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Amagami SS – Nanasaki Ai (Arc) – Character Monologue

Here is the character monologue of the oh-so-adorable Nanasaki Ai (no, Junichi doesn’t deserve someone as perfect as this).
Why did we do this for Ai and no one else? Because Ai is the best girl in Amagami SS.
(seriously, all negative comments towards Ai will be deleted).
P.S.: I want a girl like Ai ;_;

Ever wondered what the Amagami SS OP would sound like covered by Raze and Kusion?

Wonder no longer! For today, we present a beautiful duet. Our band name is called “Kuze“. Or “Razion“, whichever you want; we don’t really care. We cover (read: ruin) any songs you enjoy! Actually, not really. Fuck you guys.
Our next big hit is going to be: Anata Shika Mienai (Sae’s ED song). Be sure to download it!
We’re actually very self-conscious about the way we sound, so it took a lot of effort and time to grow the balls to record this.
I, personally, think we did an excellent job.
Edit: Oh, I should’ve also stated: Raze is the first one singing, I (Kusion), am the second.
http://privatepaste.com/14858382ad (if you want to see how it was organized)
Download the song here!
Razion out.

Zero no Shakudora

Okay, guys. I finally finished my blog post. Read more →

Amagami SS ED2 – Kitto Ashita wa

Ok so as promised here’s the FLAC CDS of Amagami SS ED2, Surely Tomorrow… (Kitto Ashita wa…) from Satou Rina. Note this is my own department for FLAC’s! I got my own Department~ woot!
ED2 FLAC CD Single: [UaW]_Satou_Rina_-_Surely_Tomorrow…_Inc._Scans_(Amagami_SS_ED2_2CDS)_[FLAC]
? —- + —– + —- ?

Press full-screen for the best experience! (Best be at 720p too.)

This morning, Shuugo posted up a link. I didn’t notice it at first. But when I looked closely, it was…
[12:48] [+The_Assman] YouTube – ????SS ED2 FULL ?????????. (by FavAiraYuuki4) 314 views.
So I flipped out linking it to Raze. Eventually, he responded:
[16:22] [Raze] WHAT
[16:22] [Raze] WHAAAAATTTTTT
[16:22] [Raze] WHAT
[16:22] [Raze] WHERe
[16:22] [Kusion] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCGAW6RT5DI
[16:22] [Raze] FLAC WHERE
[16:22] [Raze] EAC WHERE
[16:22] [Kusion] I CANT FIND THE DL
[16:22] [Raze] WHAT
[16:22] [Raze] SHITTY YOUTUBE?
[16:22] [Raze] WTF MAN
[16:22] [Raze] YOU SUCK
He flipped out too.
He transcribed it, Ershin translated it, and I did all the k-timing and karaoke effects. Actually, this is my first time saying I’ve made a “legit” karaoke before. It used to be me messing around with settings that made the words big and small. So, I’m very proud of the work I did today. Even though it took me all day searching Google and bugging D4RK-PH0ENiX (thanks so much for the help)!
So enough bragging about my stupid accomplishment. Enjoy the Amagami SS ED 2 (FULLY TRANSLATED!) brought to you by UTW Fansubs!

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