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Fate/Zero – 01

Loli Rin

DOWNLOAD HD: [UTW]_Fate_Zero_-_01_[h264-720p][E2552AFF].mkv [DDL1] [DDL2]
DOWNLOAD SD: [UTW]_Fate_Zero_-_01_[XviD][03C28B75].avi [DDL1] [DDL2]

I am very happy to present to all of you our offering for the Fall 2011 season: Fate/Zero! This series tells the story of the 4th Holy Grail War, precedent to the 5th as detailed by the original game of the franchise, Fate/Stay Night. You can jump straight into this series if you haven’t encountered anything Type-Moon before, but you might be confused at some parts, and you’ll also pretty much spoil the entire Fate/Stay Night plot for yourself.

Loli Rin almost gave me a heart attack from moe overdose, and Irisviel was so lovely that I had visual orgasms every time she appeared, but I decided to go with Loli Rin for the release pic since Irisviel will surely have a lot of screentime to come.

With just the first 1-hour episode, we’ve covered both the prologue and Act 1 of the original light novels, which would amount to about a third of the first book. How they’ll stretch out the rest of the material to accommodate 25 episodes should prove interesting.

We’re using Aniplex subs, but I’ve given them quite the editing makeover, hence the tag. The delay was due to some unfortunate problems we ran into with encoding; I did take the time to do an extra QC run, though. It also turned out the MBS cap wasn’t much better than the Tokyo MX initial airing, so we’ll be using the MX caps instead as it’s faster etc.

And that’s enough blogging from me. Please enjoy!

arEdit: The HD release is 10-bit. Please make sure your codecs/codec packs are up to date. If you see falling tiles or it looks like the video is on acid, you are probably using non-recent codecs and it would be a good idea to update them.

322 Thoughts on “Fate/Zero – 01

  1. Updated my graphics card drivers and that didn’t fix it unfortunately. Tomorrow i’ll look into the Mad-VR method to see if it is my long sought solution. Just sort’ve frustrating for me, since by all indications my PC is capable of handling the 10bit media especially after going through the CCCP and CCCI (To check if there were any codec conflicts) method. But I guess I’ll just have to pin all my hope on this.

  2. You can also cobble together your own setup of the SMPlayer frontend from here: http://smplayer.sourceforge.net/downloads.php?tr_lang=en – the one *WITHOUT MPLAYER* and the latest mplayer2 backend from here: http://mplayer2.srsfckn.biz/ – one marked latest.

    Extract the smplayer archive, and then place the files in the mplayer2 archive in the folder you get from extracting smplayer. Run SMPlayer from that folder, and then go to Options->Preferences->General where it says “mplayer executable” , click the box next to the file path, and browse to the location of the mplayer2 executable you placed in the smplayer folder. *Should be mplayer2-20110921 or something similar*

    Keep in mind that this does not set file associations, make icons, or anything else, and that if you move the SMPlayer folder you’ll have to reset the mplayer executable location.

    This does work, I just tested it out. Not my usual method and not ideal, but a possible option barring all else.

  3. Holy crap that looks gorgeous, I’ve never seen that quality animation out of a t.v. release!
    But back on topic, am I the only one that wants Kariya to pull through and win even though I know how it ends? Everytime I see Zoken I wanna punch something.
    Man, playing through Heaven’s Feel screws with you so bad…..

  4. @kevin: oh yes, yes it does. That is one deep, powerful, disturbing and beautiful piece of work, Heaven’s Feel. And Zouken fills me with rage every time I see his rotten face.

  5. akhill9001 on October 4, 2011 at 1:59 am said:

    Good to know that I’m not the only person that wants Zouken to feel some serious pain…

  6. just updated to the latest version of k-lite codec pack (7.7.8) but neither vlc, MPC, nor normal windows media player plays this file properly

  7. just downloaded latest version of CCCP and installed with default settings and everything works fine.

  8. akhill9001 on October 4, 2011 at 2:52 am said:

    If you are still having problems with CCCP and MPC try the alpha vlc release.
    From the original Fall 2011 Plans announcement:
    Jellyblob says:
    September 29, 2011 at 9:15 am
    As DaftMink says, you need a nightly build (i.e. experimental).
    Use the following link and pick whatever floats your boat out of the bottom 3.
    Just install and play as usual, pretty simple.

    I grabbed the .exe, installed it, and it just worked. Might be easier than messing around with codecs for some people 🙂

  9. Kamen Rider Blade on October 4, 2011 at 3:18 am said:

    So I can run the Hi10p files just fine after updating to the latest version of CCCP. My issue is what are the benefits of regular 8-bit vs 10-bit, cause I can’t seem to see the difference visually. I noticed that the 720p 8-bit file was smaller and I didn’t notice any significant improvements in the 10-bit file, so if somebody would like to give me some good side by side screen shot examples of why 10-bit is better and worth the larger file size, that would be great, cause I’m not convinced until then.

  10. CCCP dithers everything down to 8-bit when playing 10-bit files due to the shitty ffdshow its using, madVR is really the best way to play 10-bit right now, but a good compromise is the LAV filters included in K-lite. 10-bit basically allows better compression (so that means instead of 350mb at crf22, we can get 350mb at crf20), and reduces banding. Other than that 10-bit has little visual difference. You don’t need to be convinced, but come the next year, alot more fansubbers will be.

  11. Fatality on October 4, 2011 at 4:56 am said:

    This anime stats are :
    Moe level : Medium
    Action level : Very High
    Animation level : Very High
    Angst level : High

    That cute little Rin and gorgeous Iri make my heart want to stop anytime.

  12. Can you guys change the karaoke? Giant red glowing words are extremely distracting (since there’s no red of that color in the opening). Not to mention it blocks a good chunk of the screen. I swear your Carnival Phantasm karaoke was a lot better than this.

  13. @random

    Yah it will be dealt with for ep2. I was tired by that point.

  14. I am seeing acid on mine a few times ><…
    I am used Kmplayer (updated) but it still shows acid.
    I've used DivX players too, shows less acid but still has acids.
    Which kind of players are recommended?
    I've looked at LHN9's comment, though it looks far too complicated and not ideal as he or she says.

  15. …..
    So what I did was I downloaded VLC player and installed this thing from
    turns out there is no acid anymore…
    I’m not sure it that was the reason why though…..

  16. phossil on October 4, 2011 at 7:44 am said:

    can you set the quant to 11 or 9?

  17. @LHN9
    And don’t forget to set multi-threads properly in Preferences, Performance, Threads for decoding (MPEG-1/2 and H.264 only)

  18. @GGG: Ah yes. Noticed that after I packaged it back up into a zip file. Left it that way so it will at least work on whatever system people try it on.

    I stuck it up on megaupload if people want it, but I’m not sure what UTW’s policy on those kinds of links are. Guess I’ll know if my post gets removed.


    Extract it somewhere sensible, and run the smplayer exectutable. Open a 10bit file from within smplayer. It should work. If you want, you can fix the multi-threading to read how many cores you have on your computer, but it isn’t strictly necessary.

  19. NVM it doesn’t save the file path between systems. You’ll still have to select the correct mplayer2 file from the options menu as per my previous instructions if you want to use it. Sorry about that.

  20. Progeusz on October 4, 2011 at 1:07 pm said:

    wtf, millions of comments

  21. Already over 270 comments and no one’s discussing about the series. Everyone’s busy (pick at least one):

    a) trolling Hi10P;
    b) teaching people to play Hi10P;
    c) trolling anti-Hi10P trolls;
    d) hating;
    e) trolling haters;
    f) secretly laughing at everyone else;
    g) doing something else related to the above (please specify).

    This is like the one post with most comments and 10% of them are about the series itself. Wow.

    Hi10P is evil, MKV is evil, H.264 is evil, softsubs are evil. Let’s go back to fully hardsubbed WMV3+MP3 on AVI releases, shall we? OHWAIT, but this internet thing is extra evil, so let’s go back to distributing our stuff on CDs… Oops, I meant VHS tapes.

    I’m sick and tired of whiners who would rather stop the times than be arsed to follow a guide and update their software. UTW, go ahead with Hi10P, and don’t turn back; those who wish to stay behind can as well be left behind.

  22. Haxton Fale on October 4, 2011 at 4:26 pm said:

    Question here. Why did you translate Byakuya’s magical energy as ‘mana’? He can’t have any mana as it is energy withing the atmosphere, so it meant either ‘prana’ or ‘od’. Or simply ‘magical energy’, which they all mean. I think most people who watch this show already know a bit about Nasuverse and I’m a little surprised that nobody pointed this out yet…

  23. If you look at http://utw.me/2011/09/29/fall-2011-plans/comment-page-1/#comment-25382 you’ll see that ar said «If it affects enough people I might consider doing a slightly later 8-bit release, but it definitely won’t be at release time due to encode time».

    What I was going to do was to sit and wait patiently for that later 8-bit release. However, it’s already two days since the 10-bit release, and thus I’m ready to believe that ar has quit his original possibility of the above said intention. So I’m getting Kanjouteki’s 8-bit 720p hardsubbed repack of UTW script from http://www.nyaa.si/?page=torrentinfo&tid=249856 torrent. Technically it’s still UTW, but better fit for my single-core Celeron 2.4GHz and DXVA on PowerColor HD4670 1GB DDR3 AGP videocard.

    I’m posting the link here in the hope that helps my 8-bit fellows.

  24. Please STOP encoding with 10bit! It breaks DXVA playback. It breaks network streamer playback (WDTV Live). It breaks phone playback. There’s all these downfalls and no real benefit. Slightly smaller files means nothing in today’s multi-terrabyte storage solutions. Yes, I can play 10bit video files on my PC but you literally broke playback on everything else and it’s just ludicrous to do it. Other groups jumped blindly on the 10bit bandwagon without putting forth any thought as to what this would do and here UTW, in some dimwitted desire to make sure their “e-penis” measures up, blindly followed suit.

    Shame on you. Shame on you all.

  25. If you’ll reference my post a page or so back, UTW explicitly says that they ONLY support using CCCP on a PC. Every other playback solution you’ve listed is an issue they have no obligation to provide support for. And every issue you’ve listed can be remedied with a bit of research and time on your part. And XviD will work beautifully in all of those situations if you simply won’t spend the time fixing your own problems.

  26. Abi Normal on October 4, 2011 at 7:54 pm said:

    His issue there, LHN9, is that it’s time he has to take out of his busy schedule to fix, where he could instead invest that time at whining to UTW to take time out of their even busier schedule and fix it for him. Gotta love this “fansub groups exist for me” attitude going around lately.

  27. Leon-Gun on October 4, 2011 at 8:26 pm said:

    @Haxton: I totally missed it but yes, it shouldn’t be mana. The best compromise would be to call it magical energy in order to not alienate those who aren’t that well-versed in Nasuverse terminology (since prana is a term that will likely confuse many). Using the term mana will bring trouble down the line if there’s parts where the plot differentiates between Mana and Od (like in Heaven’s Feel climactic battles).

  28. 10-bit release you guys did is excellent. Don’t have any problems with it. Thanks for the hardwork.

  29. @Leon-Gun: And it likely will become an source of confusion if they adapt Heaven’s Feel like the show so far is heavily hinting towards. Which is fine by me!

  30. Leon-Gun on October 4, 2011 at 9:59 pm said:

    @LHN9 That’d be nice but I wonder if Studio DEEN still has rights over the F/SN anime.

  31. phossil on October 4, 2011 at 11:47 pm said:

    Just follow this guide 100% and get Reclock
    Your TV should be something like akin to
    Source -> mpc-hc ->
    —lavsplitter -> lav video (CUDA/Nvidia) -> madvr -> TV
    ———–lavsplitter -> ffdshow audio -> reclock -> TV
    (set to 16-235 range ) for the TV
    you only need lavfilter / madvr / mpc-hc ( 3751 ) ffdshow 9-22-2011 /reclock

  32. lobster on October 5, 2011 at 12:32 am said:

    Updated CCCP and still got acid, but when I used the updated CCCP codecs with the old MPC application (saved in a temp directory), it worked fine.

  33. @lobster

    In MPC-HC->Options->Internal Filters->Transform Filters->Disable All H.264 Decoders.

    That should solve the problem.

  34. therationalpi on October 5, 2011 at 4:47 am said:

    Just wanted to add my voice to this. Hi10p is great and all, but it just seems a little premature to force it on everyone. If the release version of VLC doesn’t support it, then it’s not yet ready for prime time.

  35. Leon-Gun on October 5, 2011 at 5:41 am said:

    @therationalpi: Since when have fansubbers even LIKED VLC. I believe their general agreement is “VLC sucks”.

  36. pleaaseee.. dont make this the last fate ever made 😮

  37. I’m not even trying to troll here but can someone explain the benefits of hi10? Supposedly it increases quality, but I can’t see any difference at 720p at least. Was it really worth switching over so soon?

  38. @Hello
    It’s a 48min episode … 500mb
    look at the other utw releases … 400+mb for 24min with a 8bit release

    so you either get better quality with the same bitrate (in this case a 800+mb episode) or you get the same quality with 30-40% less filesize

  39. I mean filesize not bitrate oops
    so better quality with the same filesize as a 8bit release or less filesize with same quality

  40. Playback is fine for me with the latest versions of MPC-HC with CoreAVC.

  41. Dear UTW group,

    though being thankful for your previous releases,

    I have decided not to upgrade my PC for the sole purpose of watching your 10bit-only Fate/Zero,

    and thus I am willing to watch Hatsuyuki’s http://hatsuyuki-fansubs.com/releases/70-sora/763-c3-01.html instead (which is 8bit).

  42. phossil on October 6, 2011 at 3:44 am said:

    your current computer’s specs?
    you most likely won’t even need to upgrade…

  43. harakeeri on October 6, 2011 at 3:56 am said:

    I am not really affected by this change to 10-bit but to those who are using Macs, avoid using VLC for MKV files, not until they release an update that supports the 10-bit conversion. In the meantime, try MPlayer.

    Or you can also get Perian, which is a component for Quicktime so you can play MKV files by pressing spacebar.

  44. therationalpi on October 6, 2011 at 5:04 am said:

    @Leon-Gun It’s not really a matter of VLC being any good, it’s just a good indicator of what’s “widely supported.” Because it’s open source, often when VLC picks up some codec, it’ll filter down into other projects like Boxee. I rarely use VLC, but it’s my backup when I really want to watch something and it’s not running quite right.

  45. Leon-Gun on October 6, 2011 at 6:50 am said:

    @rationalpi: Valid train of thought but what I meant is that the anime fansub community marches at the beat of their own drum. They’re infamous for moving ahead of the pack.

  46. Petrushka on October 7, 2011 at 4:59 am said:

    @Mithgol the Webmaster………..
    ohhh, faggot, i see (¬_¬)
    upgrade? my laptop is only T6500 @2,1GHz and VGA 512 DDR2. it plays fine. my desktop? only E5300. and it plays 1080p 10-bit finely.

    no one need ur pathetic words and no one will care about u ┐(-。ー;)┌

  47. Btw, in Nasuverse, there are two kinds of maryoku, Mana and Odo.
    So I think it’s wrong to translate Maryoku as Mana.
    Magical energy or Prana, I guess?

  48. Haxton Fale on October 7, 2011 at 5:25 pm said:

    I already mentioned that. The most common translation of [i]maryoku[/i] is probably [i]magical energy[/i], since the term [i]prana[/i] might confuse people who don’t know the Nasuverse enough.

  49. no duel release of 8-bit/10-bit=lazy on October 7, 2011 at 8:04 pm said:

    UTW doesn’t care about black people .. . . . . .

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