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Suisei no Gargantia – 13 (END)

DOWNLOAD HD: [UTW-Vivid]_Suisei_no_Gargantia_-_13_[h264-720p][E4A4066B].mkv [DDL]
DOWNLOAD SD: [UTW-Vivid]_Suisei_no_Gargantia_-_13_[h264-480p][A6BE4392].mp4

And that brings us to the end of the Gargantia project! Xythar’s away on vacation, so I’m filling in for him this week.

Have some curtain call comments from the team!

valerauko (Translator): zZzing…
Raze (TLC/Backup QC): Chamber best development support interface system.
Futsuu (Backup TLC): While this show had more than its share of hilarious moments, it managed to keep me entertained throughout and I enjoyed doing whatever little I did for this project. Also, Sugitabot = mai❤waifu.
Kyhz (Editor): An interesting prequel which unfortunately does not equal the greatness of the original Ika Musume.
unanimated (Timer/Typesetter): No typesetting. What a waste.
Eien (Encoder): >2013 >watching anime
Devana (QC): Chamber best girl. Also, it was a blast working with everyone involved.
Xythar (QC/Backup Encoder/Mascot): Definitely the anime of the season for me, and I’m glad to have worked on it alongside such a talented team. I enjoyed this show a lot over the last three months, and I hope you did as well.

Batch in a few weeks, probably. I’ll also see about pumping out more Petit Gargantia shorts soon.

We hope you enjoyed the series as much as we did working on it. Thanks for flying UTW-Vivid!

54 Thoughts on “Suisei no Gargantia – 13 (END)

  1. RandomUser on July 4, 2013 at 2:42 am said:

    I heard there’s a gargantia OVA. will you be doing that?

  2. crimso on July 4, 2013 at 5:02 am said:

    I quite liked this show, even though the last part felt rather rushed. Too bad it didn’t have more episodes to cover the whale squids and Ledo coming to terms with what he’s done.

  3. Well, I guess some people would consider this show to have a kind of good ending, and it kind of fitted the MC.

    But personally I love technology too much, and I would really hate to be stuck surrounded by nothing but superstitious primitives somewhere more than 6000 light years away from home. Especially when your companion and best friend is no more (as of right now atleast), and all the cool stuff is back home with the Galactic Alliance. Can’t say I’m that interested in archaeology either, so digging/fishing up “ancient” relics and whatnot is not really something I’d enjoy doing.

    Seriously, how long have it been since the ice melted and how come the people are still so damn primitive?
    It’s not like they had to start all over from the beginning or anything.

    It’d also be interesting to know how they managed to get practically the whole planet flooded a well, seeing as there isn’t enough water on earth to flood all the land as the world is right now… Maybe they added more water, flattened out the earth’s surface somehow or maybe they mixed a shitload of nano machines into the water which also caused the ice to melt?

    It was an interesting show at least, and I especially liked the first three episodes. If only the rest of the show were of that quality.

  4. Qrius on July 5, 2013 at 7:25 pm said:

    Thanks for doing this show!

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