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THE IDOLM@STER MOVIE – To the Other Side of the Light! PV 2

Here’s the second PV to the iDOLM@STER movie, coming out in January of 2014.
See you then!

THE IDOLM@STER MOVIE – To the Other Side of the Light! PV

While Dangan is still being worked on, I thought I’d go ahead and work on this.
Chances are we won’t see anything until late-2014, but it’s still pretty exciting.
Hope you all enjoy the PV and look forward to the movie as much as I do!
If you’d like to download the video, feel free to do so here. Be warned: it’s hardsubbed.

Evangelion 3.0 – You Can (Not) Redo PREVIEW

DOWNLOAD: [UTW]_Evangelion_3.0_-_You_Can_(Not)_Redo_Preview_[h264-720p][64A0C2BE].mkv [DDL]
Most of you will no doubt know about the Evangelion 3.0 movie preview that aired on NTV last night. We don’t normally sub previews, but I had some free time this morning from releasing Shinsekai Yori early, so I figured why not?
Translating well without context isn’t exactly possible, and when you’re just thrown cold into the middle of an action scene like this one, you can never be sure you’re right. I did my best, but a few lines and terms in here will almost certainly be translated differently for the actual full movie.
Speaking of the full movie, I guess this is a good time to say a couple things about it. We will NOT be subbing the camrip, as it will be a waste of effort. If UTW is still alive and I’m somehow still fansubbing when the Blurays for this movie come out, we’ll most likely sub it with THORA like we did for 2.22. I can’t imagine medical school getting any easier, so I’m afraid I’ll have to stop short of making any solid promises.
At any rate, please enjoy, and I’ll hopefully see you guys again for the full movie when it comes out sometime next year!

Sword Art Online 2nd Trailer

We decided to sub one of the Sword Art Online trailers as a test run of sorts:

About why we romanized NervGear the way we did:
[spoiler]Yes, we know it was romanized as “Nerve Gear” in an illustration in the 3rd volume. However, the term was also romanized as “NERVGEAR” (all caps) in a chapter the author published on the web. We had a long discussion about it and decided to go with NervGear (a stylistic choice of capitalization taking the later NERDLES of AmuSphere and MediCuboid into account). Of course, if there’s any evidence in episode 1 that suggests something else, we’ll be flexible and change the term accordingly.[/spoiler]
As for the name of our joint with GotWoot (if this project goes through), we’ll be going with UTWoots, which won by a rather handsome margin of 1,100 or so votes from its nearest contender, GUTS. Thanks for voting!

Nisemonogatari / Amagami SS+ Trailers

The following section is from our resident Monogatarifag Moshiburner.

Oh the things I do to make a blog post amusing… It took me all of ten whole stinkin’ minutes to paint.net that thing.
But MAN am I on fire for Nise! Epic sequel incoming, I swear. I’m burning through the novels as I type. No I’m not. I’m going to sleep now. But when I wake up, you know what’s goin’ down. My morale! Wait what no that’s a good one but NO go away now yes just leave okay good thank you!
So, as a show of my/our overflowing enthusiasm (he says as he shoves fake moshiburner behind the curtains), here is the following 60-second promotional video of Nisemonogatari, or, as we the staff have decided, Impostory:

Was it good? Yes it was. No it wasn’t? Well you’re no good either. Is ar’s typesetting fabulous? Yes, as always. Are fnord and Daiz going to work the hardest and get forgotten again anyway? Probably. IS THIS WHOLE THING A FAKE? THEN OUR PLANS MUST BE REAL!
…I think I’ll stick to easier jokes. I pray that someone understands it.
Anyhoo, I’ll let Raze take over from here. We shall meet again!
…And next time, you’re in for one hell of a story.


Okay, my turn. We decided to sub the above Nise PV as a “practice run” of sorts to figure out how we’d handle the translation of certain phrases and terms, and the typesetting. Things worked out pretty well, I think.

While ar was wrapping the signs up, it occurred to me it wouldn’t really be fair to Amagami fans if we subbed a Nise PV and just ignored dat Ayatsuji trailer. So… here it is!

Yeah, we’re reusing the fonts and stuff from the original. Nostalgia etc.
And no, we didn’t forget about Carnival Phantasm. Please see our release FAQ on the right for status information.