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A Certain Magical Kinshomokuroku II – 01 Take 2

DOWNLOAD HD: [UTW]_Toaru_Majutsu_no_Index_II_-_01_[h264-720p][15CC5AE2].mkv [DDL]
DOWNLOAD SD: [UTW]_Toaru_Majutsu_no_Index_II_-_01_[XviD][99354362].avi [DDL]
DOWNLOAD SCRIPT: [UTW] Toaru Majutsu no Index II – 01.ass

PATCH: Download here.

Following the enormous outrage ensuing from our release, UTW has decided as a group to drop the joint with gg, and gg has graciously accepted. Our subsequent Index II releases will be on our own.

Before you gloat at how this is a victory for you or whatever, I have several things to say. I was quite amused, but disgusted, at the community we serve. Many of you were quick to denounce our release before even watching it, criticizing our work based simply on really quite trivial stylistic decisions. Instead of reviewing our releases based on translation accuracy, line flow, and video quality, you rejected our work on the sole bases of name order, presence of honorifics, and “Sparky”. Has the anime community really fallen so low? Are trivial stylistic differences really that important? That is not to say we did not make any mistakes in our release. We did, we’ve corrected them in this version, and we’ll take measures to prevent it from happening again. However, an unbelievable amount of you were so hung up over the so-called gg ideals that barely any of you even gave our release a chance to notice them.

By dropping the joint, we hope you can judge our releases for what they are. We will revert back to UTW ideals henceforth. In a nutshell:

  1. Honorifics are restored. Less work for us to use them anyway.
  2. Eastern name order restored.
  3. Still no karaoke, however. They’re unnecessary and a waste of resources.
  4. “Biribiri” will still be rendered as “Sparky”. Believe it or not, the UTW staff was unanimous in our decision for this. And honestly, if you really think “Sparky” is in poor taste, allow me to remind you that “Biribiri” means absolutely nothing in English, and therefore will also mean nothing to, say, someone who has just finished watching season 1 from Eclipse (who used “Shocker” for the same term). Furthermore, I’d like to remind you “Biribiri” is a nickname to begin with (surprise, her real name is Misaka Mikoto), and a mildly derogatory one at that. “Sparky” actually captures all the nuances of “Biribiri” perfectly, and is therefore a perfectly legitimate and reasoned rendition. And quite honestly, I couldn’t care less if your dog also happens to be named Sparky. Please.
  5. “Fukou da” will still be rendered as “How unlucky”. Frankly, if you were expecting us to copy other sub groups in rendering recurring terms and phrases in the series, then there’s nothing we can do to help you.

With the above changes, our release is in line with UTW ideals, and indeed equivalent in terms of localization to Eclipse’s season 1 subs. While we may not fully adopt gg’s policies, we do respect them and their ideals; furthermore, UTW would not even exist if it weren’t for gg’s generosity in providing us with raw transport streams to work from for each and every one of our shows. Heck, every UTW release can be considered a joint with gg in this manner.

I’ll close this post with a few words from Kusion:

Though it may not seem like it, I’ve read over the hundreds of thousands of comments. Be it on UTW, gg, IRC, or /a/. I can honestly say I’ve spent way too much time reading what you have to say. But it’s very nice to know how highly our fans think of us (people have whispered me asking, “why do you want to make our fans suffer?”). Everyone in UTW is touched by the comments you’ve made (except for the faggots), and we hope you will enjoy this release of Index II under UTW!

If our policies somehow still annoy you, I simply ask that you keep the complaining to a minimum and settle for an alternative. Thank you for reading, and enjoy the release.

Notes:[spoiler]Kagura & Bon Odori are Japanese dance ceremonies.
Houbokushi is an old Chinese work discussing topics ranging from Chinese alchemy to politics.[/spoiler]


Yosuga no Sora – 02

DOWNLOAD 720p: [UTW-Ryuumaru] Yosuga no Sora – 02 [720p][8849FD46].mkv [DDL]
DOWNLOAD 480p: [UTW-Ryuumaru] Yosuga no Sora – 02 [480p][6C0E3380].mkv [DDL]
DOWNLOAD SCRIPT: [UTW-Ryuumaru] Yosuga no Sora – 02.ass
WARNING: This show is pretty explicit in more ways than one. You have been forewarned.
Torrents should be working now.

A Certain Magical Kinshomokuroku II – 01

DOWNLOAD: [gg-UTW]_A_Certain_Magical_Index II_-_01_[A09185DD].mkv [DDL]
DOWNLOAD SCRIPT: Sometime later.

This is our first joint with gg Fansubs and we’re pretty excited to see how things will turn out. Don’t worry, the translator is in UTW, so we won’t be dropping this anytime soon. Considering this is a joint with gg, we followed some of their ideals while fansubbing. So, for this release, do not expect:

– ktiming (flat out fade in and out)
– honorifics (they’ve all been dropped)
– eastern name order (we prefer western)

Since this is Index, you can expect a more… liberal edit than usual.

Also: my choice of nickname for Biribiri is genius: Sparky.

Amagami SS – 14

DOWNLOAD HD: [UTW]_Amagami_SS_-_14_[h264-720p][900255E1].mkv [DDL]
DOWNLOAD SD: [UTW]_Amagami_SS_-_14_[XviD][AD625447].avi [DDL]
DOWNLOAD SCRIPT: [UTW]_Amagami_SS_-_14.ass
I missed this series so much. That one week break made me realize how much I look forward to the next episode every week.
New OP (which I’m already digging but will not sing no matter what Kusion does to me), same awesome ED, and really quite a great episode.  Several things going on under the surface, and Junichi is in his element as a confirmed hentai.

Yosuga no Sora – 01

DOWNLOAD 720p: [UTW-Ryuumaru] Yosuga no Sora – 01 [720p][E60353CB].mkv [DDL]
DOWNLOAD 480p: [UTW-Ryuumaru] Yosuga no Sora – 01 [480p][2EF570EC].mkv [DDL]
DOWNLOAD SCRIPT: [UTW-Ryuumaru] Yosuga no Sora – 01.ass
WARNING: This show is pretty explicit in more ways than one.  You have been forewarned.
First release for Fall season, and joint with our sister group Ryuumaru; though we actually share so many members all the time we might as well be the same group.  ?(???)?
This was encoded from an AT-X cap, so yes it’s uncensored and you’ll get to see some nipples if you’re into that kinda stuff (AREN’T WE ALL?).  Yes it’s true that this is technically an upscale at 720p, but we all agreed that it looks good anyway.

Fall 2010 Plans

Announcing our plans for the Fall 2010 anime season, in succinct bullet-point form.

  • Amagami SS continues into fall season, being a 24(+2) episode show.
  • First new show is To Aru Majutsu no Index II, and it will be a joint with gg Fansubs.  Should we pick up the project, the episodes will most likely be released within 24 hours of airtime, but no faster.
  • Second new show is Yosuga no Sora, and it will be a joint with Ryuumaru Fansubs.

There were a few other shows we wanted to do, but ultimately decided against:

  • Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai: this show was actually our No. 1 choice for fall season, but it will be subbed by our buddies over at Mazui.
  • The World God Only Knows: licensed by Crunchyroll.
  • Fortune Arterial: also licensed by Crunchyroll.
  • Bakuman: will be subbed by gg.

And… I guess this is the time and place to announce it now.  We will be subbing the Unlimited Blade Works movie, and it will be a solo project.  We had plans to do it before it was even in the theaters in Japan, and all the logistics for the project have been finalized.  Basically, we’re ready for it.
Please stay with us, and let’s look forward to what will be a fantastic season of anime!