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Happy Birthday __ar!

From left to right: Daiz, Kusion, Eightsin, __ar, commander`A, Raze.

I believe this is my first post here. And to think I’m popping my cherry to blog about __ar’s age… Le sigh. Anyway, I’d like to wish __ar a happy birthday from me and on behalf of the entire UTW staff. No, just kidding. No one from the staff even knows about his birthday nor they care about it. Raze is probably out drooling over chicks. Kusion must be busy scheming something new. fnord, well… Uh, fnord is being fnord. Eightsin is most likely busy watching Chinese cartoons (yes, sarcasm here. I mean Japanese shitty cartoons). Daiz is sitting in a corner thinking about ways to kill himself after doing all those signs in IM@S. Zir0h and Bob69 are trying to act cool as usual (but I still love Zir0h-chan <3). So there we have it, no one cares about him but me.
About __ar, the old man's stepping into his early 30's, which means we – the staff – will be even more annoyed by his blogging and you, my dear leechers, will get slower releases. Yes, all these slow releases are produced courtesy of __ar. He wants everything to be perfect. We'd spent HOURS encoding an episode while it could be easily done within an hour. But no, he needs to have everything 101% perfectly. He'd spend hours doing useless signs that no one would even bother reading just because it was in the script. I wonder what he does in bed…? "Hey baby, put your dick inside me already… I can't take it anymore! I WANT YOU INSIDE ME IMA SUGU!" "Yo hold ya horses homie, imma calculate the coordinates of interaction for our intercourse so we could have a perrrrrrfect one!" *after 2 hours* "Seriously…?" "Almost there!"
Anyway, jokes aside, __ar is like the old man of this group. He does everything that no one else bothers to do. Like I had some :issues: yesterday and couldn't work on Kamimemosomething, so he had to jump into the scene to save the day by doing my work too. Like a wise man once said: "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages." Though I still won't wish you a honest happy birthday unless you show me a pic of yourself or talk to me on Skype. I mean, you've seen and heard me a thousand times but you still won't show me any pics or talk to me, which is totally unfair.
With that being said, I shall end my blogging here. Happy birthday big guy <3.


Check it out, guys

kusion vectored something for me that I found on one of the ~boorus some time back and have been using as my avatar ever since, and I had a print shop put it on a shirt. It’s awesome. Photo after the break.
That reminds me. This is going to be my godly weeaboo shirt (I’ll stoically refuse to translate the runes if I ever wear it elsewhere, it’d creep people out to no end) for Connichi. I’ve never been to an anime convention before, but I felt this would be a good opportunity to meet up with some other fansubbers. Daiz will be there. You know, the guy who is trying to kill anime. Other attendees will include, well, mostly harmless Commie peons to be honest (Kokawa & yaffi). Card is coming from America! If that ain’t something.
I’m given to understand cardslash02 is going to run some kind of potentially live blog about it just like she will about AX, so expect stuff. Photos & Videos both a maybe.
…I have to admit I only wanted to parade my shirt, the convention thing was just an excuse to make the post seem like it actually had content relevant to public interests. Still, if you happen to plan on being there for Connichi, I suppose it interests me somewhat.
Now, shirt glory (now with working image, no thanks to imgur):
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Aiyoku no Eustia – VN Review

I finished the new August game Aiyoku no Eustia early today, and my mind is still blown from it. As promised, here is a review of the visual novel I have been hopelessly addicted to these past few weeks. And yes, this review is spoiler-free.

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Spring 2011 Plans

Announcing our grand plans for Spring 2011!
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Amagami SS – Tsukasa Monologue

I’m still kinda recovering from this monologue. The end was almost too much for me to take.
[spoiler]My name is Ayatsuji Tsukasa.
I am the class representative of class 2-A at Kibitou High School.
I am also the 57th Founder’s Festival planning committee president.
I am a brilliant student who is well-trusted by teachers and students alike.
That’s the me I’ve been pretending to be this whole time.
There are a lot of classmates and teachers who depend on me.
But none of them know about the real me.
They would surely distance themselves from me if they did.
I do what I want, am annoying, want things to myself, and am cocky.
I also get jealous easily… and am a little lonely.
But someone who admires me despite knowing the real me has appeared.
It’s weird for me to say this, but…
“You’re too curious for your own good.
“I wouldn’t approach that unreasonable girl if I were you.
“Not like you have anything to gain from it.”
Though it’s kinda depressing to say that about myself.
Anyway, that Mr. Curious is my classmate Tachibana-kun.
He’s indecisive, an idiot, and clumsy,
but for some reason tries his best to follow my every command. What a weirdo.
Why does he work so hard?
What is he working for?
I don’t understand.
But as for the me who, before she knew it, couldn’t stop thinking about Tachibana-kun…
I understand her even less.
What’s good about him?
No, that’s not it.
It’s not about what’s good and bad about him. I’m just curious about him…
And so all I think about in the end is Tachibana-kun.
It’s so much fun to think about how to toy with him by making him do this and that tomorrow…
…that I can’t concentrate on my studying.
He’s slow, but rarely…
Like, really rarely, he does something thoughtful.
He also tries his best on things he can’t do.
He couldn’t type to save his life, but… well, I suppose he’s an average typist now.
I mean, I took all the trouble to teach him, so it’s no wonder he can do it now…
Anyway, there hasn’t been anyone like him around me up until now.
Don’t tell me… I…
…l-like… him?
No way! For me to like someone as useless as him?!
I’d obviously pick someone better!
Hmm, but what makes a good guy?
Appearance? Personality? Intelligence? Money?
Stop! So I just ended up thinking about him again!
Geez, what a waste of time!
Oh, I know!
Why don’t I just make Tachibana-kun mine?
Hehe… that’s a great idea!
Tachibana-kun, starting today, you belong to me, Ayatsuji Tsukasa!
Though… that’s kinda embarrassing.
But… whatever!
It’s Tachibana-kun we’re talking about anyway.
I’ll make him mine.
He might make a fitting substitute for my notebook.
Hehe… I expect a lot from you, Tachibana-kun.
Be sure to take in everything about me, okay?
If you do that, I’ll also return the favor.
I’ll give you my first time.
I love you.

Amagami SS – Rihoko Monologue

Here’s the Rihoko monologue for your enjoyment. In case you haven’t noticed, these monologues take place in between the third and fourth episodes of each arc chronologically.
[spoiler]Junichi, you and I…
From kindergarten to elementary school, middle school, and high school…
We’ve always been childhood friends.
You’re also my first crush and the target of my one-sided love…
I like you, Junichi. Hehe…
But you didn’t notice these feelings of mine at all.
Kanae-chan said,
“Anyway, you’re just too shy, Rihoko! And Tachibana-kun is too thick-headed!”
about us.
What Kanae-chan said is probably true.
She also said, “you have to be more upfront with your feelings,” but…
I was going to really try my best…
But why won’t you notice it?
Maybe you’re thick-headed, just like Kanae-chan said. Hehe.
Rukko-senpai and Manaka-senpai from the Tea Club could easily tell that I like you.
As for the reason why, it’s probably because I just couldn’t stop myself from talking about you all the time… hehe.
Just like Kanae-chan, they seem to be getting impatient with me.
But… I wouldn’t mind if things stayed this way.
I mean, you’ve always been there for me since we were small.
And you’d be sure to help me whenever I was troubled, saying, “you’re hopeless, Rihoko.”
I’m already more than happy with this kind of relationship.
Though, if you were to find a girl that you like…
If a girl who also likes you were to appear…
Then I…
Hmm… I guess I have to hurry and tell you my feelings.
If I told you properly that I like you,
and if you’d accept my feelings while saying, “you’re hopeless, Rihoko,” like you usually do…
I would be so happy.
Hehe… photos of you and me since we were small are pinned up on the corkboard in my room.
It’d be nice if I could pin up more and more photos of our memories from now on.
And… if, someday, there’d be a photo where you and I are more than just childhood friends…
If I could pin up a photo like that…
It’d be nice.[/spoiler]

I… w-what?

[02:09] <&Centric> Spoiler to the twisted love story between Raze and Kusion:

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We covered Koi wa Mizuiro, too

Here we go again with another Razion release. This time? It’s Koi wa Mizuiro!

We did a lot better this time. Maybe it’s because we’re not singing about how gay for each other we are?

Here’s how we split the song (if you’re curious): http://privatepaste.com/1310a6ae06
Download the song here!
Razion out.
EDIT: Raze won’t accept the fact that I love him ;_;

[spoiler][21:04] [@Kusion] Ershin
[21:04] [@Kusion] did you hear our song
[21:04] [@Raze] ;_;
[21:04] [@Kusion] raze
[21:04] [@Kusion] ??????????
[21:04] [@Kusion] ????????????
[21:04] [@Raze] FCUK
[21:04] [@Raze] DON’T
[21:04] [@Kusion] ??????????
[21:04] [@Raze] REMINd
[21:04] [@Raze] ME
[21:04] [@Kusion] ???????????
[21:05] [@Kusion] Raze
[21:05] [@Kusion] do you want to know the truth
[21:05] [@Kusion] i sang softly because i was singing that from my heart
[21:05] [@Kusion] i love you
[21:05] [@Kusion] ????
[21:05] [@Kusion] ??????
[21:05] [@Kusion] ????????
[21:05] [@Kusion] ??
[21:06] [@Kusion] ??????????
[21:06] [@Kusion] ?????
[21:06] [@Raze] ???????
[21:06] [@Kusion] ????????
[21:06] [@Raze] ????????????????????????????????????????????
[21:06] [@Kusion] i was shy to have you hear a song about how i feel for you
[21:06] [@Kusion] that’s why i sung softly
[21:06] [@Raze] dying
[21:07] [@Kusion] ;_;[/spoiler]
Here’s a video depicting our love…
(Raze is the black guy I guess)