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Tamayura: More Aggressive – 12 (END)


DOWNLOAD HD: [FTW]_Tamayura_More_Aggressive_-_12_[720p][DB156E17].mkv
DOWNLOAD SD: [FTW]_Tamayura_More_Aggressive_-_12_[480p][5971F037].mp4
It’s been a long season, but it’s finally coming to a close. I lost complete interest in the show (more or less in everything) early into its airing, but thanks to my team taking over everything I’ve left behind, the show made it to the end. Season two finishes before season one. What a surprise.
I started translating with valerauko for a few episodes before Futsuu (un)willingly agreed to finish the show after I begged him to do so. While I didn’t appreciate the fact that this was much much slower then the previous season, despite the contrasting show name, I did the OST, and the characters.
I stopped translating and actually “QCing” and moved on to releasing about 4 episodes in.
We’ll (slowly) work on the season one blu-rays eventually. We won’t be doing blu-rays for season two, and only God knows if we’ll batch it.
The ED is actually the most effort I’ve spent on this show for a long, long time.
Be sure to read more about Tamayura S1 here.
Futsuu (Translator) – I’m glad I aggressively took the chance to work on this show. The story of Tamayura will forever live on in our hearts.
fotc (Translator/QC) – Kuroneko = mai❤waifu.
ClamXtX (Editor) – #stayaggressive
Eien (Encoder/Typesetter) – i hate this show so much. fuck me. may s3 never come. I also need to learn how to fucking MAKE chapters.
nINJAkECIL (Typesetter) – mia
archdeco (Timer) – mia
Xythar (Not Involved With Project)cool show when’s s3
It took 12 episodes, but we finally dropped it!

Tamayura: More Aggressive – 11

I AM KAICHO— oh wait, wrong anime.

DOWNLOAD HD: [FTW]_Tamayura_More_Aggressive_-_11_[720p][216E0131].mkv

Contrary to popular belief, I didn’t stall this episode.
Back to watching League of Legends.

Tamayura: More Aggressive – 10


This is how I’ve felt when people have bugged me to release for an entire week.

DOWNLOAD HD: [FTW]_Tamayura_More_Aggressive_-_10_[720p][BF878798].mkv
DOWNLOAD SD: [FTW]_Tamayura_More_Aggressive_-_10_[480p][9C1A13E1].mp4

Nothing that’s noted to be “QC’d” has been fixed. Enjoy, whoever batches this.

I hate this show. 10 weeks of trying to drop and counting.

Let’s recap the week:


[01:33] <fotc> tamayura10.postfotc.notsortedbytime.opedinsertnotincluded.ass up.
[02:27] <Futsuu> thanks
[02:27] <Futsuu> all yours, Kusion
[20:34] <@Kusion> oh i still need to do this
[20:34] <@Kusion> im just not going to bother and just mux
[04:25] <archdeco> Kusion, tamayura where?
[11:32] <Futsuu> tamayura fucking where
[11:34] <Eien> yeah kusion
[11:34] <Eien> why are you stalling anime
[11:34] <Eien> didn’t you love this shitty show
[11:34] <Eien> >make me work on it
[11:34] <Futsuu> this is 15 hours after he said he wasn’t gonna bother
[11:34] <Eien> >i do stuff asap
[11:34] <Eien> >you’re stalling
[11:34] <Eien> wow.
[11:35] <Futsuu> muxing shouldn’t take 15 hours!
[11:38] <archdeco> we’re talking about Kusion here
[11:38] <archdeco> nothing is impossible for him!
[16:11] <archdeco> Kusion, release Tamayura
[16:16] <@Kusion> cant till later
[10:50] * archdeco slaps Kusion around a bit with a large trout
[10:55] <Eien> kusion stop
[10:55] <Eien> stalling anime
[10:55] <Eien> omg
[16:09] <archdeco> Kusion, release Tamayura
[21:15] <fotc> Kusion: Release Tamayura.
[23:48] <Futsuu> Kusion wtf
[23:48] <Futsuu> Release Tamayura
[02:02] <@Kusion> damn
[02:03] <@Kusion> i guess
[02:03] <@Kusion> i have to
[02:03] <@Kusion> oh man theres an insert too
[02:03] <@Kusion> k dling
[02:14] <fotc> You could have done it earlier if you weren’t playing games all day.
[02:14] <@Kusion> pls
[02:19] <Eien> Kusion stalls
[02:19] <Eien> anime
[02:19] <Eien> more than me
[02:19] <Eien> !
[02:19] <Eien> i stalled at releasing
[02:19] <Eien> for 1 day
[02:20] <Eien> because i had exams
[02:20] <Eien> kusion stalled at releasing
[02:20] <Eien> for like 3 days
[02:20] <Eien> because he’s playing games!
[02:23] <Futsuu> Dialogue: 0,0:16:09.26,0:16:16.78,Top,,0,0,0,,I’m the only one without a spark, an direction, or anything.
[02:23] <Futsuu> pls fix
[02:27] <Futsuu> Dialogue: 0,0:19:47.11,0:19:52.18,Default,,0,0,0,,And I’m sure someone else sparked her dreams too.
[02:27] <Futsuu> {\i1}her{\i0}
[02:52] <@Kusion> >making me italics
[02:52] <@Kusion> o godf
[02:52] <@Kusion> this qc
[03:03] <@Kusion> dam
[03:03] <@Kusion> i cant pass
[03:03] <@Kusion> this map anymore
[03:03] <@Kusion> ;_;
[12:59] <Futsuu> >[Nishi-Taku] Tamayura ~more aggressive~ – 10 [720P Hi10P][56312541].mkv
[12:59] <Futsuu> Kusion pls
[12:59] <Futsuu> this is embarrassing
[13:00] <Eien> yeah
[13:00] <Eien> mfw
[13:00] <Eien> we were done wayyy earlier
[13:00] <Eien> but kusion is stallin
[13:00] <@Kusion> wow
[13:01] <Futsuu> new ep airs day after tomorrow, bro
[13:01] <@Kusion> we might as well dual release!
[13:02] <Futsuu> no u
[13:02] <@Kusion> ok
[13:02] <@Kusion> i have an interview soon so i guess ill apply shit after
[13:02] <Futsuu> have you done anything at all yet
[13:03] <@Kusion> i downloaded it
[13:03] <Futsuu> if not, Eien style the inserts
[13:03] <Futsuu> pleae
[13:03] <Futsuu> please*
[13:03] <@Kusion> Eien stop stalling
[13:03] <@Kusion> thx
[13:04] <Futsuu> look at him not responding
[13:05] <Eien> ?
[13:05] <Eien> i was
[13:06] <Eien> talking on skype
[13:06] <@Kusion> this Eien
[13:06] <@Kusion> stalling
[13:06] <@Kusion> forever
[13:06] <@Kusion> we’re trying to fansub here
[13:06] <Eien> >kusion blaming me for stalling
[13:06] <Eien> >kusion
[13:06] <Eien> >kusion
[19:43] <fotc> Kusion: Release Tamayura.
[20:07] <Futsuu> yes Kusion
[21:51] <fotc> Kusion: Release Tamayura.
[10:46] * archdeco slaps Kusion around a bit with a large trout
[10:46] <Futsuu> yeah Kusion
[10:46] <Futsuu> release tamayura
[11:42] <archdeco> I second that
[14:24] <@Kusion> o
[14:24] <@Kusion> right
[16:14] <archdeco> Kusion, where is Tamayura?
[19:25] <@Kusion> its
[19:25] <@Kusion> on my pc
[20:09] <fotc> Kusion: Release Tamayura.
[20:12] <fotc> Release it before the next episode airs, or I will show you the true meaning of mail terrorism.
[20:12] <fotc> I still have that transparent box.
[20:12] <fotc> And I know how to use it.
[20:12] <Raze> wow
[20:13] <Raze> still no tamayura!
[20:13] <fotc> All he has to do is release!
[20:13] <@Kusion> PLEASE
[20:13] <@Kusion> ;_;
[20:13] <fotc> Six days, man.
[20:13] <fotc> Six days.
[20:13] <Raze> even more wow
[20:13] <fotc> Release it.
[01:00] <@Kusion> ok
[01:00] <@Kusion> i think
[01:00] <@Kusion> its time
[01:00] <@Kusion> to release
[01:01] <@Kusion> do i have
[01:01] <@Kusion> to style the song
[01:01] <@Kusion> oh she sings it
[01:01] <@Kusion> might as well not style it
[01:29] <fotc> Kusion: Please release on time tomorrow.
Meanwhile, while Kusion should have been releasing.
It’s been a pretty good week aside from the spamming on my IRC.

Tamayura: More Aggressive – 09

720p Torrent
480p Torrent

Tamayura: More Aggressive – 08


DOWNLOAD HD: [FTW]_Tamayura_More_Aggressive_-_08_[720p][39FCF005].mkv
DOWNLOAD SD: [FTW]_Tamayura_More_Aggressive_-_08_[480p][DF8AAAAD].mp4

Be sure to read the story of tamayura.

Tamayura: Interrogative – 07

DOWNLOAD HD: [FTW]_Tamayura_More_Aggressive_-_07_[720p][8B82D47F].mkv
DOWNLOAD SD: [FTW]_Tamayura_More_Aggressive_-_07_[480p][768B2440].mp4

Kusion vanished (presumably bed) so I am releasing this instead. I don’t watch this show and don’t know anything about it. So uh… enjoy your less aggressive Tamayura?

Tamayura: More Aggressive – 06

Tamayura - 06 [workraw]_001_1241

DOWNLOAD HD: [FTW]_Tamayura_More_Aggressive_-_06_[720p][F036508C].mkv
DOWNLOAD SD: [FTW]_Tamayura_More_Aggressive_-_06_[480p][DC92334D].mp4

Here’s some sexyomgbeautifulperfectKaoru eyebleach to fix the damage that Raze’s horrible post has done.

Six weeks of wanting to drop this show and counting. Fuck you archdeco.

Tamayura: More Aggressive – 05


DOWNLOAD HD: [FTW]_Tamayura_More_Aggressive_-_05_[720p][FEB7EA27].mkv
DOWNLOAD SD: [FTW]_Tamayura_More_Aggressive_-_05_[480p][0478EAF8].mp4

Kaoru is the best girl.

Tamayura: More Aggressive – 04

Tamayura - 04 [premux][v2]_001_20030

DOWNLOAD HD: [FTW]_Tamayura_More_Aggressive_-_04_[720p][4FE231B1].mkv

Apologies for the incredibly long delay. There was a lot more that needed to be done and a lot of disorganization going on throughout everyone (mainly me). It was a weird week. It won’t happen again, and with our new translator, we’ll be looking at same-day releases starting Wednesday. We hope you look forward to it as much as we do.

Again, apologies for the delay, and enjoy some Tamayura!

Tamayura: More Aggressive – 03

Tamayura - 03 [premux].mkv_snapshot_08.51_[2013.07.18_00.45.18]

DOWNLOAD HD: [FTW]_Tamayura_More_Aggressive_-_03_[720p][8B39DB4B].mkv
DOWNLOAD SD: [FTW]_Tamayura_More_Aggressive_-_03_[480p][2E4CA4C0].mp4

How cute.