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Sword Art Online – 22

Somebody’s pissed.

DOWNLOAD HD: [UTWoots]_Sword_Art_Online_-_22_[720p][903B7F36].mkv [DDL]
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Joint with GotWoot Fansubs.

This episode had lots of action (and therefore relatively fewer lines), so I minded it less enjoyed subbing it. Hopefully you guys enjoy watching it too.

In all seriousness, though, it’s not a bad episode at all.

104 Thoughts on “Sword Art Online – 22

  1. @ Kazeto

    “Oh, and your fun fact (the one about Kirito only using “Starburst Stream” once and possibly twice) is sort of wrong there. But at the same time it is not wrong (because your observation was correct, based on the anime only, and only in the novels it is explained further).
    He only used it twice on-screen – against” The Gleameyes” and against Heathcliff in their first duel. But he used it off-screen when levelling the skill up (which he did since the time he got Dark Repulser). And the sword skill he used in his final fight is called “Eclipse”, and is even higher-level sword skill than “Starburst Stream” (though that bit of knowledge isn’t really relevant, but since I’m already replying I thought you might find it nice to know).”

    Umm, that wasn’t from me, that was from Jay

    “In reply to your comment about anime and novels being a different medium, I just want to say this. Yes, they are, but there is one piece of information in the anime that makes it possible to take just one mental step and come to the conclusion that dual wielding is not disallowed in ALO. Namely, it is the comment that Agil made about there being no sword skills in ALO (the reason why people didn’t try to dual wield in SAO wasn’t because they wouldn’t be able to move their swords, it was because they wouldn’t be able to activate their sword skills which were the most potent attacks there) and no levels and thus everything being dependant on the skill system and player skills. Ergo, after seeing “Dual Wielding” disappear from Kirito’s skill list, one might come to the conclusion that it is possible to dual wield there but only if one knew how to fight like that.”

    Then you mean to say that the giant sword charge like attack in the latest episode was not a Sword Skill and Kirito knew how to fight like that? No matter where you see it, that was clearly some sword skill, unless humans suddenly have the ability to create a massive wave of a sword by sticking 2 swords together, then i won’t bite.

  2. @Kyte:
    “Umm, that wasn’t from me, that was from Jay”

    Hmm… Maybe I really was tired at that time. Sorry for that.

    And the one in the last episode was supposed to be something else. To be exact, it was supposed to be him swinging the two blades so fast (not joined together, but independently swung) that the blades weren’t even visible for most people and that there was something like an insta-death radius around him because of that. Which he did happen to use without system assistance, by utilising his really high reaction speed while being on an adrenaline rush. Why did they change that in the anime, I haven’t an inkling of an idea. Though even then, before thinking it’s something like a sword skill I’d think it’s some sort of Spriggan magic (just like Fenrir Storm for Sylphs) if I didn’t know about the change.

  3. @Kazeto,

    I think we can all agree to blame the production on that one.

  4. @Kyle:
    Yeah, we can. They messed up.

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