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Cinderella Girls – 11-13

You wouldn’t eat something this cute.

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Naturally, there are good reasons apart from health and global climate change to refrain from consuming animal products. And by consuming, I mean purchasing or using as well as eating. When you purchase, use, or eat any kind of animal products, you support the barbaric and unethical practice of animal husbandry.

There is one great rule, taught by all religions, and embraced by all philosophies, secular or not. We see it in the Mahabharata, the Dao De Jing, Leviticus, the Talmud, the Analects, the words of Mohammed and the Greek and Roman philosophers, the works of the existential philosophers. It is likely best known to our audience as it is written in Luke 6:31 (NABRE):

Do to others as you would have them do to you.

Animals feel pain. When you kick a dog, the dog will wince and whine, run away, and cower in fear—supposing it survives. You know the pain the dog feels, and you wouldn’t want to experience the same pain—or die. Always keep this Golden Rule in mind.

At the time of this writing, 60 billion animals are raised each year for food. That is ten times the world’s human population. In the United States alone, 9 billion chickens are killed each year. How is it possible to raise so many animals solely for human consumption? A disgusting “miracle” known as factory farming. Let’s take a look at a small sampling of the abusive practices involved.


Australian wool sheep have been bred to have extra-flappy skin, to increase the amount of wool produced per sheep. The extra weight of the wool causes sheep to collapse and even die during the hot summer months. Urine and fecal matter collect in the flaps, making the sheep susceptible to flies laying eggs in the flaps. When the fly eggs hatch, the maggots eat the sheep alive. To prevent this, sheep farmers practice “mulesing.”

In mulesing, sheep are strapped, legs up, on steel racks, and large chunks of flesh about the sheep’s anus and vulva are carved away. To keep the costs of the procedure low, farmers do not administer anesthetic, resulting in an extremely painful procedure for the animals. Ironically, the procedure is ineffective. Flies tend to lay eggs in the open wounds, which sometimes makes the procedure worse for the sheep. It is only used because it is cheaper than all alternatives that are more effective.

Before you put on or purchase another pair of wool socks, think about the sheep subjected to this torture. Would you like to have large chunks of flesh about your anus and/or vulva carved away while you are fully awake and unanesthetized? Well, that’s what you just did to a poor sheep, you insensitive clod.

Chick Sexing

The name sounds humorous, but the practice of “chick sexing” is barbaric, unethical, inhumane, and disgusting. Because they are able to produce eggs, female chickens are more valuable than male cocks. Chick sexing is the process of separating female chickens from male cocks as early as possible, before sex characteristics even begin showing.

The process is simple: a chick sexer picks up a chick, squeezes the chick to forcibly eject fecal matter from the chick’s anal vent, and then stares up the chick’s anal vent. If the chick sexer finds a bump inside the chick’s anal vent, the chick is male; if there is no bump, the chick is female. To confirm if the chick is male, the chick sexer will stick his or her inch-thick thumb into the chick’s millimeter-wide anal vent and rub the bump.

On egg-producing farms, only the female chickens are desired. The male cocks are immediately killed so as not to burden the farm financially. The male cocks are forced through meat grinders, alive and chirping for sweet mercy. Factory farms practice sexual discrimination at its worst—one sex is discriminately killed, while the other is forced to live a life of misery.

Female chickens are raised in cages so small that they are unable to move, with one gap for the head and one gap to let eggs out. Naturally, some chickens are unable to bear this stress, and will often peck themselves and other chickens to death. To prevent the death pecks of madness, farmers will debeak the surviving sexed chicks by chopping off the beak with a hot blade, searing the wound shut. A chicken’s beak is extremely sensitive—this operation can be compared to “female circumcision,” in which a human woman’s genitals are mutilated.

The next time you think about cracking an egg, remember all the cocks died to produce the egg. Remember the chickens living in tiny cages with their erogenous beaks removed. Remember all the pain and suffering and death that you have caused by wanting to eat an egg. You disgust me, you murderer, you castrator, you discriminator, you asshole.


Lambs are castrated for two reasons. First, it allows breeders to raise male and female lambs together without fear of a Billie Jean moment. Second, wether (castrated) lambs are easier to slaughter for better quality meat than ram (uncastrated) lambs.

There are three methods for castrating ram lambs: surgery, elastrator, and emasculator.

Lamb castrating surgery is less surgery and more an act of violence. It is a two-person job. One person holds the lambs legs apart. The other person places a bucket to the side of the lamb, pulls out a knife, slashes off part of the lamb’s scrotum, pushes the testicles out of the scrotum with his or her hands, bites the exposed testicles with his or her teeth, and tears them out with a swift jerk of the head, dumping the testicles into the bucket. The wound is then closed and the lamb released.

An elastrator is a small, but strong, rubber band about the size of an orthodontic elastic. The castrator places the elastrator on a metal tool, which opens the elastrator to a reasonable size, places the band around the lamb’s scrotum, and releases the elastrator from the tool. The deathgrip of the elastrator on the scrotum cuts off blood flow, and in a week, the scrotum will atrophy and fall cleanly off the poor lamb. During this week, the lamb is seen to be distraught and unable to function due to pain. The lamb will not be able to stand over the pain of scrotal constriction, collapsing several times as it cowers and retreats into a corner of the barn to lie down. In wretched agony.

An emasculator is a tool which crushes the spermatic cords and blood vessels in and around the testicles, often destroying the testicles in the process. The emasculator is placed around the lamb’s scrotum and given a squeeze. The lamb’s testicles are instantly crushed. For the males in the audience, this is like being bound and your scrotum placed on the concrete sidewalk, before someone raises his or her foot and stomps down, trampling your testicles underfoot and grinding them into a bloody pulp.

The next time you do anything involving sheep, remember the wether lambs. Imagine being male and having your scrotum being cut open while someone rips your testicles out with his or her teeth. Imagine being male and having an orthodontic elastic strapped around your scrotum and left there so that your testicles will simply fall off, and the week spent in deathly agony. Imagine being male and having your testicles crushed on a sidewalk under a merciless heel.

If you still want sheep products after reading this, you are scum. You deserve to experience all the pain of all the animals raised for human consumption. You deserve to die.

A Final Word

Naturally, while the described practices are primarily performed at factory farms, even “organic” and “free range” animal farms are barbaric and unethical as well. They still raise animals for abuse and slaughter. The final solution is not to switch to some other form of barbarism, but to end the barbarism altogether. End your consumption and use of all animal products.

Cinderella Girls – 10

I don’t think I’ll be able to wear this dress anytime soon.

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It’s been a bit over a week since my scratch test. My back still itches. God damn.

The allergist said that my back would be normal in a couple days, but there are still some marks from where the little plastic forks pierced the skin. The left side of my back—where the pollen panel went—has taken on a weird texture. It’s dry and kind of scaly. And I think I might have some permanent scarring on that side of my back.

I messed up on my temporary diet this week and had some shrimp. Luckily for me, no anaphylactic episode followed. The blotch for shrimp was only slightly larger than the histamine control, so it isn’t entirely unexpected.

Most of the reactions to the foods were relatively weak, and the allergist said that it was probably fine not to mind them in the future. The real issue is that the body acts strangely and reacts excessively to everything for a while after an anaphylactic episode. It’s entirely possible to trigger another attack from even an allergen that would otherwise cause no reaction. This is why I’ve been asked to avoid all foods that had a reaction for the next month. That means I’m going to stick to a diet consisting primarily of tofu, peppers, and rice.

Yes, for the next month, I am going to be vegan. And I’m not complaining. It’s an excuse to do something I’ve always wanted to do.

When I was studying for my master’s degree, I decided to try vegetarianism. (Not veganism because I liked the paneer dishes at this one Indian restaurant near the school.) In control of all my meals, I refrained from eating any form of animal flesh for three months. I would boil pasta with rabe or broccoli, sauté spinach with garlic, stir-fry tofu with peppers, crunch through pound upon pound of raw radishes—the tops are the tastiest part. Then winter break came, and I had to go home for a week. The night before my flight, I told my mother that I had gone vegetarian for the last three months. She was not pleased.

When I arrived at home, a steak dinner awaited me on the table. The meat was fresh—purchased that morning from the butcher. Not wanting to cause a scene, I ate it, ending my three-month stint as a vegetarian.

The following day, we had kalbi for lunch. And more steak for dinner. The day after, German sausage. And then haggis. Meat lasagna. Shawarma. Chinese pork chops. Pho. For one week, it was impossible to escape the endless barrage of meat.

This repeated every three months for two years. fotc, the attempted-vegetarian, coming home to meatloving parents who just wouldn’t stop trying to feed their vegetarian child meat. It was painful, especially in a world where we’re still trying to cope with Livestock’s Long Shadow. Now that I’m allergic to red meat, I can do this right.

And so, I’d like to invite the audience to join me in taking up veganism, to consider any variant of vegetarianism, or to simply reduce your meat intake. Reduce your calorie intake, reduce your risk of developing cancer and cardiovascular disease, reduce your contribution to global climate change—reduce your meat intake.

Cinderella Girls – 09

Or like this.

DOWNLOAD: [Chibiki] THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls – 09 [720p][BC13B7EB].mkv

Following my exercise-induced anaphylactic episode, I went to an allergist for some preliminary allergy testing, to know what foods to avoid for the next month, and to get a lab slip for detailed allergy testing next month.

Basic allergy testing is done with a scratch test. The idea behind scratch testing is to induce a small, controlled allergic reaction on the skin. This is done by making a shallow puncture (scratch) on the skin, through which allergen is delivered. The allergist draws a large grid on your back, and in each cell, stabs you with a small plastic “fork,” dipped in a specific allergen. Any allergen which evokes a reaction creates a visible, puffy red blotch on the skin within fifteen minutes. The shape and size of each blotch is sketched on paper and compared against a blotch from a pure histamine scratch.

Since the cost for a scratch test is the same no matter how many allergens are tested, I decided to get tested for a whole lot of them, from a full pollen panel to a full animal panel and a whole mess of foods.

A young nurse led me into an examination room and told me to take off my shirt. So I did. What else would I do?

She had me sit on a low stool and rest my arms on an examination table. I was not to turn around or move. She then took out a Sharpie marker and started drawing a grid on my back. It tickled, but hey, if that’s how she does it, then that’s how she does it.

She then brought in a little tray of little plastic forks inverted in little plastic containers with liquid in them. And then she proceeded to take the little plastic forks out of their little plastic containers, one at a time, and stab me in the back. I’m not really into this kind of thing—it kind of hurts—but if that’s what it takes, that’s what it takes.

After she exhausted her little tray of little plastic forks, she left the room for about fifteen minutes. During those fifteen minutes, I wasn’t to touch or scratch my back, and wasn’t to move from my position. At first I thought it was a good thing I had a book on me. But as soon as I found my place in my book—I really should use a bookmark—my back started itching. A lot.

My back started feeling warm. And itching more. Then burning hot, like my back were on fire. The itch grew unbearable. I couldn’t even think. It took everything I had to maintain the position. Jesus, woman, what the hell is wrong with you? Are you trying to kill me?

Eventually, she came back in with a young female doctor—wow—whose eyes grew larger than dinner plates when she saw my back.

Doctor: “My god, are you okay?”
Me: “It itches, but I think I’m fine. It’s not too bad.”
Doctor: “Are you sure? Think you need some Benadryl?”
Me: “No, it’s really not that bad.”
Doctor: “Really? It looks pretty bad to me. Your back’s practically on fire.”
Me: “No, really, I’m fine. Just get it over with so I can scratch my back. The itch is killing me.”
Doctor: “Okay, I’ll be back in a minute with some Benadryl and cold cream. They should help. Nurse, sketch whatever you can. If you can’t, just write it down.”

The nurse sketched the reacted blotches on my back. The doctor came back with a pill and some water, but waited for the nurse to finish before giving it to me and forcing me to take it. She then took a closer look at my back.

Doctor: “We don’t usually see allergic reactions this severe.”
Me: “Really? How bad is it?”
Doctor: “The blotches—here, look—usually fit in the grid so we can draw them all. Some of these go outside of their cells and some actually merged with each other. We can’t even tell what the shape or size of some are because they’re too big. For those, we’ll just say ‘severe.'”
Me: “There are a lot of blotches here.”
Doctor: “Yes. You’re severely allergic to every pollen on the panel.”
Me: “That explains my year-round sniffles.”
Doctor: “You’re also allergic to all common animals in houses except cockroaches.”
Me: “So I can keep cockroaches as pets?”
Doctor: “Sure, if you really want to. This mold allergy is pretty bad too. But the main thing we’re here for today is foods.”
Me: “How does it look, Doc? Will I live?”
Doctor: “I wouldn’t call it much of a life.”

Here’s a list of foods that I’m allergic to and will have to avoid for the next month:

  • Peanut
  • Hazelnut
  • Almond
  • Walnut
  • Pecan
  • Cashew
  • Pistachio
  • Brazil nut
  • Shrimp
  • Codfish
  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Perch
  • Bass
  • Catfish
  • Mackerel
  • Trout
  • Halibut
  • Crab
  • Lobster
  • Oyster
  • Clam
  • Scallop
  • Lamb
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Tomato
  • Cantaloupe
  • Honeydew
  • Avocado

Why do I live?

I also wrote another article this week which you may enjoy.

Cinderella Girls – 08

Something like this.

DOWNLOAD: [Chibiki] THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls – 08 [720p][12F7B1E9].mkv

I have some bad news.

I recently learned about something called “exercise-induced anaphylaxis.” Basically, exercise results in an allergic reaction—and a violent one at that. It can be potentiated by all sorts of allergens, like foods or pollens. And it’s effectively being allergic to exercise.

I happened to learn about this after a trip to the emergency room. After dinner, I went out for a run. A few minutes later, I collapsed and got rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.

The doctors immediately stuck me with epinephrine and diphenhydramine, but the first doses didn’t work at all. They couldn’t get a good reading on my vitals or stick a drip in me because I was shaking like a ho in a rap music video. Let me summarize the conversation over my dying body and my thoughts during it:

Doctor A: “What’s his blood pressure?”
Doctor B: “He’s shaking way too much. I can’t get a reading.”
Doctor A: “Get some tubing and tie his arm to the bed.”
Doctor B: “Will do.”

I really don’t want my arm tied to the bed. It sounds painful and restricting. But it might save my life. But I really don’t like the idea.

Me: “Do you need me to stop shaking?”
Doctor A: “Yes.”
Me: “Let me try something.”

Remembering my idol training, I started diaphragmatic breathing. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. I stopped shaking. They had my vitals within the minute.

Doctor B: “Blood pressure 30/20.”

Fuck. I’m going to die.

Fuck. I had 75 LP, too. Fuck. I knew I should have spent it before I went out. Fuck. Now I’m going to die without that SR Nico. Fuck. Fuck my rapidly fading life. Maybe one more for the road.

Me: “Nico Nico Ni.”
Doctor B: “Did you say something?”
Me: “Nyaa.”

As you can probably guess, I’m still alive and well enough to translate idol anime and write release posts. After I was stable and fully conscious, the doctors asked me how I managed to stop shaking when I did, since they had never seen anyone do that before. I told them that I had been doing some idol training (in those words) which included diaphragmatic breathing, and that I was starting an exercise routine which landed me in the ER that night. They were speechless.

It probably didn’t help much in the overall picture, but diaphragmatic breathing helped the doctors get my vitals and stick a drip in me without tying me to a bed. I’d like to think that idol training saved my life. And so I owe my life to idol anime.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of exercise-induced anaphylaxis, I’m going to have to cut short my idol training. The doctors say to wait a month before getting detailed allergy testing, and during that time not to do anything that might evoke a reaction. I’ll try to resume if things work out, but I can’t guarantee anything.

There are two lessons to take away from this story:

  1. You can be allergic to stuff and not know it. The appropriate triggers for the allergic reaction might not have happened simultaneously yet.
  2. Idol anime can save your life.

I’m taking the second one to heart.

Cinderella Girls – 07

What is wrong with you?

DOWNLOAD: [Chibiki] THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls – 07 [720p][A6C9D7AE].mkv

While I’ve managed to stretch daily, I was only able to make good on the running twice in the last week because work is killing me. I need to find more time for idol training, but it’s hard when my boss is crawling up my ass with hardhat and flashlights looking for finished assignments a month earlier than they can even be digested. Maybe the first step I need to take to become an idol is to quit my job.

Anyway, in order to say that I’ve done something each day towards becoming an idol, on every day that I don’t or can’t run, I’m going to do crunches until I can’t move. It should help on the stamina end of things, and only take about a minute or two each time since I’m that out of shape.

Idols usually don’t look it, but they’ve got big, strong, tough muscle. If you listen to their interviews and radio programs, they like to complain about keeping their figure while developing tons of it. I was planning on starting a workout routine other than running this week, but I haven’t had time to read up on it—or anything else. May as well go with this since I’ll end up all muscly from being an idol anyway.

Now to get back to work.

Cinderella Girls – 06

I wish I could call this my before and after, but I’m still three inches off the ground from what would be the “after” image. Rin Hoshizora is the best Rin, though.

DOWNLOAD: [Chibiki] THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls – 06 [720p][00F77226].mkv

Last week’s stretch routine wasn’t particularly difficult, but it definitely takes a lot of time. It’s taking a good half hour of every day, when I never had much time to spare in the first place. I need to cut down, so I’ll reduce to stretches 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 from the previous post, still holding for one minute and cycling three times. It should bring my stretching time down to about 20 minutes per day.

The main reason for cutting down is for the addition of this week’s training to my daily routine. It’s the first bit of training that will actually involve bodily strain: cardio. There are a few reasons to start cardio before much else, like stamina for dance practice, improved balance, stabilized singing voice―the voice changes as the rest of the body does. But for me, I mainly need to lose some weight.

In terms of weight, I’m about average for my height. But it’s about 20 pounds over idol weight, and my shape isn’t all that great. In my research, I’ve found that most nutritionists/anatomists/coaches recommend starting a workout routine before starting on a diet, so I’m going to add the workout first, and the diet later.

Also, it seems that 30 minutes of moderate running three or four times a week is a good goal for time-efficiency balance. Since I’m short on time and hope to improve faster, I can’t really go with this recommendation. Instead, I’ll go with running 3 miles every other day.

Unfortunately, I’m out of shape, so it won’t be possible to hit 3 miles from the get-go. I’ll need to work my way up from couch to 3 miles. I know I can run a mile in 8 minutes just fine―sometimes I have to when I’m late for work in the mornings―but any longer distances or shorter times, I don’t know. So I’ll start with 1 mile every other day and increase by 0.5 miles each week until I hit 3 miles. Assuming I can maintain 8 minutes per mile, this will take about 25 minutes every other day. Hopefully, I can drop the time lower, because I’m really short on time lately.

And of course, I’ll stretch before I run, since I don’t want to get hurt.

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