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Because it’s been a while and we all deserve it. Merry Christmas, us.

DOWNLOAD HD: [Chibiki]_THE_iDOLM@STER_-_22_[720p][79227718].mkv [DDL1] [DDL2]
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Christmas has come a few weeks early!  Yum!  Note the double entendre.

This episode is brought to you by cake resale proceeds and worn-out wallets.  How the hell do you wear a hole in a coin pocket, anyway?

With Jupiter out of the way and Chihaya’s emo turned into “500 Ways to Say Thank You,” iDOLM@STER is pretty void of drama. OR IS IT? It looks like the girls have all-new foes to compete with.  Do you know who?

Also, continuing in the vein of recent eps, there’s a boatload of songs, including an anime original insert and an anime original ending!  They’re pretty catchy, too.


DOWNLOAD HD: [Chibiki]_THE_iDOLM@STER_-_21_[720p][90C46970].mkv [DDL1] [DDL2]
DOWNLOAD SD: [Chibiki]_THE_iDOLM@STER_-_21_[480p][8C4ABA96].mkv [DDL1] [DDL2]

Thanks for waiting, everyone.  I’m back and 15lbs heavier.  The pumpkin pie content of my blood is through the roof, too.

The OP, CHANGE!!!! has been updated with official lyrics.  Yes, more wtf’s await you.  I hope you’re all lady for this one…

A bit of trivia for this week’s Kotori ep!  Did you know that, in the original game, Kotori only appeared at the VERY end when you received the scorecard detailing your playthru performance?  She developed SUCH a fan following, she was eventually given her own image songs, CDs, appearances in games, and now is virtually an idol herself.  What a rise to stardom.

Also!  We have yet another self-cameo in this ep.  We haven’t seen them in some ten or so eps.  They don’t appear in person, but there’s a brief shot of the three of them on a poster/flier… More brownie points/cookies/pie/awesomeness to whoever finds them!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! To those of you who haven’t read the earlier post: our only Thursday show, IDOLM@STER, has been delayed until tomorrow. The translator will be spending the day with his family, while I, Kusion, stay on the Internet, avoiding contact with other human life! I was a bit too lazy to fix the height on the image, so deal with it.

No, instead of feasting on the food and getting drunk, I, Kusion, will be PLAYING video games. What could make it better? I’m going to live stream the event! No, just kidding. But I am going to bore everyone while I occasionally update this post to talk, or rant, about what I’m playing or doing in real life.

So, let’s begin with 11:30AM: I’m watching the fucking IDOLM@STER stream.
That was a great episode!  Those who like Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai can watch that if they’d like, but for now, it is 12:00PM, and I should help with the cooking.
Ah, all done with cooking! Now I can return to actually doing something meaningful. Time to open up SC2! And the time is, 12:50PM.
I’m done playing some SC2 for now, time to break and do nothing! 2:40PM. Actually, no, I’m going to go play some BF3.

Okay, all done eating and drinking for the time being. I should have to go to another house soon and grab some food there, too, but for now I’m good. It’s 5:16PM.
Battlefield 3 time, then some SC2. 6:47PM.

Also, thanks to everyone for their suggestions. I know what I’ll be getting, and will clear the comments now!


DOWNLOAD HD: [Chibiki]_THE_iDOLM@STER_-_20_[720p][EA4ECCC9].mkv [DDL1] [DDL2]
DOWNLOAD SD: [Chibiki]_THE_iDOLM@STER_-_20_[480p][C5F1454B].mkv [DDL1] [DDL2]

ChibiloliChihaya smiles like an angel, too.


DOWNLOAD HD: [Chibiki]_THE_iDOLM@STER_-_19_[720p][3151F68B].mkv [DDL1] [DDL2]
DOWNLOAD SD: [Chibiki]_THE_iDOLM@STER_-_19_[480p][DA69B2BE].mkv [DDL1] [DDL2]

I’ve gone back and forth with myself on Takane.  But in the end, it’s really hard not to love her.  It’s not really apparent from the IN/ED in this ep, but she has an INCREDIBLE singing voice, too.  Varies a lot by song, though.

Chihaya’s infuriating foreshadow comes to a close next week!  That’s right!  150% more emo than we’ve ever seen before.  Hopefully she’ll laugh and smile like an angel when it’s all over.



She looks like my diabetic aunt after Thanksgiving dinner.

DOWNLOAD HD: [Chibiki]_THE_iDOLM@STER_-_18_[720p][212D3F2A].mkv [DDL1] [DDL2]
DOWNLOAD SD: [Chibiki]_THE_iDOLM@STER_-_18_[480p][CC91B033].mkv [DDL1] [DDL2]

Delayed to you by iM@S2!  Hooray!

Ritsuko stars!  I found myself touched against my will during this ep.  As a performer for some 12 years of my life, I couldn’t help but identify some with her feelings of moving on after abandoning a life of music.  Ryuuguu’s new song is catchy, too.  And lined up perfectly with the release of iM@S2 for ps3, which includes the track as a produce-able album.

So enjoy this week’s Ritsuko, Miki being cute, Azusa having a lolswollenface, and Chihaya’s vague, drawn-out foreshadows again.  It feels like I say the same thing every week  =/  Next week we’re in for some Takane goodness!