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Amagami SS – 07

DOWNLOAD HD: [UTW]_Amagami_SS_-_07_[h264-720p][83B8F09D].mkv [MU]
DOWNLOAD SD: [UTW]_Amagami_SS_-_07_[XviD][655EA76F].avi [MU]
DOWNLOAD SCRIPT: [UTW]_Amagami_SS_-_07.ass
Kusion wanted me to use a Miya pic that Ershin uploaded but I didn’t want to because I wanted to have a picture of Kaoru instead so I suggested the picture above where you can see Kaoru’s chest but Kusion raged and he threatened to break my window with a can of pop but how do you break a window with a can of pop I don’t know if it’s possible but Ershin got me the screenshot anyway and so here we are I think this is a pretty cool episode and I hope you will all enjoy it as much as we did working on it.

Amagami SS – 06

DOWNLOAD HD: [UTW]_Amagami_SS_-_06_[h264-720p][D8AA05E3].mkv [MU]
DOWNLOAD SD: [UTW]_Amagami_SS_-_06_[XviD][9DD1DEA0].avi [MU]
DOWNLOAD SCRIPT: [UTW]_Amagami_SS_-_06.ass
Posting to push down Kusion’s really lame BIRIBIRI post. Disregard that, I suck cock and I love men. -Raze Disregard that. Let’s all just concentrate on dat tummy.
There are belly buttons in this episode.

Angel Beats! BD2

DOWNLOAD H.264 1080p: [UTW] Angel Beats! – 03-04 [BD][h264-1080p FLAC]
DOWNLOAD H.264 720p: [UTW] Angel Beats! – 03-04 [BD][h264-720p AC3] – [Ep03 MU][Ep04 MU]
Minna-san, Konbanwa! I sacrified my Saturday evening (was supposed to go drinking!) to get this ready for release, so without further ado I present Angel Beats! Blu-Ray Volume 2. I’ve put the added extras in an easy to read point form! This is all extra mile related business, tl;dr You want our BD encodes because you won’t find any other video done this way (at least not so far).
Bonus Features List:
* Episode 03: Creditless Ending + Web Preview Spliced In
* Episode 04: Creditless Ending + Web Preview Spliced In
720p Release
* Video – ~CRF 15, 2-pass mixed
* Audio – AC3 2.0 320Kbps
1080p Release
* Video – ~CRF 16.5, 2-pass mixed
* Audio Track 1 – Main: FLAC 2.0 24bit
* Audio Track 2 – Commentary: AC3 2.0 24bit 192Kbps
By the way, the commentary is NOT translated because it’s simply a translating nightmare.
Ershin – Translation was great for this show
Super-secret UTW Chap – Buying Angel Beats Blu-Rays and uploading decrypted iSO’s with a slower internet connection than mine! You’re a legend!
Raze – Yelling at me for patching the Batch release (so I made sure this was as close to perfect as I could)
The rest of the team – Slacking off and requiring me to do this on my own!
Blu-Ray Volume 3 retail release is 08/25, so if all goes well expect Ep05+06 release about ~1 week after that.
– ar

Amagami SS – 05

DOWNLOAD HD: [UTW]_Amagami_SS_-_05_[h264-720p][6164F8BF].mkv [MU]
DOWNLOAD SD: [UTW]_Amagami_SS_-_05_[XviD][B6618FCE].avi [MU]
DOWNLOAD SCRIPT: [UTW]_Amagami_SS_-_05.ass
Sexy hair is sexy.
Ershin: But not as sexy as the thought of Miya eating wieners.  Nishishishishishi~

Evangelion 2.22 – You Can (Not) Advance

DOWNLOAD H.264 1080p: [UTW-THORA] Evangelion 2.22 – You Can (Not) Advance [BD][1080p,x264,DTS-ES][8B521921].mkv
DOWNLOAD H.264 720p: [UTW-THORA] Evangelion 2.22 – You Can (Not) Advance [BD][720p,x264,AC3][BC72ACE1].mkv
DOWNLOAD XviD 400p: [UTW] Evangelion 2.22 – You Can (Not) Advance [BD][400p,XviD][C0DE50B6].avi
DOWNLOAD Script: [UTW] Evangelion 2.22 – You Can (Not) Advance [ass+fonts].zip
DOWNLOAD Patch: [UTW-THORA] Evangelion 2.22 – You Can (Not) Advance [Patch].zip
No MU links because lol uploading 10GB on Megaupload.  Remember, you can always grab the releases off our bots in our IRC channel (which you should be lurking in), too.
Joint with THORA, translated (from scratch) by yours truly.  I actually had the script done the day the BD came out, but there’s a lot of work that goes into subbing a two hour long movie.  The encoding also took a few days to finish. It was pretty cool though, final QC was completed shortly after the 1080p encode was done.
I hope we didn’t lose too many first-time viewers of this movie, but either way I think I can safely say this is the version you’ll want to archive.  Enjoy!
EDIT:: Three things.
1)  If you experience any playability issues, use MPC-HC with CCCP.  This is the only setup that we guarantee will play without problems, notwithstanding hardware/CPU issues.
2)  We have only one release bot, and she is getting pounded on hard.  If you could spare a bot or two to help us distro, please contact me (Raze) in our IRC channel.
3)  Typo fix patch released; the link has been pasted above. The patch fixes only the 720p or 1080p versions. Be sure to read the readme before using the patch, or risk having to redownload all those gigs again.  The  version of the patch deletes your original file: prevent that by either first making a copy of the original video in case something goes wrong, or using the DDL version of the patch.  Alternatively, you can simply download the latest script, rename it with the same filename as the video, install the fonts included, and the subs will load.
Just to clarify, THORA’s version is exactly the same as ours; it’s just named differently.  The patch will work on THORA’s version if you simply rename the file as directed in the readme.

SD XviD Releases

Due to popular demand, we will be releasing SD XviD avi versions of our weekly shows from now on. These SD versions will come a few hours after their respective HD mkv versions have been released.
Please note that the ultimate goal of these releases is compatibility.  For HD softsubbed goodness, you should be watching our 720p mkv versions.
Angel Beats Ep. 01 SD: [UTW]_Angel_Beats_-_01_[XviD][43908B27].avi
B Gata H Kei Ep. 01 SD: [UTW]_B_Gata_H_Kei_-_01_[XviD][F15F1392].avi
The download links have also been inserted into their respective news posts.
See you on Thursday for more B Gata, and Friday for Angel Beats!

Summer Wars BD 1080p + DVD 480p Patch

Download: [UTW-TMD]_Summer_Wars_[BD][h264-1080p][TrueHD5.1][A861B448].mkv
And with this, we’ve completed this project. Like the 720p v2 version, this release uses TrueHD lossless audio, WHICH MAY BE INCOMPATIBLE WITH THE CURRENT VERSION OF CCCP OR FFDSHOW.  IF THE ONLY AUDIO TRACK YOU CAN PLAY IS THE COMMENTARY THEN YOU FALL UNDER THIS CATEGORY. Fix it by installing the latest CCCP beta (or just update your Haali Matroska splitter to the newest version) to make it work.
Subtitle scripts are exactly the same as those for the 720p v2 version, so refer to that post for details. We decided not to do the BD specials, which consist of ~20 trailers and teasers, some interviews, and a concept art version of the whole movie. We’ll leave that kind of stuff to the raw groups.
Now, for those of you that downloaded the 480p version of Summer Wars, we have a patch that will update the script to include the small changes we made in the 720p and 1080p versions. If you’re interested, you can download it here.

Summer Wars BD 720p

And we bring you the long-awaited BD release of Summer Wars!  This is a joint project with our friends over at Tomodachi.  There are a few additional line fixes included in this version, and a couple of the signs were refined and fixed.
There are two audio tracks: the movie audio, and the commentary for those of you who speak moon.  Because we have HD video this time, some of the typesetting will require far more CPU power to play than is logical; hence, only the more demanding signs (namely, the speech bubble ones) have been removed from the default subtitle track (labeled as “Styled Subtitles”), with the line being displayed at the top of the screen instead.  The original super-HQ typesetting is still available as an alternative subtitle track for those of you who own giant supercomputers powerful enough to display them at home (or wish to use them for hardsubbing), as well as an “unstyled” subtitle track for those of you who hate color.
Download: [UTW-TMD]_Summer_Wars_[BD][h264-720p][DTS5.1][8C068083]
Download V2: [UTW-TMD]_Summer_Wars_[BD][h264-720p][TrueHD5.1][9F311DAB]
V2 WILL NOT WORK WITH THE CURRENT VERSION OF CCCP.  Must use an updated custom set up or the latest cccp beta in order for the lossless audio track to work. Don’t waste your bandwidth if you don’t care.
BD specials will follow soon, and we might do a 1080p version, but don’t count on it.  If enough people ask for a v2 patch for the DVD version containing the fixes from this version, I might just make one.  Might.
EDIT (03/13/2010): We will throw out a v2 patch for the DVD version soon, but there probably won’t be a new torrent for it.  We will also release a 720p v2 version with lossless TrueHD audio sometime tomorrow.  A 1080p version is being encoded, and will be released within the next few days.
EDIT (03/14/2010): Released a 720p with a better audio track.  1080p will be coming in a few days.  Also has a fixed sign that was slowing down older PCs.

Summer Wars DVD 480p

Our very first release is Summer Wars with our friends over at Tomodachi. This was a pretty new experience, as none of us had worked on anything longer than your standard anime episode. Things didn’t really go as planned, so we put more work into this than we should have in the first place.
There’s a Low Quality version of the subs that doesn’t cover up the Japanese text in there for those of you that don’t have much CPU power. But if you watch those, you should feel bad for watching them and not the glorious normal typesetting because you’re all bad people.
We initially started working off of 719x’s translation, but we soon noticed there were a good amount of parts that needed re-working; we suspect their translation was K > E, or C > E.  So, we gave it a (major) overhaul.
Download: Torrent
We’ll throw up a link to the Blu-Ray when it becomes available.
Also, Project pages aren’t ready yet, but everything else should be fine and dandy.