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The Causes and Effects of Eighth-Grade Syndrome Throughout History

fotc (Mazui Subs, Unlimited Translation Works)


Section 5 describes the evolution of eighth-grade syndrome cases from trigger to trigger. The key point is that sufferers proceed through a series of triggers, adapting their case to assimilate each subsequent trigger. For a supernatural power-type case, the real world is typically one of these triggers, and so their imaginary world typically contains fragments of the real world.

For the remaining sections of this article, various historical and cultural phenomena will be named as results of eighth-grade syndrome.

6  The Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich Manuscript is an illustrated hand-written text in an unknown writing system of approximately 20 to 30 glyphs dating back to the fifteenth century. All attempts to decode the text have failed. The text is divided into six sections, each expounding on (supposedly, based on illustrations) different aspects of the (or a) world. Of particular interest in this article are the “herbal” section, which depicts various plants, each with a set of notes, and the “cosmological” section, which contains circular diagrams which depict a universal organization.

Few of the plants in the herbal section are identifiable with any certainty. Many are unidentifiable as any known species, and some are chimaeric of existing species. The organization of the herbal section is similar to professional herbals of the time. The cosmology does not correspond to any known cosmologies.

The origins and purpose of the text remains a mystery. All theories have supporters and refuters, and all fail to provide a satisfying explanation of the text. This text may be explained, however, in terms of eighth-grade syndrome, and this will be done in this article. In this light, the Voynich Manuscript is the product of a supernatural power-type case of eighth-grade syndrome dating back to the fifteenth century.

The text describes the world of the sufferer, which is constructed partially using various elements of the known world. Most plants in the herbal section do not correspond to known species because they are not of this world, but the sufferer’s imaginary world. Similarly, the cosmological section describes the cosmology of the sufferer’s imaginary world.

The writing system has yet to be decoded because it is a writing system invented by the sufferer (a common occurrence). It may or may not correspond to any known language; however, judging from the strangeness of many writing systems and grammars developed by modern-day sufferers, decoding may require considerable effort.

In the interest of time, any further expansion on this topic will be performed in the final version of this article.

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  4. Yes!! At Last! 🙂 Please continue subbing the movie.. I’ve seen it raw, and its really a summary.. ^_^ Except for the first and last part.. *Spoiler Alert

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    And the chuuni article is back!
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    I don’t watcn this show, but god damn, I had to say something about fotc coming up with these walls of text on every chuunibyou release. Does he do that himself, or is he just copypasting from somewhere else?

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    to be honest i hate this show, i liked the frist half of the first season, so why do i keep on watching it? does it contain some sort of hypnosis?

  10. Movie progress tracker felt frozen and flat.

  11. skylion on February 21, 2014 at 1:22 am said:

    Doesn’t chuunibyou happen when you have an overabundance of media and an overindulgence in spoiling children? Hard to see how the author, or authors, of the Voynch Manuscript could have had either one or both of those back in those days. But I guess things could be relative? Having a wealthy family could afford spoiling a child, and I guess like ten books in the house back then was overabundance.

  12. thanks for the subs! although this episode is quite boring, i want more SHINKA!

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    tks UTW
    *OT* i hope u’ll translate Kara no Kyoukai: Mirai Fukuin & Extra Chorus :'( Onegai :'(

  14. ^ I hope you’ll do Mirai Fukuin too. Maybe it’s too much but I would like to see all of KnK movies subbed by you guys too since it’s written by Nasu and set in the same universe as Fate/ and Tsukihime, it would help to have subs that use the same and consistent terminology for the universe.

  15. Yes, Mirai Fukuin and Unlimited Blade Works Movie with the translation fixed please. :’(

  16. Did you just seriously propose that some medieval chuunibyou teenager wrote the voynich manuscript back in the 14th century?

  17. @ ubwr
    What was wrong with the translation?
    At any rate, we’re not revisiting something we released almost four years ago, especially when we have so much to do now.

  18. As everyone else, would love to see Mirai Fukuin from you too.. 🙂

  19. For example “Are you not the heroic embodiment of Shirou’s ideal?” It’s wrong, the correct translation it’s
    “The ideal of Shirou, are you not the figure that became in a hero?”
    People get a wrong idea of Archer because that, and thinks that is a incarnation or something like that.
    Or when Archer talks about compete in projection, you guys omited that.
    I liked very much your job with the movie anyway, so I would like that faults were fixed.

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