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I’m a bit late, but happy new year! Enjoy it and enjoy having to write 2012 out now because that just fucking sucks balls.

Be sure to get drunktoo, because it’s good for you.


New layout

Here’s the new layout! UTW 2.0, activate! Minimalist design, go!

It’s near completion, but there are still some bugs. If anyone spots any bugs or errors they find, I’d love to hear them. Also, if you have any suggestions to the layout itself (design, banner, etc), let me know and we’ll get started on it right away.

Hopefully everyone enjoys the new design.

(As everyone should already know the obvious message).

Changed the layout design. Special thanks to Balance` for the banner. Check out his stuff here!

I’m still working out some of the other issues (like the footer).

A riddle, of sorts

This, ladies, is my new coffee mug. After the break you will be given a better photograph.

My questions are:

  • Which work of fiction was used to produce the cloud printed on my mug? (10 points)
  • Which part of it was used to produce this tell-tale distribution? Note that I removed a name from the list which would have given it away, and increased the weight of 狂気 and 愛 for stylistic reasons. (990 points)

Passing grade is 50%.

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If You’re Not Watching GSL…

…then you missed out!





Thanks to everyone who stuck around and discussed it. Had a lot of fun this weekend watching Diablo III and SC2 panels, as well as these amazing games.

I’ll get back to subbing after I calm down from that win.

Happy Birthday __ar!


From left to right: Daiz, Kusion, Eightsin, __ar, commander`A, Raze.

I believe this is my first post here. And to think I’m popping my cherry to blog about __ar’s age… Le sigh. Anyway, I’d like to wish __ar a happy birthday from me and on behalf of the entire UTW staff. No, just kidding. No one from the staff even knows about his birthday nor they care about it. Raze is probably out drooling over chicks. Kusion must be busy scheming something new. fnord, well… Uh, fnord is being fnord. Eightsin is most likely busy watching Chinese cartoons (yes, sarcasm here. I mean Japanese shitty cartoons). Daiz is sitting in a corner thinking about ways to kill himself after doing all those signs in IM@S. Zir0h and Bob69 are trying to act cool as usual (but I still love Zir0h-chan <3). So there we have it, no one cares about him but me.

About __ar, the old man's stepping into his early 30's, which means we – the staff – will be even more annoyed by his blogging and you, my dear leechers, will get slower releases. Yes, all these slow releases are produced courtesy of __ar. He wants everything to be perfect. We'd spent HOURS encoding an episode while it could be easily done within an hour. But no, he needs to have everything 101% perfectly. He'd spend hours doing useless signs that no one would even bother reading just because it was in the script. I wonder what he does in bed…? "Hey baby, put your dick inside me already… I can't take it anymore! I WANT YOU INSIDE ME IMA SUGU!" "Yo hold ya horses homie, imma calculate the coordinates of interaction for our intercourse so we could have a perrrrrrfect one!" *after 2 hours* "Seriously…?" "Almost there!"

Anyway, jokes aside, __ar is like the old man of this group. He does everything that no one else bothers to do. Like I had some :issues: yesterday and couldn't work on Kamimemosomething, so he had to jump into the scene to save the day by doing my work too. Like a wise man once said: "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages." Though I still won't wish you a honest happy birthday unless you show me a pic of yourself or talk to me on Skype. I mean, you've seen and heard me a thousand times but you still won't show me any pics or talk to me, which is totally unfair.

With that being said, I shall end my blogging here. Happy birthday big guy <3.