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Three Years and Counting! Happy Birthday, UTW!

Today is the day our group turns three years old!

Generations of fansubbers have come and gone, and our small circle of staff has seen graduations, marriages, and beyond. Lots of things happen in three years, and we even lived through the End of the World.
But here we are, still subbing just like we did in 2010. I owe much to our staff, previous and current, for their tireless contributions, and of course, to you for your continued and spirited support all of these years. Thank you, staff and fans, for keeping UTW going and making it worth every step of the way!
To mark this occasion, I’ve decided to set up a couple new polls to take a quick trip down memory lane. Please let us know which of our projects you enjoyed watching!
Nobody bothered doing anything for April Fools again, so I guess we’ll just have to admit we’re too busy for this shit boring people with no creativity. I did sort of have an April Fools idea yesterday, but I ended up spending my time either outside or studying instead.
I look forward to another year of anime with you all! Happy 3rd Birthday, UTW!

Happy 2nd Birthday, UTW!

Today marks the day UTW officially turns two years old!

UTW has come a long, long way since its creation, and it is the industriousness of the staff and your enduring and enthusiastic support over the years that keeps UTW going day by day. Thank you all, staff and fans alike, for making UTW what it is today!
To celebrate the occasion, I figured I’d share a few statistics pertaining to what we’ve achieved these past two years:

  • We’ve subbed 16 complete weekly series (excluding 6 movies and 3 OVAs/OVA series), which is about 2 per season.
  • That’s 270 separate full-length episodes (excluding movies and including OVAs and episodes of ongoing series), which is about 33 per season.
  • Our release file count currently sits at 737, which is about 92 per season.
  • We’ve released 346GB worth of anime, which is about 43GB per season.
  • The current number of active staff is 8. We’ve never had more than that, either.

Those numbers probably pale in comparison to older and/or bigger groups, but it’s pretty incredible to think that we’ve come so far having just subbed 16 complete TV series with such a small staff. I believe it speaks volumes about how we work and the values we represent.
None of us were free or bored enough to set up some elaborate April Fool’s joke yesterday, so I guess that’s unfortunate for those of you who enjoy that sort of thing. I was also going to announce our Spring 2012 plans in this post, but we’ve decided to wait a little longer to see how things play out; we’ll probably make the announcement in 2-3 days.
Here’s to another year! Happy 2nd Birthday, UTW!

April Fools! And Happy Birthday UTW!

Yeah. >_< I think I got most of ya (even if it was only for a moment)?
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