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Watamote – 12 (END)

Why is she so perfect?

DOWNLOAD HD: [FTW]_Watashi_ga_Motenai_no_wa_Dou_Kangaetemo_Omaera_ga_Warui_-_12_[720p][8B83D28E].mkv
DOWNLOAD SD: Coming soon…

The release of this episode marks the end of the Watamote project! It wasn’t an easy three months, and we were plagued by disappearances and delays throughout the project, but we actually made it through the twelve episodes without going insane. We could definitely use some pats on our backs!

Everyone on the project (except for me, and Eien the Stinxlord) seems to be away right now, and for my part I’m definitely quite exhausted from wrapping this episode up (and have a ton of studying I need to get around to doing), so I’ll probably tack on the staff curtain call to this post once I’ve managed to collect everyone’s comments. For now, I’ll just say that I… I-I think I’m in love with Imae-san.

Thanks for choosing FTW for Watamote! It’s been a blast to share this series with you all!

Watamote – 11


DOWNLOAD HD: [FTW]_Watashi_ga_Motenai_no_wa_Dou_Kangaetemo_Omaera_ga_Warui_-_11_[720p][CC8EB475].mkv
DOWNLOAD SD: [FTW]_Watashi_ga_Motenai_no_wa_Dou_Kangaetemo_Omaera_ga_Warui_-_11_[480p][CE8EFD84].mp4

An ample chest, a heart of gold, and leadership qualities?

Best Watamote girl.

Watamote – 10

DOWNLOAD HD: [FTW]_Watashi_ga_Motenai_no_wa_Dou_Kangaetemo_Omaera_ga_Warui_-_10_[720p][3915CE2B].mkv
DOWNLOAD SD: [FTW]_Watashi_ga_Motenai_no_wa_Dou_Kangaetemo_Omaera_ga_Warui_-_10_[480p][B0905237].mp4

We see how Mokocchi handles the start of her second term at high school in this episode.

Do you let the days fly by like she does?

I was going to write some “short” essays on two medical urban myths relevant to this episode (the relationships between stress and peptic ulcers, and between anemia and skipping meals), but halfway through writing the first one I remembered how behind on my studying I am right now. Back to the piles of notes and books…

Watamote – 09


DOWNLOAD HD: [FTW]_Watashi_ga_Motenai_no_wa_Dou_Kangaetemo_Omaera_ga_Warui_-_09_[720p][2BEF3C5B].mkv
DOWNLOAD SD: [FTW]_Watashi_ga_Motenai_no_wa_Dou_Kangaetemo_Omaera_ga_Warui_-_09_[480p][655E7990].mp4

I spent practically the rest of my day working on this release when I really should’ve been studying. It’s only been two days of med school and there’s already so much crap to memorize; guess they weren’t kidding about Year 2 being hell.

Oh well, all this means is I’ll lock myself in my dorm room tomorrow and the day after, and cram all this stuff into my head. I can’t wait.

Anyway, please enjoy this week’s Mokocchi Antics. It’s already past midnight, so I’ll be retiring for today.

Watamote – 08

Kii-chan so kawaii

DOWNLOAD HD: [FTW]_Watashi_ga_Motenai_no_wa_Dou_Kangaetemo_Omaera_ga_Warui_-_08_[720p][AA19BB8F].mkv [DDL]
DOWNLOAD SD: [FTW]_Watashi_ga_Motenai_no_wa_Dou_Kangaetemo_Omaera_ga_Warui_-_08_[480p][3FDC6AE6].mp4

This is perhaps the cringiest episode of them all. Genmetsu Extreme.

See if you can watch through the whole thing without pausing!

Watamote – 07

DOWNLOAD HD: [FTW]_Watashi_ga_Motenai_no_wa_Dou_Kangaetemo_Omaera_ga_Warui_-_07_[720p][B652C490].mkv [DDL]
DOWNLOAD SD: [FTW]_Watashi_ga_Motenai_no_wa_Dou_Kangaetemo_Omaera_ga_Warui_-_07_[480p][56A9D4C8].mp4

Tomoko keeps imagining herself to be a lot cuter/hotter/sexier than she really is. Good or bad thing?

Hope this delay wasn’t too painful for you guys. Enjoy this week’s episode of Maximum Cringe!

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