorrow.
And damn that cliffhanger…
KUSION EDIT: And to those asking, we’re almost done with Vol.2 of the Index blu-rays! Just in time for Vol.3, right? We should have them good to go by Monday or sometime next week.
(Yes, Raze, I just stole your Fractale spot! AND I made it my category! ‘Sup, bro!)
AR EDIT: I jacked Kusion’s jack. I am god! On a side note, we aren’t going to sub the GOSICK special because it’s stupid and terrible. It is 50% recap, 50% talk show. Nobody wants to do this. CR didn’t do it either and hell I don’t blame them. tl;dr Episode 11 airs next week. No GOSICK until then.
(I might cut a couple of parts out of it that are interesting (Interview with the author + Ep11 Extended Preview) and make an abridged special out of them.)

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