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Amagami SS – 12

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A… let’s see. Four hour delay. I don’t even know where to start.

I was away the whole day until pretty much 4pm EST today doing important IRL stuff. Apparently the ts was delayed again, only this time we didn’t get a workraw until right when I got back. Ershin had to translate the entire thing off CCs without video and audio help, IGChris couldn’t edit because he has class if we’re not fast enough, Kusion had to pick up his granddad from the airport, ar did something weird and we had to adapt to a new workraw and shit being off by a few frames, Aegisub trolled me way too many times today, I was tired as balls from a long day (and actually long week too), and anyone who actually knows Japanese (and Japanese 101, years of watching anime, your dictionary, your Bachelor’s degree, etc. do NOT count) will know Japanese is practically 50% contextual and therefore translating from CCs (and having to fix the result) is like shooting yourself in the balls.

My shameless bitching aside, this brings us to the end of the Sae arc! And with that, a new poll. Stay tuned next week for some tight Speedo™ action.

EDIT:: Finally got around to doing Sae’s monologue, so here you go.  You can also find Kaoru’s monologue HERE, and Haruka’s monologue HERE.

[spoiler]I’ve been afraid of strangers ever since I was small,
and I’ve never been able approach others well.
That’s why, right after I transferred here,
after I happened to pick up the coin purse you dropped,
I ran away while you were talking to me.
Sorry for what happened then.
Senpai, you talked to me about all kinds of things,
but I… kinda panicked and…
My heart was beating really fast…
So I wasn’t able to respond to you.
But you took the trouble to find me after that so you could thank me.
That was also when I learned that you were the brother of my friend Miya-chan.
Hehe, Miya-chan said that you were kind of a perverted guy, so I was a little surprised.
But I enjoyed the conversation you and Miya-chan had together.
I don’t have any brothers and sisters, so I thought, “having a sibling is so nice.”
I thought it would be wonderful to have such a kind and interesting brother.
When we talked about how I wanted to get a part-time job,
you said, “I’ll help!”, and you became my instructor.
Training so I could speak loudly, speed-changing into my P.E. uniform and swimsuit,
and a mock interview while fishes were poking my feet…
All sorts of other things, too…
The training was really tough, and there were times when I thought I wouldn’t make it…
But because you, my instructor, would be sure to lead me on,
I was… somehow able to finish them all.
Thanks to the training, I was finally able to work the job I had always wanted to try.
I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to work as a waitress if I had never met you, Senpai.
My heart races every day as I work at my part-time job.
Everyone at the restaurant is really kind, and they’d always help me out and teach me how to work.
I want to become independent as soon as I can.
Hehe, Daddy comes to the restaurant often to see how I’m doing at work.
I think he’s worried about me.
I used to be afraid of strangers, but I can now talk to all the customers.
I feel like the world I live in is growing wider and wider.
I’m sure this is all because… I met you, Senpai.
My world sparkles brightly as it expands…
And in the middle of it all… is you, Senpai.
Senpai, um…
Sorry I keep making all these requests, but…
From now on, could you… uh, um…
From now on, could you… continue to… lead me on?
I… want to follow you, Senpai… wherever you may go…
Because I li… uh…
I… like you, Senpai.[/spoiler]

69 Thoughts on “Amagami SS – 12

  1. Who cares about Sae-chan!!!
    Miya-chan in neko outfit rellllllllly cute!!!!!
    Why the hell there is no Miya Arc???

    BTW Sae-chan in lolita dress is relly good on her…i like that…huhuhu
    Never mind that…lets Nishishishi….Vote for Miya arc…Make some poll for Miya-chan please.. @_@

  2. Miya maybe in the special eps…..:p

    i love her most….

  3. i know you guys are busy but…


    the one you did with haruka was awesome, but i want to know what kaoru and sae said too (especially sae…)

    just a request.. 😀 and keep up the awesomeness…

  4. Snake? Snake?! Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!!!!

    Great ep.

  5. HydrogenGuy on September 19, 2010 at 7:22 am said:


  6. ARGH this narrator should die in terrible pain. Cuntface ruined the whole mood, also WHAT THE FUCK IS MOE DEATH!? Worst arc by far.

  7. besides the point, Kaoru monologue trans where?

  8. bernkastel on September 19, 2010 at 9:03 pm said:

    Accepting donations to go to Japan to murder the narrator.

  9. goshisanniichi on September 19, 2010 at 10:24 pm said:

    This has been my favorite arc so far. You know, though… they could just keep make new story arcs until Junichi’s bagged every girl in the school… his teacher too. lol. A bit overkill maybe?

  10. goshisanniichi on September 19, 2010 at 10:34 pm said:

    BTW, I think ‘kyun’ is probably better interpreted as having one’s heart skip a beat as opposed to moe… moe-death seems more natural(?) to say, but I think what Stressemen (the narrator) is saying is more along the lines of, “she was so cute his heart skipped a beat which killed him.” Or something along those lines, my Japanese isn’t that great but I’m fairly confident that I’m not wrong…

  11. @goshisanniichi

    Unfortunately, you’re wrong. “Kyun” describes the tightening of the chest from something moe (or anything emotionally powerful, to be precise, but that’s pretty much 100% the definition of moe anyway). “Kyunshi” is indeed “death by kyun” or “death by chest tightening”, but let me explain why we went with “death by moe”.

    We basically made use of a translation technique I like to call “cause and effect”. For example, water makes things wet; ie. water causes things to be wet. A cloth with water in it is a wet cloth. In the same vein, something that is moe causes someone to go kyun. Just like how Sae being moe made Junichi go kyun.

    You’d probably argue at this point “but moe and kyun are not exactly the same thing, and therefore you lost some meaning!” I’d start talking about how the very act of translating itself results in a lot of lost meaning, implications, and connotations few of you can even imagine, no matter how skillful the translator, but I digress. Let us examine the relevant lines in our script:

    Dialogue: 8,0:20:03.88,0:20:09.90,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,At that moment, her eyes pierced through his heart, and he died from moe.
    Dialogue: 8,0:20:09.90,0:20:13.61,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,To die from moe is to have your chest tighten suddenly,
    Dialogue: 8,0:20:13.61,0:20:17.40,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,and have your heart taken from you as you rise to paradise.

    Let’s say instead of using “moe death” we used “death by chest tightening”. We’d get:

    Dialogue: 8,0:20:03.88,0:20:09.90,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,At that moment, her eyes pierced through his heart, and he died from his chest tightening.
    Dialogue: 8,0:20:09.90,0:20:13.61,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,To die from chest tightening is to have your chest tighten suddenly,

    I don’t know about you, but the first line isn’t half as funny anymore, and the second line is a redundant expression, which we would have to edit in the same way as we’d change “green car is green” to “green car” and you’d lose half the point of the sentence. Bottom line is, “Moe Death” is a legitimate translation (the MEANING is fully translated), it’s funny, and therefore does the job. I suppose we could’ve just used “kyun-death”, but a lot more people know what moe means than what kyun means.

    Finally, the onomatopoeic term in Japanese used to describe the skipping of a heartbeat is “doki”. The more you know!

  12. best arc ever 🙂

  13. waw…..i got a free Japanese lesson from Raze….. 😀

  14. I’m still wondering why “Mero” is the onomatopoeic for “Falling in Love” -_-‘

  15. @TheCumi

    If i had to take a wild guess, I’d say maybe its something to do with ????. A person in love sings a happy melody? That’s all I’ve got! But since ???? also means “falling down drunk” it could be something to do with an on-mim for an intoxicated warm feeling (just like being madly in love).

  16. I realise this is not the right place to ask this but could you reseed the torrent for Summer Wars 720p trueHD5.1 please?

  17. negativebro on September 21, 2010 at 7:57 pm said:

    Cute character monologue. Thanks for the translation.

  18. koclokboy on September 24, 2010 at 1:19 am said:

    mehh… dont know why whis arc is so… flat???

    loves kaoru’s n haruka’s arc better…

  19. Interesting layout on your blog. I really enjoyed reading it and also I will be back to read more in the future.

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