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Majikoi S Preliminary Impressions

<@Raze> OH GAWD

Yeah. That was my reaction when I saw Benkei in the game for the first time.

It’s been a week and a half since this delectable offering from Minatosoft came out, but I’ve only had the time to complete three heroine routes so far (Tsubame, Kokoro, and Margitte). I figured I’d still write about my impressions of this visual novel so far for those of you who’re interested.

Like its prequel (Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai, which was god-tier and is being translated into English by the good folks over at Yandere Translations), Majikoi S‘s main appeal comes from its wacky yet likable characters. All the characters from the original game return, the main heroines get extra sex after routes, some side heroines have been promoted to full heroine status, and a host of new characters join the party (such as the aforementioned Benkei, Yoshitsune, Mon-sama etc.). Despite the huge cast, each individual character stands out through their unique quirks and characteristics, and they all interact in ingeniously hilarious ways. The characters are also voiced by A-list voice actors/actresses (Asakawa Yuu, Itou Shizuka, Satou Rina, Fukuyama Jun, and Wakamoto Norio to name a few), which makes the playing experience all the more enjoyable.

The jokes just keep coming (in the main parts of the routes, that is; it’s just H-scene after H-scene once you get together with a heroine), and they’re all really good. The game also makes a lot of references, one of the more delightful ones being how Yoichi, a new character and delusional young man, often remarks that the organization is after him…

The game’s focus on the appeal of its characters and humor unfortunately means there really isn’t much of a plot (at least, not yet), but, y’know, you’re kinda doing it wrong if you’re playing Majikoi S for the plot.

Art-wise… wagi (the artist) is a god. I’ll let the following random screenshots speak for themselves.

Tsubame Matsunaga
(1) (2) (3 NSFW) (4 NSFW) (5 NSFW)

Kokoro Fushikawa
(1) (2 NSFW) (3 NSFW)

Margitte Eberbach
(1 Kinda NSFW) (2 NSFW) (3 NSFW)

As for the H-scenes, I was going to comment on how they seemed shorter than the marathons in the original game… until they threw that ridiculously long one at me where Kokoro and Yamato went at it all night. Not that the H-scenes were bad or anything (on the contrary, they had god-tier art and fantastic voice acting), but a couple of them did drag on for a bit.

They composed a new soundtrack for Majikoi S, and although it’s not bad at all, I do remember liking the soundtrack in the prequel a lot more. It would’ve been nice if they’d brought some of the original themes back for nostalgia’s sake.

In short, Majikoi S has great quirky characters, art and CG to die for, A-list voice acting, great jokes and references, and saga-length H-scenes where the girls you’ve come to love are given good tastings of the legendary Yamato Cannon™. What’s not to like?

60 Thoughts on “Majikoi S Preliminary Impressions

  1. @Tokido
    You can have Yoshitsune, but Benkei is mine XD

    Lack of a route for Benkei was also disappointing, but at least she had one H-scene. And the stuff before that scene was pretty decent ^^

  2. I thought Itagaki Tatsuko was also one of the new heroines? Haven’t seen her mentioned anywhere in the comments here… is she that boring?

    Also, I was just looking at the official website. Is it just me, or are there infinitely more characters with outrageous hair in this game when compared with the prequel?

  3. Do you have any working links where I can DDL the first majikoi game.. Even torrent will do.. Please tell me.. 🙂

  4. caselogic on February 14, 2012 at 1:19 pm said:

    i just had a wank to the pics, thanks guys

  5. has this been translated yet??

  6. For those interested, I just posted an impression for this on my blog. Lots of CGs for you guys to enjoy ^^.

  7. The more I hear about this game, the higher my expectations get. This seems more like the kind of VN my friend would like but a harem-seeming game that’s not really a harem game sounds interesting indeed. Besides, the likability of the characters is definitely among my top 3 priorities.

    Are you sure those female VA you listed are right? I know they did the anime version (which I will never watch) but the game version had different VA. Since this sequel game also have H-scenes, I doubt the anime VAs would do it.

  8. @Zet: those seiyuus are indeed correct. The anime actually has a mostly identical cast from what I remember. Except for Miyako I am at least sure of the main heroines, but I also think pretty much every other (major) character was the same in the anime.

  9. nerochaos on March 4, 2012 at 6:50 pm said:



    Torrent for the first game (i think)

    Also is anyone else having problems with the Majikoi S webtrial?

    Im getting an d3dx9.dll error. Is it a DX error? or something else

  10. I dislike the crunert Header. The spaceship is cool, but the blurring and excessive bobbing up and down makes for an unpalatable animation. I would suggest the same ship hovering over a desert, complete with mirage distortions.

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