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Another Cinderella Girls PV and Other Stuff

jan sagashitemasu yo mokugeki shougen
ashioto wa doko desu ka
hai (hai) kinou no asa wa koneko to hashiru
kakeashi rhythm kiita bakari desu
shiawase wo tsukamae ni yukou (minna de)
itsu datte chokkan go go powerful
akirameru kujikezu ni yukou
watashi ga (tobira wo akete) mitsukete agetai
ohayou ohayou soko ni iru no
mabushii mabushii yume ga aru no
bouken ga chousen wo tsuretekita (mondai kaiketsu)
nazo ga nazo wo yondeiru yo
umaretate no yume ga aru yo
wasurenaide seikai wa madamada ippai aru deshou
(IPPAI KOROKKE) tokiakase motto motto

Oh, I nearly forgot.

9 Thoughts on “Another Cinderella Girls PV and Other Stuff

  1. Ranko is the best waifu.

  2. Linkmstr on December 20, 2014 at 8:22 am said:

    Hype is real?

  3. I’m sad Koume isn’t in the show but I’ll settle for Ranko

  4. (ΦωΦ)
    ‘`ローヽ(⊡ㅂ⊡。 Ξ 。⊡ㅂ⊡)ノ ‘`ロー

  5. leo@uwh on December 21, 2014 at 4:59 am said:

    Rin best ever.

  6. leo@uwh on December 21, 2014 at 7:02 am said:

    So I got my HDTV a couple of hours ago, and the first thing I did was set it up, calibrate it a bit and watch the IM@S movie.
    I don’t get what all the hype was about. It was a great movie, but a bit overhyped imho.
    Also, that fucking concert scene was responsible for 99% of my dropped frames. 168 in the last 1:15 minutes of the song and 2 presentations errors (whatever that means) I was like “holy fuck”

  7. #InToasterDestructionWeTrust

  8. @leo@uwh
    That happened to me as well, I never really drop frames but that scene was hard to watch sadly.
    As for the rest, I liked it, I can’t say a agree it was overhyped since I didn’t see a lot of hype for it. It wasn’t a great movie nor was it as good as the series but I think it’s quite good if you are already a fan.

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