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DOWNLOAD HD: [Chibiki]_THE_iDOLM@STER_-_19_[720p][3151F68B].mkv [DDL1] [DDL2]
DOWNLOAD SD: [Chibiki]_THE_iDOLM@STER_-_19_[480p][DA69B2BE].mkv [DDL1] [DDL2]
I’ve gone back and forth with myself on Takane.  But in the end, it’s really hard not to love her.  It’s not really apparent from the IN/ED in this ep, but she has an INCREDIBLE singing voice, too.  Varies a lot by song, though.
Chihaya’s infuriating foreshadow comes to a close next week!  That’s right!  150% more emo than we’ve ever seen before.  Hopefully she’ll laugh and smile like an angel when it’s all over.


She looks like my diabetic aunt after Thanksgiving dinner.

DOWNLOAD HD: [Chibiki]_THE_iDOLM@STER_-_18_[720p][212D3F2A].mkv [DDL1] [DDL2]
DOWNLOAD SD: [Chibiki]_THE_iDOLM@STER_-_18_[480p][CC91B033].mkv [DDL1] [DDL2]
Delayed to you by iM@S2!  Hooray!
Ritsuko stars!  I found myself touched against my will during this ep.  As a performer for some 12 years of my life, I couldn’t help but identify some with her feelings of moving on after abandoning a life of music.  Ryuuguu’s new song is catchy, too.  And lined up perfectly with the release of iM@S2 for ps3, which includes the track as a produce-able album.
So enjoy this week’s Ritsuko, Miki being cute, Azusa having a lolswollenface, and Chihaya’s vague, drawn-out foreshadows again.  It feels like I say the same thing every week  =/  Next week we’re in for some Takane goodness!


DOWNLOAD HD: [Chibiki]_THE_iDOLM@STER_-_17_[720p][4103F6C6].mkv [DDL1] [DDL2]
DOWNLOAD SD: [Chibiki]_THE_iDOLM@STER_-_17_[480p][A3E93541].mkv [DDL1] [DDL2]
Ho hum.  Another week, another vague foreshadow followed by little to no plot advance.  They are planning to wrap things up in 24 eps, right?  If they ninja a third season in there, I’m not really sure how I’d feel…
In semi-related news, iDOLM@STER2 came out on ps3 yesterday.  Between the addition of Hatsune Miku to concert battles/Stage4U and what seems to be several new songs not included in the x360 version, I’m actually pretty excited.  The additional disc that comes with it, Gravure4U, does not factor into my excitement at all.  Nope.  Not in the least.  Especially not because it’s the beach photo shoot disc.
More news on that front later, perhaps!


Poor Inumi. Time and time again…

DOWNLOAD HD: [Chibiki]_THE_iDOLM@STER_-_16_[720p][D7E9A705].mkv [DDL1] [DDL2]
DOWNLOAD SD: [Chibiki]_THE_iDOLM@STER_-_16_[480p][F5528505].mkv [DDL1] [DDL2]
It’s animal appreciation week!  Everyone is invited!
The focus is on everyone’s favorite pet food-thieving idol, Hibikin.  Apart from a brief emohaya foreshadow at the start (which we pretty much ruined for you a few weeks back), the other idols make hardly any appearances.
I made use of a cute animal speaking to take liberties with translation.  Sorry to those of you who don’t get the reference.


Season highlight!

DOWNLOAD HD: [Chibiki]_THE_iDOLM@STER_-_15_[720p][A0382755].mkv [DDL1] [DDL2]
DOWNLOAD SD: [Chibiki]_THE_iDOLM@STER_-_15_[480p][0EFC0BB5].mkv [DDL1] [DDL2]
Another ep with killer volumes of typesetting to do.  Seriously, this show never lets up.
No plot advancement!  Whatsoever!  But I’m totally cool with it because the focus seems to be narrowing down on Haruka, Chihaya and Miki bit by bit.  Also, the ED this week is my #1 favorite iM@S song.
Several truly amazing moments in this week’s ep.  But you guys know us pretty well by now.  Can you guess our #2 after the above spectacular Haruka vs a box shot?


DOWNLOAD HD: [Chibiki]_THE_iDOLM@STER_-_14_[720p][132A89C6].mkv [DDL1] [DDL2]
DOWNLOAD SD: [Chibiki]_THE_iDOLM@STER_-_14_[480p][08E669DC].mkv [DDL1] [DDL2]
Are.  You.  LADY?  Oh wait.
It’s a new season!  A new OP!  Out with the old and in with the shiny!  Everyone has learned Haki and come back with fewer clothes!  Or something like that.
The new OP song will need some time to grow on me, but the visuals are great (and often hilarious.)  Dancing loli Chihaya?!  You got me sold.  Miki’s deviation from iM@S2 at around 6:43, giving the first game a nod, got a huge thumbs up from me, too.
Dewa dewa, ladies!


Was so very tempted to use 18:05 or 18:37, but Miki has been getting a lot of attention recently. Went the cliche route!

DOWNLOAD HD: [Chibiki]_THE_iDOLM@STER_-_13_[720p][6A9CED6A].mkv [DDL1] [DDL2]
DOWNLOAD SD: [Chibiki]_THE_iDOLM@STER_-_13_[480p][2D5A2FCB].mkv [DDL1] [DDL2]
Mid-season climax!  What a murderous ep.  And what a pay-off!
It looks like things are going up for our 13 beloved Ladies.  Now that we’re in the second half, we’ll probably get to see a good deal more conclusive plot threads instead of noodling around introducing everyone.  The only major characters who haven’t had eps focused on them yet are Takane, Hibiki, Ritsuko and Kotori (she was introduced with the idols on A-1’s website!).  Will P-san take them all to the top?  Does he dare take the harem route?!
Look forward to it!
Kusion edit: FUCK.

Fall 2011 "Plans"

Here’s where we are so far regarding our plans for the Fall 2011 season.

  • We’ll be picking up Fate/Zero as our signature Fall 2011 project (no, we don’t care if Aniplex is translating it into 8 different languages if they’re going to stream in shitty 360p). We’ll be using the Aniplex subs as a base unless they turn out to be utter shit. We’ll be using MBS caps (which air 2.5 hours later than the first airing), meaning a “delay” of 2.5 hours but also a higher quality video and audio source.
  • iM@S continues into Fall 2011, being a 2-cour show. I can only hope the team’ll find it in them to stop delaying releases for days.

…and that’s all that we can say for sure. We really don’t know what else we’ll pick up at this point in time. The only other Fall 2011 show I really wanted to do (Haganai) is oversubbed, so much of this rests on what Moshi and/or 8thsin decide to pick up, what shows end up being on-the-dot simulcasted, and whether the scheduling falls into place in terms of air times, supporting staff etc.
I guess this is also the place to mention that we’ll be switching to 10-bit x264 encodes for the Fall 2011 season (put simply, you’ll be getting better video for smaller filesizes at a small compatibility sacrifice). We’ll probably keep doing XviDs as our compatibility release, though.


DOWNLOAD HD: [Chibiki]_THE_iDOLM@STER_-_12_[720p][71ADE7A0].mkv [DDL1] [DDL2]
DOWNLOAD SD: [Chibiki]_THE_iDOLM@STER_-_12_[480p][0F8ED6CE].mkv [DDL1] [DDL2]
<3.  That is all.

Seizon – iM@S 12 Pic

This time it isn’t Daiz’s fault. Kusion is too busy working on some mahoushoujo flick (Cardcaptor Sakura iirc) to finish off IM@S or something. The rest of us at UTW have nothing to do with the IM@S project so get mad at him for being slack, and not the group as a whole. When he stops slacking off you’ll get your IM@S.
Anyway, since I don’t care about IM@S have another Seizon pic instead. You will get a new Seizon pic every time IM@S is delayed and I have to make a post about it.